Best Place to Put Your Router: The Physics Behind It + Cooling Tips

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The best place to put your router will fix zero bars!

Best Place to Put Your Router: Center of Home

We all are painfully aware that WiFi routers produce dead spots in a house, resulting in a low WiFi signal when you’re in certain rooms or parts of rooms in your home or office.  Many people claim they’ve solved the best place to put your router with various techniques, addressing common WiFi router signal strength factors.  But the actual most important factors for WiFi router signal strength you should pay attention to are listed here:

WiFi Router Signal Strength Factors:

  • Router Height:  Placing the WiFi router at different HEIGHTS, such as:
    • Placing the WiFi router high in the house (elevation-wise, above your head)
    • Placing it Low in the house, at floor level or in a low-sitting entertainment center
    • Placing it mid-height in the house is actually the best place to put your router (height-wise).
  • Router Location:  The router’s general location in the building, ex:
    • Should I place my router in my living room since the most Internet activity is there?
      • The best place to put your router (as far as which room) is the center of the house.
  • Temperature:  Routers very very commonly heat up to a point where they don’t function at all, reset constantly, or behave very poorly.
    • To fix router overheating (VERY common), put a small fan next to your router – pointed right at the router.  You want to bombard the router with fresh, cool air to keep its temp down.
      • How do I know if my router is hot?  Touch it.  If it feels hot, it’s hot.  If it would melt an ice cube in less 3 minutes, it’s hot.  Basically, most routers are NOT built with fans internally, and they deal with TONS of data, which creates tons of heat.  So we need to add our own Fresh Air Exchange (FAE) to our router so it performs at its peak.

The Focus:  This article focuses on the best place to put your router – the router’s location.  We explore the other factors mentioned above in regard to your router’s signal strength.  Router location is typically the main influencing factor.

Best Place to Put Your Router:

Q: What is the best location for my WiFi router?  Based on the physics of WiFi router location, it has been found that a central location in the building is the best spot to put your WiFi router.

  • Why?  Placing the router centrally in the building will almost ensure that the signal reaches every room in the house to at least some degree.
    • How?  A physicist did a study about the strength of the WiFi router’s emitted electromagnetic signal in relation to the router’s physical location in the building.  The results indicated that the center of the home is the best location for your WiFi router.
  • Interference by Interior Walls in the building:  The angular direction of the signals being emitted by the router causes the signal to degrade significantly when the signal has to go through multiple walls.  Therefore, when you place the router in a non-central location, it typically needs to travel through more walls than if it was placed centrally in the building.

Not Getting Any WiFi Bars?  Fix it With These 3 Easy Steps:

Use a fan to cool down your router. Seriously.

Use a fan to cool down your router. Seriously.


If you’re getting a poor wifi signal on your device, there are several things you can do to improve it.

  1. Most likely, right off the bat your router has been overheating constantly since you got it, which drastically degrades performance and reliability.  Yes – if your router overheats enough, it’ll shut itself down and restart, or just deliver little to no actual wifi to your devices.  So the first thing you should do is cool your router down put a fan pointing at it.
  2. The second thing you should do is buy a new router.  The chances are your existing router has been damaged due to overheating.  So get a new one which is most likely much more powerful and more well-designed than your current router.
  3. The third thing you can do to improve your WiFi router signal strength is adjust the height of your router, so it’s chest-high (or half-way between the floor and the ceiling).

Quetions?  Ask us in the comments!

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