The Best Roku Games (Delightful, Addicting, & Fun!)


Sometimes there’s just nothing to watch. Not in a literal sense because there are more movies and TV shows than you could watch in your lifetime. But we all have days where everything sounds dumb, or you only have 10 minutes to kill.

Roku’s solution to not feeling like watching anything available is to offer games! You can get an enormous variety from video poker to a remake of this old super-complicated boardgame. (More on this later.)

Now, keep in mind, this is not a PS4 or even a Nintendo Switch. You won’t see the stunning graphics or the polished gameplay. However, some of the Roku titles are fantastic. Roku games are less for the hardcore gamer and more just to offer an option when TV doesn’t sound great.

If something below catches your interest, click the link to the Roku website and then click “Add to channel.” You have to sign in, but it’ll sync with your Roku device once you add it.

Best Video Poker Games

Challenge your skill against Lady Luck with tons of options for video poker. (These are all played against the computer and don’t involve gambling any real money.)

Double Draw Solo-Poker

This crazy developer combined Video Poker with Solitaire. It’s currently the best-rated poker game available for the Roku. If you need addicting poker, this is it.

More information on Double Draw Solo-Poker.

Video Poker

This poker game for your Roku device gives you a few more options than Double Draw Solo-Poker. You get to choose from 5 different versions of 5 card draw.

  • Jacks or Better
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Deuces Wild Poker
  • Joker Poker
  • Double Joker Poker

Start winning at Video Poker.

Bonus: Poker Theme

Can’t get enough poker and don’t live in Las Vegas? Set up your Roku with Poker Theme. That way you can have all poker all the time!

(This one isn’t a game. It just looked fun.) More information on Poker Theme.


Crazino is a game of chance that allows players to imagine they are in Nevada or Monaco from the comfort of their homes. The offered games are risk-free as players are not expected to pay real cash. Currently, there are 16 amazing slot machines with different themes from a taste of Asia to the heartbeat of never-sleeping Las Vegas. By accomplishing missions and earning coins, players unlock new slots.  They will be amazed by the generous welcome bonus and other perks provided by Crazino.

Try out Crazino here

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Best Classic Games

Sometimes it’s best to stick with something familiar. Tried, true, and always good for some fun.


What can one say about Snake? You get longer and faster as you eat things. It’s incredibly satisfying and gets ridiculously hard.

Add Snake to your Roku channels.


We would never say this was Space Invaders with a twist, that would probably be some type of copyright infringement. You do shoot all the bad guys flying at you. The catch is you can only shoot with the ammo you’ve stolen. If you want a challenge, try this one.

Save the Galaxy with Retaliate!

Bubble Shooter Free

An old-school arcade game. You match three colors by shooting the bubbles at groups of other bubbles to pop them. The goal is to clear all of the bubbles before they get to your bubble cannon.

Pop all the bubbles in Bubble Shooter Free!

Freecell Solitaire

While Solitaire was the computer time-waster game of choice back in the day, a few brave souls played Freecell. If you want a card game challenge, give it a try.

Try out Freecell here.

Best Board Games for Roku

No space to break out the real board games? Roku to the rescue!

Talisman Prologue

Talisman is a decades-old board game that was impossible to get anyone to play with you because it took forever to finish. (But was 100% worth it.) This new Roku version doesn’t take as long to play, and you get all the awesome dungeon raiding glory of the original.

Explore strategy, adventure, and dungeon crawling in Talisman Prologue!

Four in a Row

A classic game and now you can’t lose the pieces! Challenge friends or play against the computer. Get four in a row to win.

Add Four In a Row Free.

Snakes & Ladders Free

One player or two players, developer StuffWeLike brought this classic board game to your TV with whimsical animations. (It’s also free.)

Try out Snakes & Ladders Free.

Best Puzzle Games for Roku

Brain research into aging and the mental challenges that come with that support the theory that regularly doing simple exercising like puzzles can help aid in brain health. It’s also just fun. And if you ever need any help with a puzzle, don’t worry, there are websites like to help you out so you can progress on the next puzzle. Here are some top-rated Roku games to help keep those gears turning. Here are some top-rated Roku games to help keep those gears turning.

Text Twist

You get a group of letters. Next, you have to use those letters to make as many words as possible within the time limit. Your brain will thank you the next time you go to write something.

Challenge your vocab with Text Twist.


A puzzle game for the person who does well thinking in terms of space and movement. You move from your tile to the goal, but the tiles behind you will disappear. And it times you. Create your own puzzles to challenge your friends or choose from puzzles other people have created.

Check out Tiles.

2048 Challenge

If you have never heard of 2048, it isn’t a futuristic sci-fi game. It’s a puzzle where you are combining tiles to ultimately form the number 2048. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You start with two, and if you fill up the board, you lose.

Do you have what it takes to complete the 2048 Challenge?

Word Soup

Remember those find the word games? You have a giant block of letters, and you have to circle the listed ones. Word Soup is like that, except trickier because the letters move around. Every time you find a word, those letter blocks drop out of your soup. Then you get the opportunity to create words you couldn’t before.

Show off all those big words that you can’t find an excuse to use in conversation with Word Soup!

Best Trivia Roku Games

There is no such thing as “useless knowledge.” That’s why the world invented trivia games. So that nothing learned would ever be wasted! Show off your bank of allegedly “useless” information with these Roku trivia games.


No list of trivia games would be complete without Jeopardy. The classic game spanning generations is now on Roku so you too can compete.

A challenging, mind-expanding game. What is Jeopardy?

Sofa vs. Sofa Trivia TV

Pit your sofa against other sofa teams from all over the globe. In this real-time, multi-challenger game you can your buddies can test your knowledge on everything from science to pop-culture.

Challenge the world on Sofa vs. Sofa Trivia TV!

Party Trivia

If you want to get fancy, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to your Roku to control this game, meaning your whole family can play. The goal isn’t just to get all the questions right. You also want to be faster than your friends.

Start showing off your knowledge with Party Trivia.

Best Random Roku Games

It’s not always easy to categorize a game, so these next few are just plain awesome.

Rainbow Dash

This is not your spunky pony. This is about bringing color to a dreary monochrome world. Bounce your way through the 2D levels and colorize everything!

Find more information on Rainbow Dash here.

Downhill Bowling 2

Instead of a boring bowling lane that never changes, send your bowling ball through the great outdoors crashing into pins, coins, and pandas along the way. All ten frames fit into one course so make sure to roll over the power-ups between sets of pins.

Practice your strikes on Downhill Bowling 2!

Marble Blast Free

Not one is quite sure why the frog king shoots marbles, but it probably has something to do with being the king. Protect the frog kingdom from the invading marbles by matching 3 of the same color before they reach the end!

Check out Marble Blast Free.

Coconut Dodge

Life is hard as a crab until you realize the coconut trees have treasure in addition to the dangerous coconuts threatening to crush you. Dodge the coconuts and grab the treasure in an increasingly complicated, fast-paced game.

Become the wealthiest of all crabs with Coconut Dodge!

Did we not cover your favorite Roku game? Tell everyone about it in the comments!

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