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Netflix is undoubtedly the king of streaming right now. Its extensive collection of original and acquired content is unmatchable. Besides, its premium features like multiple user profiles, top-of-the-line media player, and helpful customer service really give a user the best streaming experience they can get today. So if you’re wondering what’s better than Netflix, there’s none. Netflix has one problem. It’s not free. You have to pay a fee (starting at $8.99/month), depending on your subscription plan. 

Sure, it’s not a big amount, but not everyone can afford to pay an additional bill on top of other routine bills for an OTT streaming service. So, if you’re looking for a free Netflix alternative that doesn’t cost you anything or just want an alternative because you have already watched everything available on the platform, you’re at the right place. This article shares the top 8 best Netflix alternatives to start streaming right now without spending a dime! 

Stream free movies and TV shows online 

1. Cinema HD 

Cinema HD is the best Free Netflix alternative, period. Previously called HD Movies, Cinema HD is an excellent option, particularly for Firestick users when you’re short on money and need a free-of-charge streaming service on the go. 

Its minimalistic interface reminds you of Netflix, and the ease of use is just as brilliant. It has an extensive library of content. You can scroll for your favorite tv shows of the latest movies without scratching your head or searching for multiple tags. 

There’s absolutely no need to register or sign up for a package to use its services. The app works with all Android-based devices. If you are using a Fire TV stick, you have to sideload the app as it’s not available on the Amazon app store. Once your app is ready, you can even download the content for offline viewing. 

2. Bee TV

BeeTV Firestick APK

Bee TV has been on our radar for quite a while. It’s an equally fantastic Netflix alternative that comes free of cost and needs no monthly subscription plan to stream content on its platform. The reason being, its massive catalog of video content – even anime. 

The best thing about Bee TV is that its interface is regularly updated with high-quality and working links to streams from all over the internet. Besides, it has multiple built-in video media players (MX player, VLC, etc.) that let you choose your favorite for the best possible streaming experience.  

Not to mention, the app supports subtitles. Therefore, you can stream content in any language of the world from anywhere and still enjoy the content thanks to subtitles in your native language. You can also integrate it with Trakt or Real Debrid to further improve your streaming experience. 

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3. Popcorn Flix

PopCornFlix Movies and TV

PopcornFlix is another streaming service that lets you enjoy free movies, tv shows, documentaries, and more – just like Netflix. Back in 2017, it got acquired by Soul Entertainment. Since then, it is based in New York. 

Although this service offers you free content, you have to sit through several ads, which gets annoying really fast. Still, PopcornFlix is one of the best Netflix alternatives out there simply because of the wide library of content and user-friendly features. 

You can download and install its app on a wide array of devices. However, its official app is only available in 60 countries around the world. If you are living outside the supported geographics, you have to use a trusted VPN service such as IPVanish to access its services.

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4. Cyberflix TV 

Cyberflix app icon

Initially, Cyberflix TV started out as a clone of Terrarium TV. Still, it has established itself to be one of the best Netflix alternatives in the cord-cutters community because of its popularity. Its app is compatible with all Android-based devices such as Android TV, Amazon’s Fire lineup of devices, and more. 

You need no login, and there are no ads on the platform to interrupt your entertainment. To make the most of the app, you can integrate an external media player and Real Debrid support. This way, you can access even more high-quality streams and make every video stream a memorable experience. 

Furthermore, Cyberflix TV always streams in HD. It gives you the finest quality for your content. However, this can also be a problem, especially if your internet connection is a bit show. There can be regular lagging issues. 

5. Crackle

Sony Crackle

Crackle is also a free video streaming service. It is owned by Sony Entertainment and brings you content from Sony and partner entertainment studios. So, you can watch some award-winning tv shows and movies absolutely free. But, its content library is a bit limited. 

You also have to create an account on Crackle first to truly enjoy its content. A good thing about Crackle is that the app has a parental controls feature. Therefore you can protect your children from getting exposed to adult content. You can watch content without signing up, but signing up gives you access to perks like a favorites list, save stream progress, and more!

While this service is free in the US and Australia, you have to pay the price if you happen to be outside these terrorists. Thankfully you can always use a trusted VPN like IPVanish to easily change your IP address to one of these locations. You can download its app from all official app stores such as Google and Amazon. 

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6. Tubi 

tubi tv activate

Tubi is another great platform to catch up on streaming content absolutely free of cost. There are several great shows and movies on this option that are unavailable, even on Netflix. They have a separate category labeled, “Not on Netflix”. Talk about being proud, ha! But you do have to sign up, though. 

Other categories include cult classics, family movies, action, adventure, docuseries, documentary, drama, sci-fi, etc. While you won’t find any of the latest movies or TV episodes on this platform, all the available content comes in full HD resolution. We say it’s totally worth waiting for the hype train.

The only problem with Tubi is that you have to sit through intermittent ads while watching a program. It’s just like a traditional TV. The good thing is, Tubi’s ads are way shorter than cable ads. Overall it’s a solid, totally legal option that lets you watch your favorite content without charging a dime. 

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7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV brings you movies and tv shows for streaming free of charge. You can use this service on any device of your choice and stream anywhere you want – as long as your internet connection supports fast streaming. The app is readily available on all major app stores. No sideloading is required on Firestick!

And not just that, Pluto has an impressive catalog of over 250 live channels. You can watch news, comedy shows, sports events, music videos, indie flicks, and much more. There’s also an on-demand section that lets you watch movies, tv shows, sitcoms, and more on request. 

However, you need to sign up to customize your account. Moreover, Tubi plays ads multiple times during streaming to sustain its services, which can get annoying for some people. But, it’s an excellent Netflix alternative for cash-strapped individuals. 

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How to Watch Netflix for Free 

The best way to watch Netflix without paying them any money is by going the “Free Trial” route. Netflix has a generous trial period of 30 days, during which they let you watch their entire library of content absolutely free. 

It gives you an entire month to decide whether or not you would like to keep the service. 

To get the free trial, you have to first give them your credit card number. But, they won’t deduct any amount. Therefore, you can cancel your subscription before the free trial period expires, and you won’t be charged a dime. 

Wait it Out for a Netflix Offer

Another excellent way to watch free Netflix is by “Waiting it out”. Once you cancel your subscription before the expiry of the trial period, wait for a month or two. Sometimes, Netflix offers another free trial to their unsatisfied customers. If they do, they will send you an email with this offer. Can you be patient, though?

Call Netflix 

If your patience is running thin, call Netflix. Their customer service number is 1-866-579-7172. Ask them to kindly extend your free trial period because you want to evaluate their content long before you can decide whether or not to keep the service. 

While calling Netflix and requesting an extension may sound too simple a trick to work, you’d be amazed by what you can get if you just call and make this request. It worked for us!

Look for Netflix Deals Online 

Do you know about Coupon Websites? These are sites that offer deals and discounts on just about anything – including Netflix. They are totally legal, but you do have to search really hard to find a Netflix deal. Once you do, we assure you, the effort is worth your time. 

Below are some websites to get you started: 

  • Giving Assistant
  • Swagbucks
  • Groups
  • RetailMeNot
  • Coupons.com

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will find many more similar websites on the internet. 

Bottom Line 

Netflix is definitely the best of the best streaming services. But, not everyone can afford to pay a monthly fee. If you are looking for free Netflix alternatives, we hope these apps like Netflix will keep your hands full. These websites offer a wide selection of movies and TV shows to watch. But, each of them comes with its own pros and cons. Always go for an option that matches your preferences. Happy Streaming!

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