Let’s face it, like many trends of the early 2010s; cable TV is also something of the past. But your love for sports is stopping you from cutting the cord. While there’s Netflix for movies and shows and Youtube for music, there aren’t any streaming options for sports enthusiasts.

Amazon understood this problem and introduced the TV FireStick. The FireStick is a USB-shaped device. Plug it into your HDMI port, and voila! Now you have thousands of channels added to your TV, including popular streaming sites and live sports channels.

All the sports fans planning on getting a FireStick are usually on the lookout for apps compatible with the device. You’ve got to look no further as we bring the best live sports app for firestick to you.

How to Watch Live Sports on FireStick

FireStick is a portable device you can buy on Amazon. The Fire TV Stick retails for $39.99, while the Fire TV Stick 4K is available at $49.99. Both the versions are similar, but the Fire TV Stick 4K offers a better resolution.




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You can set your FireStick in just three easy steps. Plug your device into the HDMI video input port. Use your remote to adjust your TV to the correct input. A welcome screen should appear with step-by-step instructions. Follow them carefully, and you will be asked to sign in to your Amazon account. Once done, keep logging into your streaming channels as usual.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

The only must-have to set up the FireStick is a WIFI connection. However, before you can start streaming, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are all the things you need to know for streaming free sports on firestick.

Use VPN Before Streaming Live Sports on Firestick

Have you ever heard of ISP throttling?

Imagine streaming La Liga one night and the next day finding out your private information is in the wrong hands. While this might not bother everyone, there are only a few other horrors that match this for others. In any case risk of having your private information leaked is always very real with online streaming.

The unavailability of streaming channels in your region will also deter your streaming experience. You don’t want to spend your money and face a ‘this service is not available in your region, dialogue box. As frustrating as it might be, this is one of the cons of online streaming.

Furthermore, we cannot even keep a count of the times we enter our personal credentials on the internet. Be it a streaming service or an online form, it requires users to share their personal information. Credible services use 256-bit encryption to ensure that hackers cannot intercept the information. 

However, there are some websites that are running behind modern security. Hence, putting personal information is essentially risking it. VPN offers a solution to this as well. It encrypts all the information into 256-bit which is too difficult for hackers to intercept or decrypt. Thus, the users can sign up for new services without risking the theft of their personal information.

Your best bet is to use a VPN. There are countless free and cheap VPNs out there that do the job just right. Your VPN will reroute you through a remote server and encrypt your internet connection. By using a VPN, you are legally protecting your ISP and rights to your private information. Similarly, the remote connection will disguise your connection to look like it is in a region where your streaming channels are available.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Find a reliable VPN like IPVanish, and download and install the programs. And this will be a simple solution to two of your problems.

Best Live Sports App For FireStick: Lepto Sports

On the hunt for the best live sports app for firestick?

Lepto Sports is going to be your first choice. This app is specially designed for FireStick users.

The best part about FireStick is its massive library of channels. Lepto Sports will offer your 2000 live sports channels. More than you see on your cable, right? Think of any sport you want to watch on your lazy Saturday night. Switch to CBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, or Eurosports. Lepto gives you a one-of-a-kind experience with the best sports channels for Firestick anywhere in the world.

But even the best come with a catch. Since all these channels are available for free, you’ll want to watch out for privacy leaks. Don’t try to stream without activating your VPN. It’s not something we’d advise. Other than that, Lepto Sports is a marvel for avid sports lovers.

If you’re planning to stream NBA on your FireStick, Lepto Sports is a must-have.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Watch Live Sports With Lepto Sports on FireStick

For those who’ve chosen Lepto Sports as their go-to for FireStick, here we’ll walk you through the steps to get you started. Follow these easy steps, and you’re good to go.

  1. Turn on your FireStick and toggle to your Home screen.
  2. Go to the Settings menu. You will find that it is the last option in the top menu.
  3. Scroll to the My Fire TV option in the Settings menu.
  4. Look for Developer options in the drop-down menu. It will be the third option.
  5. Look for the Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  6. On the pop-up menu, select the Turn On button.
  7. Toggle back to the Home screen and click on the Search option.
  8. Type Downloader in the search bar and select the correct option.
  9. Identify the Downloader icon and select it.
  10. Hit Download.
  11. After the download completes, click Open.
  12. The app will request access. Click Allow.
  13. Toggle to the Home screen of Downloader and type down the URL for Lepto Sports.
  14. Download the application and click install.
  15. Now open the app and enjoy your favorite sports.

How to Watch Live Sports on Amazon Silk Browser

Amazon Silk is the best live sports app for firestick users. All you need is a VPN and a few easy steps to get you going.

  1. Launch FireStick Home screen.
  2. Select the search button and type Silk Browser.
  3. From the Search results, click on the Silk Browser app.
  4. Go to the Get and Download button and click it.
  5. Wait for the application to download.
  6. Once completed, click on the Open button.
  7. Enter one of the following in the URL bar. 720pstream.tv OR ustvgo.tv/category/sports OR livetv.sx/enx
  8. The website of the associated URL will open up.
  9. Select your favorite sports and enjoy your free streaming.

Other Apps To Watch Live Sports on FireStick

Lepto Sports and Amazon Silk Browser are two of the best free live streaming apps for sports on FireStick. Sports isn’t the only thing FireStick is suitable for. The device offers you other options for those not feeling like sports days.

Whether it’s grooving to the music, chilling with a TV show, or crying your eyes out to a romantic tragedy, FireStick has you covered. There are countless free and paid streaming apps compatible with FireStick. Some of the most famous ones are Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Kodi.


Mobdro App

Mobdro was the world’s largest third-party sports streaming app. However, its library is not nearly as extensive as Lepto Sports. This has been the case since it isn’t being updated regularly by its designer. Additionally, news of the app being shut down is being circulated as well. However, it isn’t very accurate.

Mobdro streams popular sports channels such as ESPN, FOX Sports, and CBS Sports. Another impressive feature is the availability of substitute streamable hotspots. So even if your primary source is unavailable, you won’t be missing out on your favorite games.

That said, Mobdro does come with a few caveats. For example, it is not officially available on the Apple Store. Applications by similar names are available but all of them are buggy and crash very often. Similarly, Android apps are also not available on the PlayStore. Users have to download it from the service’s website and allow installation from unknown sources. 

Firestick users would not run into any problems with the installation as it runs the Android operating system.  Point is, that the application is not as secure as we would like but again it is free and it is expected of such apps. Hence, the users must be cautious with permissions and other credentials that the app might require for signing up.

That being said, Mobdro is highly popular with FireStick users. It ranks high up as the best live sports app on firestick. It is entirely free and has one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. This classic won’t disappoint and will provide you with the ultimate sports experience without spending a penny.


LiveNet TV

LiveNet TV is another one of the best Android-based firestick sports add-ons. If we were to compile a list of the best free sports apk, LiveNet TV would triumph over many others. LiveNet TV has an unmatched sports channel library. But it doesn’t end there. This application has hundreds of channels from entertainment, news movies, kids, and many other categories.

Furthermore, the application also offers access to video on demand, Chromecast support, and playback that is supported by external players. Users can pick from 800+ channels, most of which are HD and run without ads. You can also turn on the notification bell to know when the latest show is added to the library.

The only drawback is that LiveNet TV can not be downloaded through Google Play Store. Google’s stringent policy prevents direct LiveStream downloads. It might spook some users but the fact that the application does not require a personal credential to sign up makes up for it. The application maintains the user’s anonymity but we still recommend using a VPN for additional security.

That being said, the application has a website where you can download the apk file from. LiveNet TV has something for everyone. It is similar to cable TV but with thousands of channels. Plus, the app is entirely free. Other than that, the app also offers the option to select your desired TV channels based on the country you live in – a perk not common in other applications.

Kodi (Free)

best kodi builds

Unlike the previous applications discussed earlier, Kodi doesn’t function as a host for channels. Instead, Kodi is more of an independent media player. It doesn’t offer any real-time features. Either. However, Kodi does attract its fanbase.

The app allows you to introduce add-ons to get additional features. These other features are the ones that add to the appeal of the app. Users can easily access on-request items, so Kodi is very similar to other TV streaming apps even with its differences. Another perk of the app is access to documented games. Features such as Red Bull TV, Sports Devil, and Planet MMA give you access to recorded games any time, any day.

Kodi is a unique app and can be modified according to the user’s requirements. One thing you need to consider is that the app isn’t available on the Amazon Appstore. You will have to take a few easy additional steps to add it to your FireStick. But don’t worry, it’s completely worth the effort. 

ESPN+ (Paid)

ESPN Plus Logo

ESPN+ was launched in 2018 by Disney. It has since developed a massive following of 7.6 million users in the United States. ESPN+ is still attracting more and more viewers every year for all the right reasons. It gives access to live and on-request content. However, you can only get access to ESPN and ESPN 2 transmission.

ESPN+ is among the most critically acclaimed firestick sports add-ons. It does charge a $4.99 monthly membership fee, however. With ESPN+, rest assured that you’re putting your money in the right place. You can gain access to popular sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, College Sports, La Liga, UEFA, and Top Rank boxing.

The app’s playback interface on the web works fine. Besides the standard volume and playback controls, users also get a 10-second fast-forward and rewind button. You can also personalize the captions and synchronize them with the playback screen. Furthermore, ESPN+ allows the users to start the match from the start regardless of when the users tune in.

ESPN is amongst the pioneers of sports broadcast and because of it, that application offers a unique archive library. You can watch highlights of matches that date back to the 1980s. There are only a handful of broadcasters that have such an extensive library.

ESPN+ gives its users the ultimate UFC experience. You can choose between the most recent Fight Nights or the numerous MMA-driven shows available on this application. This is undoubtedly an unmatched choice for die-hard UFC fans.


Plex App for Firestick

Plex is a unique application in the sense that it allows its users more control. You can create a customizable media center on your computer. It uses external devices to create central media storage. Users can then pick and enjoy their favorites from there. Be it videos, games, music, or whatever. You name it. Sounds unreal, right?

Plex offers many other additional features. Even if you’re at your friend’s house, you can still enjoy playing your favorite games from your friend’s hard drive. Not only that, Plex channels even allow you to access online media. So even if something’s not stored on your hard drive, chances are Plex will still be able to gain you access to it.

Plex is available on the Amazon app store. However, like with all streaming apps, you should keep your VPN active while using Plex. One can never be too safe.

WWE Network (Paid)

Countless apps are claiming to be the best free live streaming apps for sports. But most WWE fans are frustrated by the fact that there aren’t too many options for them. Well, if you’re one of those people, FireStick won’t disappoint you. WWE Network is one of the many apps compatible with FireStick. You could watch the everyday WWE, WCW, ECW matches just like on cable TV. But if you’re a little more invested, WWE Network also offers on-demand content.

WWE has over 7,000 hours of on-demand content. It includes match highlights and famous battles that can be accessed from anywhere. Furthermore, the application is the only service where you can watch WWE Elimination Chamber. The service also provides a 30-day trial which can help you decide whether or not you want to subscribe to it. 

With a $9.99 monthly subscription fee, WWE Network is a worthy purchase. Stream your favorite wrestle nights, see your wrestling heroes in action every night. WWE Network has it all for its fans. But if you’re not entirely convinced yet, WWE’s official website offers a free month. Try it and decide for yourself.  

YouTube TV (Paid)

YouTube TV for Firestick

All the drama happens over YouTube. It has attracted an enormous fan base hailing from all regions of the world and comprising all ages. Self-acclaimed celebrities have made decent-paying careers out of the app. YouTube TV has over 70 channels in its inventory and offers unlimited cloud storage.

YouTube TV has the best rundown of sports channels. It is something its rivals can not boast about. Another Splendid feature of YoutTube TV is its unlimited cloud storage. Are two important La Liga matches happening at the same time? Don’t worry; you can watch one live and save the other one for later. YouTube TV makes sure you don’t miss out on anything. You thought that was it? YouTube TV allows its users to log in with three devices simultaneously.

It is needless to say that compared to the perks, a monthly $49.99 membership fee is a reasonable price. This base price covers all the essentials for someone who loves sports.

AT&T TV Now (Paid)

AT&T TV Now Streaming App

AT&T TV Now is a popular US live TV streaming app. It offers different bundles users can choose from, giving them more control. The $65 PLUS bundle contains over 45 channels, including many sports channels. The $80 MAX bundle, on the other hand, provides for a better game inclusion in addition to the TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, and NBCSN offered by the $65 PLUS. If you’re into the NBA, a $40 a month NBA pass is also an attractive feature AT&T TV Now provides.

Like YouTube, TV AT&T TV Now offers streaming over multiple devices. Up to two devices can stream simultaneously. Users can easily add a third device by paying a minimum amount of $5 monthly. To top that off, the AT&T TV Now package gives you 500 hours of DVR cloud space.

Hulu Live TV (Paid)

Hulu Logo

Hulu Live TV is similar to YouTube TV. However, Hulu Live TV has the upper hand in offering a more comprehensive range of channels than its competitor. With only a single $54.99, users have access to more than 65 channels. Hulu Live TV is an impressive pick for sports fans. It offers channels such as Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, BTN, FS1, FS2, and many ESPN channels.

The stand-out feature of the application is its content recommendation. You can dive deep into favorite categories instead of selecting vague descriptors like “horror” or “comedy”. The home screen is loaded with recommended content that can be narrowed down by selecting a genre, broadcasting network, and production house.

The only drawback to this approach is there is no easy way to get back to the main screen. You would have to press back plenty of times to return to the main screen. A dedicated button to open the home screen would have made it flawless.

Other features include 50 hours of DVR Cloud storage and multiple-device streaming. Whether you’re an NBA fan, a Formula1 fan, or a UEFA League regular, Hulu Live TV will have your back. There are very few limits to this app. With only $14.99 a month in addition to the initial base fee, users can stream their accounts on unlimited devices simultaneously. The cloud Storage is also extended to a whopping 200 hours.

FuboTV (Paid)

FuboTV Streaming IPTV

FuboTV was initially designed as a game-driven streaming platform. But as its popularity increased, designers expanded the grounds covered by this streaming service. Among the sports channels, FuboTV originally streamed are Bein Sports, Golf Channel, FOX Soccer Plus, NBA TV, NFL Network, and many more.

FuboTV offers different bundles to cater to its user’s individual needs. At the starting price of $54.99 monthly, FuboTV gives access to all the channels mentioned above in addition to another 90 channels. An add-on of $10.99 a month will allow users to purchase Sports Plus.

The base bundle gives its users 30 hours of cloud space. With Fubo Family and Fubo Ultra FuboTV, users can purchase up to 300 hours of cloud space. Fubo also offers screening on multiple screens with a Family Share add-on. This add-on charges $5.99 every month and allows streaming on two screens. 

Sling (Paid)

Sling TV Logo

If you’re overwhelmed with the prices of the streaming platforms you’ve explored up till now, then familiarize yourself with Sling. Sling is the best sports app for Firestick for those looking for inexpensive alternatives.

The most notable Sling packages are Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Sling Blue has Stadium, NFLS1, NBCSN, NBC Sports, and NFL Network. In contrast, the $30 Sling Orange offers Stadium and ESPN1, ESPN2, and ESPN3. You can even get a combined Sling Orange and Blue for $45 a month.

At such a low price, Sling offers DVR stockpiling as well. A base cloud DVR stockpiling of 10 hours is expandable to a 50 hours DVR stockpiling on an additional $5 a month add-on.

Although, Sling might not be as impressive as its counterparts. It is still good competition given its meager subscription fees. Those who are on a budget don’t have to miss out on good sports with this one.

FOX Sports (Paid)

Fox Sports Logo

FOX Sports is one of the oldest sports streaming platforms out there. With its slogan ‘your game is waiting’, FOX Sports has built a fantastic reputation. It has a stable fanbase that keeps on expanding, given the exclusive videos its features. It is also one of the most organized sports streaming stages you can get your hands on. 

With access to channels such as NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and NCAA BK, FOX Sports is loaded with versatility. In addition to that, boxing and soccer fans can also find their best picks here. The base stream provider features free access. However, for additional perks, FOX Sports charges its users various other fees.

No need for a VPN with this one. FOX Sports pledges to protect its users’ information while providing them with the best sports content. You can’t find such an offer everywhere, can you?

With this comes the end of the must-have applications for FireStick sports fans. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are still a few pointers you should be considering.

The Importance of a Quality VPN Service

Whenever streaming online, one should expect to come face to face with pirated content. Although it’s free, pirate content has its threats. The cure to this is a good VPN.

Not all the items on our list stream pirated content; there are still a few that do. VPN shields your data from getting out in the open. If you don’t know where to find a great VPN, IPVanish is a trustworthy candidate.

ipvanish vpn

You can never go wrong with a VPN. But we also advise you to limit the information you provide to online platforms. Reading permission and terms of service before agreeing to use is always a great idea.

How To Install IPVanish VPN 

IPVanish VPN is the world’s fastest VPN. Amazon users can get great discounts. The best value discount is available for only $3.25 a month. Getting it set up is going to be very easy as well. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the IPVanish website.
  2. Select the subscription plan of your choice.
  3. Create an account and add your payment information according to the instructions.
  4. After processing your order, toggle to the Apps tab.
  5. Select Android and click Download Now.
  6. After installation, open the app and log in.
  7. Click connect and have a secure browser as simple as that.

Final Words

Amazon’s FireStick has provided a more inclusive platform for sports fans. Hulu Live TV wins the title of the best live sports app for firestick in our rundown of the best apps. However, with apps such as FuboTV, Sling, and FOX Sports, it is nonetheless a tough call.

With our selection of the best free live streaming apps for sports, nothing is stopping you from getting your hands on your FireStick. Pick your favorite apps and customize your FireStick. FireStick is a revolutionary device. Let’s see what the future has in store for Amazon’s FireStick and the many competitors there are to come.