Watch Boxing Online Free: Top 20 Best Online Streaming Boxing Match Without Going To Pay-Per-View

Streaming sites and services have revolutionized how we watch sports, including boxing. Gone are the days when you had to tune in to a cable or satellite TV channel to catch a live fight.

Now, you can stream online boxing from the comfort of your home. But with so many available options, choosing the best online streaming boxing match website can be overwhelming. 

This article will review some of the top boxing streaming services that offer live and on-demand boxing content. We will consider factors such as the quality of the boxing streaming online, the variety of boxing content, and the user experience.

Whether you’re a hardcore boxing lover or an occasional streamer, we’ve got you covered with our top picks in free and premium streaming categories. 

9 Online Streaming Boxing Match Sites – Free Boxing Websites

Ready to throw some punches and knock out the boredom?

Look no further!

In this post, we’re sharing the best sites for streaming live and on-demand boxing matches online.

From the biggest pay-per-view events to underground amateur matches, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just looking for a new form of entertainment, these sites offer the ultimate boxing viewing experience.

So, put on your gloves and get ready to knock out the competition with our top streaming sites for boxing matches.

Stream2Watch – Best Website To Watch PPV Boxing


Stream2Watch is a great resource for live boxing matches, including several PPV events. It offers free access to 100+ worldwide events, covering Asia, Europe, and North and South America. New boxing streams are added almost daily, shortly before a match starts.

That means you won’t miss any WBO, IBF, WBV, WBA, or Amateur boxing broadcasts. However, the problem with Stream2Watch is that it needs a library of already broadcast boxing content. This means if you miss an event, you won’t be able to catch up on it later.  


Streameast Livestream

Streameast is another one of the best boxing streaming sites – no sign-up or subscription is required. It also offers live boxing matches from all over the world. What makes Streameast different from others is its simplistic interface.

Its boxing category has three main headings, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That means you can even watch the highlights of the previous day’s match if you missed it for some reason. Streameast also offers a schedule of all the upcoming games in 2 months. 

  • Pros: Neat interface, variety of boxing PPV streams, fight schedule
  • Cons: Unofficial website

SportSurge — A Popular Sports Streaming Site

best website to watch ppv boxing

SportSurge is an online live sports platform. This sports aggregator offers live streams of various sports, including boxing. The best thing about SportSurge is that it provides access to multiple viewing streams for each match. Depending on your internet connection, this allows you to watch in HD or a lower-quality stream.

Plus, you can set up alerts to get notified when upcoming fights are broadcasted and choose from different commentators to customize your viewing experience. However, its boxing coverage is limited compared to the other options above. 

  • Pros: Great user experience, multiple viewing streams, set-up alerts
  • Cons: Limited boxing coverage, unofficial website 

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USTV Go — The Best All-Around Boxing Streaming Site

USTV Go — The Best All-Around Boxing Streaming Site

The USTV GO is a great all-around website for sports fans, including fighting. It allows you to tune into all the popular US-based TV channels on a single platform. USTV GO has 113 US channels, including NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN, NFL, FOX SPORTS, WWE Network, BTN, YES, and more.

The interface is very user-friendly, and there’s even a schedule on the website that lets users know when their favorite matching is coming up. However, it doesn’t carry live PPV main events or title fights.

  • Pros: user-friendly interface, extensive US sports coverage, great availability record
  • Cons: Unofficial website, requires VPN

Boxing Stream Links

Boxing Stream Links

In many ways, Boxing Stream Links reminds me of StreamEast. It has very similar features, user interface, and boxing coverage from around the world. You get the same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow tabs to break down all the boxing streams online.

Like Streameast, it offers a two-month schedule of all upcoming events, which is handy. But, what makes it different from the competitor is its informational content. Besides watching live boxing, you can also read up on information content (such as the Top 10 unbeaten champions in boxing history) about your favorite sports on this platform. 

  • Pros: Quality streams, boxing schedule, informational content
  • Cons: Unofficial website

Buffstreams — Live 20+ Sports Streaming

Buffstreams Sports Live Streaming

Buffstreams is an online live-streaming website for over twenty different sports. It divides Boxing and UFC/MMA into two categories, which is great. You can find live streams on this platform from all the PPV events, main marquee events, and more.

Buffstreams ranks low on my list because it has some intrusive ads, and it can take a bit of navigation on the platform before you can hit that play button. However, the quality of streams is there, which makes it a great platform for live sports enthusiasts. 

Note: Buffstreams is a different platform from Buffstreams, which we don’t recommend because of its clunky design. 

  • Pros: Wide range of content, different categories for fighting sports, PPV events availability
  • Cons: Unofficial website, intrusive ads3


123TV Live Stream Online is another website like USTVGO. It offers unobtrusive access to some of the most famous live US channels. These include popular boxing channels like Showtime, HBO, and ESPN+. With over 100 available channels, you can catch up on any boxing broadcast you want.

The interface is easy to navigate, the video quality is decent, and you get reliable access to live events. What more can a boxing enthusiast hope for? However, the problem with 123TV is that it often goes offline. When that happens, searching for a mirror can be a real headache. 

  • Pros: Decent video quality, 100+ live tv channels, access to Live Events
  • Cons: Unofficial streaming site, long downtimes

Team USA Boxing – Best for US Amateur Boxing

Team USA Boxing - Best for US Amateur Boxing

Team USA Boxing is a website managed by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USIPC). It focuses on all things boxing – especially US amateur boxing programs throughout the country. Anyone can sign up as a member to support the programs by donating.

On the main page, there are six tabs. You can access any live boxing match when you click the “Ring” tab. Depending on your internet speed, the site adjusts video quality from HD to SD. You can also change it manually if you want to. 

  • Pros: Decent coverage of events, Premium site, Reliable streaming for boxing
  • Cons: Requires a donation before you can watch anything boxing streaming site isn’t just another live boxing streaming site. Think of it as a boxing database. Besides live streams, offers information about top Fighters, a Schedule of upcoming events from all over the world, Results, and the latest ranking data.

This service connects you to over 600 boxers and provides you with everything you need to keep track of schedules, results, rankings, and more. You’ll get access to fight previews, news feeds, TV listings, streaming details, and even tickets to live events. Channels available on this platform are ESPN, ESPN+, FITE, Hulu Live TV, DAZN, SKY SPORTS, and more. 

  • Pros: streaming and event database, access to several premium live streaming sites, 
  • Cons: live streaming is not free 

Watch Online Boxing – Top 5 Premium Boxing Websites

best online streaming boxing match

If you don’t want to stream via unofficial websites, go for officially licensed options. These sites make navigation a breeze, so you can easily watch whatever match you want. You don’t have to bother with ads. However, these services charge you regularly. 

Below are our top 5 picks: 

ServiceFree TrialCostVPN RequirementContent Details
ShowtimeYes, 30 days$10.99/monthNoAll popular boxing events
Fite.tvYes, 14 days$2.99 to $29.99/monthNoAll popular boxing and fight events
DAZNYes, 7 days$14.99/monthNoAll popular boxing events
Kayo SportsYes, 14 days$25 to $35/monthNoCheap PPV fights live and on-demand content
ESPN+No$9.99/monthYes, if you live outside the USSometimes offer big PPV boxing events

Where Can I Watch Boxing Fights Online For Free?

pink and black boxing gloves

If you’re wondering how to watch boxing for free, we have the answer. It is generally not legal to stream copyrighted content, such as live sporting events, for free without permission from the rights holders.

Many boxing matches are available on pay-per-view or through subscription-based premium services like the ones mentioned above. These platforms typically require a paid subscription to access their content, although they may offer free trials or promotional discounts for new users.

There are also some free, legal options for watching boxing online. For example, some broadcasters, such as ESPN+ and Showtime, offer free streaming of selected boxing matches on their websites or mobile apps. These options may be limited and include only some games or features available on paid platforms.

However, some websites and services may offer free boxing matches, but they’re rarely legal or reliable. These sites use unauthorized streams or host pirated content, which could put you at risk of malware or other cyber threats. It’s always a good idea to be cautious when accessing any online content and use a VPN.

Stay Safe – Use A Reliable VPN Like IPVanish

You are always at risk when streaming from unofficial websites like the above. This is because most sites don’t host content on their platform.

IPVanish VPN for Devices

Instead, they link to outside sources, which often include unlicensed content. Streaming such content can get you in legal trouble. Therefore, we recommend using a reliable VPN service like IPVanish to protect your anonymity online and stay safe. 

What Makes IPVanish Different?

IPVanish is a paid VPN service that offers a range of features and capabilities to help protect your online privacy and security. These are:

  1. Network size: IPVanish has a large network of 2000+ servers in more than 75 countries
  2. Speed: IPVanish claims to offer fast speeds and low latency. It’s faster than most others!
  3. Security: IPVanish offers a range of security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, a quick kill switch, and a no-log policy
  4. Compatibility: IPVanish is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS
  5. Customer support and 30 days trial: IPVanish offers 24/7 customer support. It also has a 30 days trial period
IPVanish Logo
download button

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the best online streaming boxing match websites. These sites have different content offerings and viewing options, so it’s a good idea to research and compare to find the best boxing streams.

In addition to these mainstream streaming sites, many smaller, specialized sites offer access to boxing content. These sites may offer a more targeted selection of matches and be more affordable than larger, mainstream platforms.

However, it’s important to carefully evaluate the risks and benefits of using these sites, as they may only sometimes be reliable or legal.

Happy streaming!

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