Find Best Kodi Skins: Revamp Your Streaming Experience Now!

A program like Kodi tends to get used daily, especially if you are a media crazed consumer. If you are getting tired of the same old interface, today is your lucky day The best Kodi skin for your device is only a few clicks away once you know where to start looking.

For beginners, Kodi skins are often overlooked in a rush to score add ons. That’s understandable as that’s part of the reason people opt to install Kodi. The free movies and TV shows are certainly a perk, but so is the amount of customization you can get out of this app.

Changing Kodi Skins

Before you can change Kodi skin, you first need to locate them. Thankfully, that is rather easy and only takes a few quick clicks. From the main menu of Kodi, you need to go to the left side of the screen and select the Gear icon. Unless you have already changed skins, that’s where it resides and where you can pull up the Kodi settings menu.

best kodi skin settings

While it may be tempted to choose the Skin Settings tab, this isn’t where you’ll find the best Kodi skin. You need to go to Interface Settings for that, which brings up the “Look and Feel” section of the Kodi Krypton app. The Skin section is the first thing you’ll see and exactly where we want to start. That’s because Kodi comes with a slew of amazing pre-installed skins, so there are a few dozen to choose from right away.

Installing Kodi Skins

If you’re trying to install a Kodi add-on or repository, you may have a tough road ahead if you’re new. With skins, the installation process is completely the opposite. To install a new Kodi skin, select the slot that says Estuary. That’s the stock skin, and while it’s dandy, a whole new world opens up from here. Estouchy is the other standard option, but you’ll want to select “Get more…” if you want something different.

best kodi skin selection

Each skin is a bit different, and some of the best Kodi skin will make drastic changes to the UI. The placement of buttons could change, so finding your way back to the skin menu can be a challenge. Just remember, look for the Gear icon from the main menu, and keep an eye out for “Look and Feel” if the skin has severely changed your layout. All the skins below are tested and should work on any version of Kodi Krypton. All the screenshots were taken from an Android device, but the backdrops and graphical elements remain the same across the board.

Best Kodi Skin

Here are our top options in no particular order. We feel each brings something different to the table, and alter the feel of Kodi in a unique way. Some will be an acquired taste, but we did include something for everyone.

Black Glass Nova

This one is a fan favorite and a great choice if you’re using Kodi on an HD or 4K TV set, not an Android smartphone. While it looks great on either, it looks amazing on the big screen and is simple to navigate. The layout is what we would refer to as “clean” so you won’t find a lot of extra flair with the Black Glass Nova skin. While we won’t spoil them all, but there are some nice little touches in Black Glass Nova as well. That includes a ticker that gives you the stats on your system and a wide array of settings to tweak.

black glass nova kodi skin


Metropolis is among the best Kodi skins and one that certainly does things differently. It’s billed as a “touch of retro and modern” which is a statement we wholeheartedly agree with. The main menu of this one flips things around by splitting the screen and moving the clock to the bottom. We also like the fact it puts “Clean/Update” library front and center – something important if you’re a heavy Kodi user. One of our favorite parts of Metropolis are the tiles sections under the settings menu. As you can see, they are unique and add a nice bit of retro flair into the mix.

metropolis kodi skin

Aeon Nox

Another popular option, Aeon Nox has been around for a while now. There are several variants of this particular skin, but we chose the stock option that comes with Kodi. The navigation bar in Aeon Nox is in the middle of the screen, not towards the bottom or on the sides. On touchscreens, a swipe will send the menus spinning, and each provides quick access to all the areas you need. As you can see from the screenshot, all the tiles are large and easy to read. Aeon Nox will look great on your smartphone or slate, but also looks outstanding on TV sets as well.

aeon nox kodi


This is another simple Kodi skin that’s ideal for Live TV or film as it lets you get where you need to go quickly. The AppTV skin is far from fancy but has everything you need in a very streamlined package. In this case, that would be a horizontal row of icons, each with their own drop-down menu of options. It is one of the easiest skin to navigate, and a skin we always keep on hand when we have the need for speed.


The Titan Kodi skin is reminiscent of Black Glass Nova in terms of design. That’s a good thing if you appreciate nice layouts and don’t want to be overrun by dozens of settings straight away. It’s also a large UI compared to similar skins, so there are plenty of big icons to click and tap on with Titan. This is a great all-around skin that’s nimble and very easy on the eyes. While there is no true standout feature, it performs as advertised and there are alternate versions available as well.

titan kodi


The best Kodi skin doesn’t have to have a zillion dependencies or entirely alter the layout of your device. Sometimes less is more, and that’s what you’ll get from Horizon. This is a vertical skin that keeps things simple, and one of the more lightweight solutions on our list as well. While there isn’t a lot to say about this one, it is highly customizable and is ideal for Kodi users that dig simplicity from the best Kodi skin.

horizon kodi skin

fTV Skin

This is one of those Kodi skins that will not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s because it is designed specifically for one device – Amazon Fire TV. It’s still touchscreen-friendly, but definitely not designed for it as it’s geared for remotes. Aside from that, it’s a very lightweight skin that gives you all the usual options while keeping the menus sparse. It’s arguably the best Kodi skin for Firesticks, but won’t be as nifty on other gadgets.

fTV kodi skin


There are well over 20 skins included with Kodi In addition to the skins we’ve listed. There are also several WIP builds you can check out for Kodi Jarvis if you want to go off the beaten path. Another source for new Kodi skins would be repositories themselves. If you want more options, be sure to dig around in the Look and Feel section of each one to see if there are any skins to change up the look of your home screen.



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