You’ve installed Kodi on your new Firestick; now what? The best entertainment bang for your buck comes from installing a build. Builds install several ready to use add-ons at once, then go on to give Kodi a facelift as well. The best Kodi build will be one that has everything you want… and nothing you don’t. It also won’t take too much space or slow your entertainment system to a crawl. Of course, to be considered the best Kodi build, it should also be easy to use; amirite?

We realize the subjectivity inherent to this post, so if you prefer, check out our constantly updated roundup of the best Kodi builds!

Best Kodi Build? Boom Shakalaka, Baby!

Dimitrology hosts one of the greatest mega repositories known to the Kodi third party community. Now, Dimitrology put a build together to satisfy all of your entertainment needs while retaining a very slight footprint. In fact, Dimitrology put together three builds, as not everyone wants or needs the extra size added by every XXX option known to Kodi. They might even want an extra-slim build without all the graphic pizzazz bringing up the girth. We’ll concentrate on the R rated full version of the best Kodi build for 2017 in this guide, but you will see where the paths diverge. There’s really no difference in their installation.

Start Clean

Note that when installing a build, which has many add-ons, it is best to install in a clean Kodi installation. Unless you really know what you are doing, get rid of Kodi and install it fresh in order to install the Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka build.




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Repo Location for Experienced Installers

If you’ve installed a few add-ons and have a hang of how Kodi handles things, then you may only need the Dimitrology repository location. Actually, you need the wizard zip file name, too. To install the Boom Shakalaka build, use the source URL, then look for the file. Be sure to check out all of the other cool goodies found at the Dimitrology source location.

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Prep Kodi for Third Party Add-ons

You must allow unknown sources to be used for third party add-on installation in Kodi 17. The XBMC Foundation and Kodi Project want to make sure everyone knows there are risks to installing unofficial add-ons.

  1. Enter Settings (gear icon) to the top left of the menu
    Install Boom Shakalaka

    System Menu

  2. Go Into the System Settings
    Kodi Dimitrology Repository Installation - System Settings

    Go Into System Settings

  3. Choose Add-ons, then switch Unknown Sources on
    Install Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka - Toggle Unknown Sources

    Toggle Unknown Sources

  4. A security risk dialog helps you fear unknown sources accessing your system.
    Best Kodi Build Install - Warning Dialog

    Scary Warning

Dimitrology Repo Source

  1. Head up one level and enter the File Manager
    Boom Shakalaka for Kodi - File Manager

    Go Into the File Manager

  2. Then, elect to Add Source
    Boom Shakalaka Install for Kodi - Add Source

    Choose Add Source

  3. Now, select None, allowing you to add a media source location
    Kodi Dimitrology Repo Installation - Choose None


  4. Type (, then choose OK
    Enter Dimitrology Source URL

    Enter Dimitrology Source URL

  5. Give it the name Dimitrology, then hit OK
    Name it Dimitrology

    Name it Dimitrology

  6. Check for typos, then hit OK once more
    Double Check Dimitrology Source Info for Errors

    Double Check Dimitrology Source Info for Errors

Boom Shakalaka Wizard Install

  1. Back at the Main Menu, go into Add-ons
    Boom Shakalaka - enter Kodi Add-ons menu

    Choose Add-ons in Kodi’s main menu

  2. Then, go into the Add-on Browser (looks like an open box) above the menu
    Kodi Install Dimitrology Wizard - Add-on Browser

    Enter the Add-on Browser (open box icon)

  3. Choose Install from zip file
    Boom Shakalaka build install in Kodi - install from zip file

    Install from zip file

  4. In the pop-up, choose Dimitrology
    Select Dimitrology Directory

    Select Dimitrology Directory

  5. Then, select the file
    Choose Dimitrology Wizard zip

    Choose Dimitrology Wizard zip

  6. When on a Firestick or Fire TV, the zip does not remain highlighted upon moving to the right to highlight OK in the menu. Kodi has a visual glitch, so ignore this. The item is still selected, even if it doesn’t look like it. Just click OK.
    and OK to Dimitrology zip

    and OK to Dimitrology zip

  7. The Dimitrology Wizard is installed. It will walk you through the Boom Shakalaka Kodi build install process, as will we.
    Dimitrology Wizard Installed

    Dimitrology Wizard Installed

The Dimitrology Wizard Installs Boom Shakalaka

  1. You’ll find the Dimitrology Wizard within the main Kodi Add-ons menu.
    Dimitrology Wizard within Add-ons

    Dimitrology Wizard within Add-ons

  2. Enter the Dimitrology Install/Update folder.
    Enter Dimitrology Install Folder

    Enter Dimitrology Install Folder

Uh Oh…

  1. You’ll need to visit to get an installation code for the best Kodi build. Use your phone or computer or whatever you like to visit the page, then get the code. There is a new random 6 digit install code generated every hour. As a result, you may be one of the approximately 1% receiving a code that’s obsolete by the time you input it. I could have sent you there before starting this install, but then chances would be much greater for an obsolete code. Just go back to the web page and refresh for the new code if this is the case, then click OK to get into the settings to input the code once you’ve visited there.
    Dimitrology Wizard Uh oh

    Dimitrology Wizard Uh oh

  2. Then, input the code you got from the web page.
    Enter Dimitrology Wizard Install Code

    Enter Dimitrology Wizard Install Code

  3. Back to Installing The Best Kodi Build of 2017

    1. Double check it to make sure there’s no typo.
      Double Check Dimi Code and OK

      Double Check Dimi Code and OK

    2. Select which Boom Shakalaka build you wish to install. At this time, the base version is less than 100Mb, while the full (non-XXX) comes in at just over 350Mb.
      Choose Your Kodi Boom Shakalaka of Choice

      Choose Your Boom Shakalaka of Choice

    3. The Wizard lets you know other options are available and checks that you’re sure you’ve chosen wisely.
      Dimitrology asks Are You Sure

      Dimitrology asks Are You Sure

    4. Choose to install the full build. You’re installing on a clean Kodi, so there’s nothing to be overwritten, right?
      Choice of Full or Overwrite

      Choice of Full or Overwrite

    5. The download commences. You probably have time to go get some coffee if you chose the full install, then you might want to also pop some popcorn. If you have a decent connection, you’d better hurry, though.
      Boom Shakalaka Download

      Boom Shakalaka Download

    6. The Wizard lets you know everything went alright and that you may now change the skin when you wish.
      Installed and Ready for Skin Change

      Installed and Ready for Skin Change

    The Best Kodi Build Changes Skins

    1. On our way to the system settings to change the skin, we notice all the shiny new add-ons in the best Kodi build!
      Boom Shakalaka Full Kodi Add-ons Installed

      Boom Shakalaka Full Kodi Add-ons Installed

    2. Back in the System menu, we enter the Interface settings area.
      Enter Settings area for Skin Change

      Enter Settings area for Skin Change

    3. Choose the DimitrologyK skin
      Choose DimitrologyK skin

      Choose DimitrologyK skin

    4. I’m pretty sure you’re sure. Are you sure? I suppose if it breaks your spirit or you immediately projectile vomit, then you can just say no.
      Keep the Change

      Keep the Change

    5. If the default purple isn’t to your liking, then you may select one of blue, green, or red instead within the Theme item.
      Dimi choose color

      Dimi choose Theme color

    6. It’s time to back out of the settings through the Home icon in the bottom right, then enjoy the best Kodi build available; Boom Shakalaka!
      Head Home to Use Your New Build

      Head Home to Use Your New Build


    Within Boom Shakalaka, you will find all of the best Kodi third party add-ons available. The best Kodi build for 2017 is kept up to date, so be sure to update it through the System/Update Build menu item once in awhile. You will need a new code from when you do, so be prepared. Check out some of the categories being filled by the many top Kodi add-ons installed:

    1. Live TV
      Best Kodi Build for Live TV - Boom Shakalaka Live TV

      Boom Shakalaka Live TV

    2. Movies
      Best Kodi Build for Movies - Boom Shakalaka Movies

      Boom Shakalaka Movies

    3. TV Shows
      Best Kodi Build for TV - Boom Shakalaka TV Shows

      Boom Shakalaka TV Shows

    4. Music
      Best Kodi Build for Music - Boom Shakalaka Music

      Boom Shakalaka Music

    5. Kids
      Best Kodi Build for Kids - Boom Shakalaka Kids

      Boom Shakalaka Kids

    6. Sports
      Best Kodi Build for Sports - Boom Shakalaka Sports

      Boom Shakalaka Sports

    7. Fitness
      Boom Shakalaka Fitness

      Boom Shakalaka Fitness

    8. Documentaries
      Boom Shakalaka Documentaries

      Boom Shakalaka Documentaries

    9. And MUCH MORE!
      Top Kodi Build for 2017!

      Boom Shakalaka also has Much More!

    Install Boom Shakalaka on Kodi and use a VPN