Best Kodi Horror TV Addon How to Install Fear of the Dark Guide

The Best Kodi Horror TV addon is hands down Fear of the Dark. This is a very high quality TV addon if you’re looking for a good fright night. Fear of the Dark has some great HD links to put on the big screen for maximum height jump scares. Fear of the Dark includes horror movies from every era categorized by decade of release. Then, it even has special categories for some of the greatest horror shows of all time. You can even find horror titles in 3D (one of the special categories)!

Fear of the Dark Install Preparation

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Unknown Sources for TV Addons

The XBMC / Kodi Foundation introduced a requirement in Kodi 17 Krypton that you manually enable the use of Unknown sources. Without setting this to allow unofficial TV addons, then you can’t install Fear of the Dark. If unsure what all of this means, then check out the very quick and simple KFireTV tutorial Enable Kodi Unknown Sources. I promise to be here when you return. If you mimic my actions in that article’s video, then you’ll even end up with the Ares Repo installed! If this is the case, then skip ahead to the best Kodi horror TV addon Fear of the Dark Home Repo Installation section when you return. See you back here soon; don’t leave me alone for too long!

Fear of the Dark TV Addon Install for Advanced Kodi Users

Having installed TV addons before, then you may simply want the repository source URL. You’ll find the XBMC / Kodi Fear of the Dark TV addon located in the Colossus repo. The Colossus repo itself is located in the Ares Project’s repo at You can find both of these within the Smash repo at Smash Dead and Gone also. The Ares Project, Colossus and Smash repos all take up residence within the SuperRepo repository at as well. The Kodi third party community has an outstandingly redundant safety net, if a bit convoluted.

Ares Repo Source

If you’ve not installed the Ares Repo before, then you’re gonna love this. Follow these steps, then be sure to check out the many articles posted at KodiFireTVStick about the greatest TV addons available within it. It may not directly include the best Kodi horror addon, but it is home to Fear of the Dark‘s home repo. It’s kinda like the Ares Repo lets the best Kodi horror TV addon take up residence in a box within its basement… kinda. Did you hear that scratching sound?

  1. Enter Settings (gear icon – above Kodi’s left menu)
    Fear Of The Dark Install for Kodi - system settings

    The System Menu

  2. Next, go into the File Manager
    best Kodi horror TV addon - Fear Of The Dark for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    The File Manager

  3. Now, choose to Add Source
    Fear Of The Dark Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Add Source

  4. Then, tell Kodi None to enable the manual addition of a media source
    Fear Of The Dark Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None


  5. Enter the Ares Project repository URL: (, then hit OK
    Install Fear Of The Dark Video Add-on for Kodi

    Type Source URL, Then Hit OK

  6. Give it the name Ares Repo, then hit OK
    Name it Ares Repo

    Named Ares Repo

  7. Check for typos, then hit OK once more to further your goal of having the best Kodi horror addon installed

Install the Ares Repository

The source installation above typifies Kodi repository installation set-up. After that, the repo installs quite simply.

  1. Return to Kodi’s Main Menu, then go into the Add-ons menu selection
    Fear Of The Dark - enter add-ons

    Kodi Menu Add-ons

  2. Open the Add-on browser (open box icon), which is in the top left
    Fear Of The Dark Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Add-on Browser (AKA Package Manager)

  3. Install from zip file
    Fear Of The Dark Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Choose Install From zip File

  4. Choose Ares Repo in the dialog
    choose Ares Repo

    Select the Ares Repo

  5. Next, open
    Install from the Ares zip file

    Install from the Ares zip file

  6. Have just a moment’s patience. You’ll see Add-on Installed popup momentarily
    Ares Repo installed

    Ares Repo Install Success

You’ve finished installing the Ares Repo! If you want to take a moment to look around, then feel free. Inside, you’ll find a ton of great TV addons along with other nifty items, which includes the indomitable Ares Wizard!

Install the Best Kodi Horror TV Addon’s Home Repo: Colossus

Now, we’ll install the Colossus repository, residence of Fear of the Dark. The Colossus repo makes its permanent home within the Ares Project’s repository. Smart, that. You’ll be in the Add-on browser if you followed the guide to this point for installing the Ares Repo.

  1. Select Install from repository now
    Fear Of The Dark - Choose Install from Repository

    Install from Repository

  2. Then, go into the Ares Project repo
    Choose the Ares Repo

    Enter the Ares Repo

  3. Now, enter the Add-on repository
    Add-on repository directory

    Add-on repository

  4. Select Colossus Repository to be installed
    select Colossus


  5. Hit Install at bottom right.
    install Colossus

    Install Colossus

  6. If you get a Select Version dialog, choose the home repo, Ares Project in order to receive the most timely updates.
    select Colossus home repo version

    Select Colossus Home Repo Version

  7. Colossus repo installed. Now, on to the best Kodi horror addon available… Fear of the Dark
    Colossus installed

    Colossus Install Success!

Install Fear of the Dark from Colossus Repository

Once we’ve succeeded with the double repo set up, then we install your worst nightmares. Fear of the Dark beckons you.

  1. Go up one level by selecting the two full stops (periods) at the top
    go up a level

    Level Up

  2. Then, once more
    go up another level

    A Second Level Up

  3. Now, choose the Colossus Repository to install from
    choose to install Fear Of The Dark from Colossus

    Choose Colossus To Install From

  4. Enter Video add-ons
    enter Colossus' Video add-ons

    Enter Colossus’ Video Add-ons Directory

  5. Then, select Fear Of The Dark for installation
    Choose Fear Of The Dark

    Choose Fear Of The Dark

  6. Hit Install
    Hit Install for Fear of the Dark

    Hit Install for Fear of the Dark

  7. If repo options are given, select the Colossus Repo version to keep abreast of the latest updates
  8. A dialog should let you know Fear of the Dark installed.
    Fear Of The Dark Install Success

    Fear Of The Dark Install Success

  9. You will now find the best Kodi horror TV addon in your Video add-ons folder – Fear of the Dark!
    Fear Of The Dark in Video Addons

    Fear Of The Dark in Video Addons

Turn the Lights Down Low

As one of the best Kodi horror TV addons available, Fear of the Dark has a horrifically massive amount of great content. Don’t get too comfortable, though. Using a safety net will let you psychologically traumatize yourself without the otherwise inevitable ISP cease and desist notice. The Exodus Kodi TV addon dropped out of circulation due to looming litigation. If Colossus gains much more in popularity, which I’m certain it will, then it’s possible Fear of the Dark may disappear at any time. Enjoy it worry free–using a high quality VPN!

Remember, the official Kodi support sites consider Fear of the Dark unofficial. Neither the XBMC Foundation nor Kodi TV will help you with any support questions you may have. They will likely give you a stern lecture on piracy, warranted or not, then ask you to leave. Ask any support questions you have in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Install Fear Of The Dark on Kodi and use a VPN





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November 1, 2017

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