Best Kodi Wizards for Maintenance, Builds, and More [Updated for 2024]

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If you’re a FireStick owner with Kodi installed on it, you’ve probably heard the term “Kodi build” at least once. You might even have some Kodi addons already. What a Kodi build wizard does is install a specific selection of addons all at once, just with the click of a button.

What is a Kodi Build Wizard?

Kodi build wizards help streamline the addon installation process and make sure you get exactly what you want on your Kodi interface. Typically, installing Kodi addons one by one can take a great deal of time, but a good wizard can altogether bypass that need!

The best Kodi build wizards will offer you a great selection of individual builds to choose from, each coming with a unique set of addons. It’s much easier to install your favorite add-ons if they’re all in one place prior to downloading. 

In addition, Kodi build wizards to do more than just install addons in bulk. You can use a wizard to test your Kodi’s performance, fix buffering problems, and clean up your system from time to time.

Beginners explanation:  A Kodi Build Wizard (or just “Wizard”) gives us the easiest, most automated way to magically install great addons in Kodi.

This is in contrast to installing add-ons one-by-one, which usually takes much more time than having a Wizard do it all for you!

The most popular Wizard for Kodi is Ares Wizard.

Advanced explanation:  More specifically, a Kodi Build Wizard is a program that runs a series of commands to install a Kodi build on your system.  Kodi Build Wizards are written in the Python coding language.

Overall, using a Kodi build wizard is a no-brainer. Your entertainment experience is almost sure to improve by using one, and it’s as simple as installing a .zip file.

So, in this article, we want to help you find the best Kodi build wizard that will help elevate your entertainment setup and, ultimately, your user experience. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of the best Kodi build Wizards for 2021 and beyond.

The Best Kodi Build Wizards

When you’re first choosing a Kodi build wizard for your system, the choices out there can be highly overwhelming. There are dozens of Python developers that dedicate their time to creating wizards of their own! 

However, it can be hard to know which wizard is right for you—after all, each one has a different set of builds and addons to boot, so the best Kodi build wizard will depend on your individual entertainment style. 

Luckily, we’re here to expedite your search! We’ve compiled a shortlist of what we consider to be the best overall Kodi build wizards. Here are the top 10:

DaButcher Wizard

The DaButcher Kodi build wizard has been a fan-favorite for years due to its quick functioning and collection of lightweight builds. 

This wizard is easy to use, and the small sizes of its Kodi builds help optimize your device’s overall performance and speed. DaButcher builds within the wizard offer a fantastic array of basic, necessary addons that will give you a great entertainment system. 

We’d recommend builds like RoBo Red, DaX17, DaLight, and others for a straightforward, refined Kodi experience. 

Name: DaOnlyWizard

EzzerMac Wizard

Perhaps the most popular Kodi build wizard on this list is called the EzzerMac wizard. This wizard has a sister program called EzzerMacs, but the former features the better builds, in our opinion. 

There are lots of build options if you’re a fan of certain TV shows or movies. For example, there are builds with the themes of Peaky Blinders, Tron, Avengers, and more. 

This wizard is updated often, so you’ll never run out of options while using it. We’d recommend this one!

Name: EzzerMac

InnovatiON Kodi Builds Wizard

This Kodi build wizard differs from the EzzerMac build in that it only offers two builds within it. However, these builds are nothing to sneeze at. 

The InnovatiON Kodi Build Wizard is great if you want to rely more on the features of your build rather than the theme. 

Builds available are InnovatiON Colors Adult and InnovatiON Colors Family. If you’re looking for more mature content, the former is one of the best adults Kodi builds. Otherwise, the family option never disappoints!

Name: InnovatiON


If you’re operating on a version of Kodi that is Leia 17 or beyond, the Insomniacs Kodi build wizard hosts a modest array of great features. 

It doesn’t have a giant selection, but it definitely focuses on hosting more quality than quantity. 

For example, the Black & Gold build is a great one because it features some essential addons in the realm of Family, Movies, and TV Shows, amongst other categories. Passion Led Us Here is another excellent lightweight build in this wizard for optimal performance.   

Name: Insomniacs

Update: This build is currently unavailable. Please try other Kodi builds on our list of Best Builds for Kodi.

Kodi Diamond Wizard Repo

If you’re looking for a fast wizard, look no further than the Kodi Diamond Wizard Repo. This wizard is terrific for its up-to-date add-ons and an extensive list of offerings.

Our favorites from this build wizard are within its Diamond Custom Builds section. These builds are excellent and feature some of the most popular addons, like Grease Lightning and The Magic Dragon. 

Overall, this one offers a lot of quality builds for its size, and we’d recommend it.

Name: Diamond

Lost Builds Wizard

The Lost Builds Wizard is a great one to download if you’re looking more heavily towards theme rather than addon quality. 

While it offers useful addons, the real star of Lost Kodi builds is the sophisticated design standard. If you want to create a whole new entertainment experience and customize your Kodi in the best way, Lost Kodi builds are a great choice.

The Kryptikz Build and the Mammoth Build are the top lightweight builds in the pack due to their performance-friendly features. 

Name: lostkodi

Raccoon City Wizard

If you’re operating on Kodi Leia 18 or above, the Raccoon City Wizard offers various builds that might pique your interest. 

From Supernova to BoomBox, you can choose the way you want your Kodi experience to be. There are great customization options so you can enjoy the interface as much as possible. 

They offer the essential add-ons as well, which you can choose upon installation for the most personalized experience. 

Name: Racoon

SG Wizard 

We mentioned the EzzerMac Kodi build wizard at #2, and the SG Wizard is yet another branch of it. The SG build wizard offers exclusive builds for users of Kodi Leia 18. 

So, if you’re using that updated edition, you should check out SG’s build packages. If you’re looking for no-fluff designs that are straight to the point, easy to use, and good-looking, SG Wizard builds might be the right choice for you.

Name: SGWizard

Stream Digital Wizard

The Stream Digital Wizard builds are some of the most popular ones to date. This is for a good reason—its DoomzDay and CarboNOXide builds have it all: great functionality and a layout that makes everything easy to find.

The builds in the Stream Digital wizard are perfect if you’re someone that likes to use streaming services. It’s quick, offers diverse options, and is customizable. 

There’s add-on content catered to various demographics, making this the right choice for families. 

Name: Stream

Supreme Wizard

Last but not least, we have the Supreme Wizard for Kodi. Popular builds such as its Titanium theme have remained at the top of many people’s lists for some time now. 

These builds have great, customizable skins so that you can personalize your experience to your tastes. They’re fast, lightweight, and offer great addons that the whole family will love!

Whether you like sports, movies, music, or fitness channels, the Supreme Wizard offers builds that have it all. 

Name: Supreme

Why Use a VPN?

When using Kodi or other services not supported by Amazon’s system, it’s an excellent idea to use a VPN. This is especially true when using a particular service is discouraged, as it makes your IP address virtually untraceable while you browse the internet. 

It’s a genius move, in general, to hide your IP address for security reasons, too—you should always protect your online data in the safest way possible.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which means that you can access networks in any part of the world, which thus “changes” your IP to one that is not yours. This way, anything you do will not be traceable back to you. 

VPNs are also helpful if you are attempting to view content that is unavailable in your location. By accessing a network in an area where the content is not blocked, you can view it freely and without consequence. 

Among other security reasons, you should download a VPN before using any of the Kodi build wizards that we’ve detailed in the list. 

We have a superb VPN that we use and would recommend it to anyone. Here’s why we use IPVanish:

What is IPVanish and Why Use It?

IPVanish is a VPN service that we and many others use to protect their online traceability. It’s the one we recommend because it has a zero-log policy. A zero-log policy is essentially a catch-all term for when your data cannot be stored and used for tracking purposes. 

Any time you use the internet, your data is typically stored, so IPVanish will eliminate even the most in-depth data storage from being used to track your IP in any way. Hence the name, IPVanish!

IPVanish is super easy to install directly on your FireStick device. Simply use the FireStick interface’s search bar to look up “IPVanish,” and you can install it straight from there.

Firestick VPN app is free! The service it uses to hide your Firestick’s IP address (called IPvanish) costs $4.87 after you use my coupon code, which is available only to visitors of KFireTV. This service works on all your devices, by the way (not just Firestick). The less than $5/mo is totally worth it (on a personal level; I strongly recommend it to all my friends and family).

Once your Firestick is fully up and running (congrats on fixing Firestick keeps restarting!), I strongly recommend using a VPN to protect your browsing.

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Wrap Up 

So, we hope that this article helped you better understand what Kodi build wizards are and what they can do for you. We’ve used many of the wizards on this list and would recommend them to anyone. But, make sure you’re using a VPN before you start!

There are many other Kodi build wizards out there, but these were our personal favorites. If you have any others that you use and think we should add, leave them in the comments. We’re continually updating our articles with the best Kodi build options available!

Thanks for reading!

Jeff Wiener
Jeff Wiener
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