Best Kodi Addons for 2024 – Top Picks for Better Viewing

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Looking for the best Kodi addons? Well, you have come to the right place as we’ve perused the web to come up with the top options. It was no small feat considering the revolving nature of video addons, but our experts have compiled an outstanding list.

In case you are new to the scene, we have also included a mini guide on Kodi. It features a few quick tips to get you started and makes getting to those Kodi add-ons a whole lot easier.

What’s a Kodi Addon?

That’s a good question and one that tends to confuse many people just starting out with this wonderful piece of software.

An add-on is a package you install through Kodi which extends its capabilities. That’s the simplest way to put it, and these additions can come from official or unofficial sources. You will find some official ones ready to roll with the program straight away, but getting to those third-party add-ons can be quite tricky.

That means you need to pay close attention to where you actually get those add-ons if you decide to go off the reservation and opt for something wild instead of a regular YouTube or TwitchTV addon. That also leads us to the dreaded topic of virtual private networks…

Get a VPN

If you plan on just using legitimate Kodi addons that allow you to watch free movies and TV shows that are truly “free,” then you probably won’t need a VPN. There are many great ways to use this open source media player, and the official dev team gives users plenty of options after the initial install. There is an official Kodi repository, which is a good place to start if you are new.

On the flipside, a good VPN can protect your identity online and help cover your tracks if you’ve been dipping your toes into those grey waters. That includes music, TV shows, and free movies through Kodi that may get you tagged for copyright infringement.

Needless to say, if on streaming or downloading any type of content that could be deemed illegal in your neck of the woods, use a VPN or prepare to pay the price. It’s not all about downloading or streaming either as a good virtual private network also allows you to get around regional restrictions on the web.

Installing Kodi Add-ons

We have plenty of guides that teach you how to install everything from a simple Sports addon to Neptune Rising. Our experts cover every device as well from the Roku to Firesticks and various media streamers along with smartphones and slates.

If you need detailed instructions on how to install the best Kodi addons, hit up our front page to locate the guide you need. Otherwise, here is a quick and easy version that you can use to install most of the add-ons in our list.

With the Kodi app open, click on the Gear symbol at the top to open up the settings menu. You will want to select the File Manager icon, which more than likely will vary from the one you see in our screenshot.

kodi addons file manager

From here, you will see a split screen and will want to select Add Source from the left side. When the Add File Source box pops up, select None and then type in the name of the source you want to access. Rename the source to something more manageable in the box below, add it and you’re ready to move on.

You want to head back to the main menu, then select your Add-ons section.  Now you will want to tap on the Package Installer icon which brings up a new window where we select Install from zip file. Choose the file you need, and then navigate to the zip through the folders. When completed, there will be a message letting you know it has been installed.

If you’ve done everything properly, you will be back in the same menu, but now you need to select Install from Repository. Choose the Kodi Repository you want, then navigate to the Video add-ons folder. You may see a lot of choices here depending on the program you’re using. Pick the Kodi addon you want, select install and wait for the message. There may be several, but once it’s done, you are ready.

Now you can pull up the add-on of your choice from the main menu of Kodi. Again, the process should stay the same on almost every Kodi addon, and it’s something you will need to familiarize yourself with if you plan on staying in the game.

best kodi addons 2018

The Best Kodi Addons

What type of media do you consume the most?

Are you a heavy TV watcher that loves classics or is Anime more your cup of tea? If you prefer film to television shows, it’s safe to say the world is your oyster. Live TV or IPTV add-ons are a great way to go as well.

Our picks cover all of those areas, but a few are geared towards specialty content. In other words, if you don’t dig our picks for the best Kodi addons, don’t give up as there are hundreds more available.


If you are a fan of Covenant, you will feel right at home with the Incursion Kodi add-on. This little app allows you to stream movies and TV shows while adding exciting new features to the mix. We’re pleased to say they delivered, and it is definitely one of the best Kodi addons.


Incursion covers the usual areas like TV Shows, Movies, and Channels. As you’d expect, everything is broken down into categories so Movies will open up another layer with sections like Genres, Year, Box Office, In Theaters and more.

If you’re familiar with the process, you know what comes next as you will be bowled over by content. The channels section is somewhat limited compared to some of the other best Kodi addons, but SKY, Film4, TCM and several others are present. There is no shortage of options to choose from although it’s not quite as packed as other alternatives yet.

Incursion Settings

Another reason we dig this add-on is the deep degree of flexibility it provides. That comes in the settings menu which has eight different areas to dig through. There are far too many settings to detail in those eight sections, but their names tell you all you need to know.

  • General
  • TV Shows
  • Playback
  • Providers
  • Accounts
  • Library
  • Downloads
  • Subtitles

You can set up your accounts with services like Real Debrid, Trackt, TMDb or Movieplanet or disable providers that aren’t your cup of tea. The settings give you total control over Incursion, and they are something you simply need to see for yourself.


Supremacy is another great Kodi add-on and one we highly recommend. It’s still chugging along at the time of this writing, and definitely a fan favorite for a very good reason. It features several types of content you won’t find elsewhere. It also has arguably more content than any other Kodi add-on.

best kodi addons supremacy


Pick your poison with this one. Whether you need something to occupy the kids for a few weeks or want to check out replays from popular sporting events, the Supremacy addon for Kodi has a little bit of everything.

It would take an entire article to describe all the categories at your disposal, so we’re just going to hit you with a few quick bullets below…

  • Sky Movies
  • Movies A to Z
  • New Releases
  • Christmas
  • Documentaries
  • Plex Scraper
  • 4K Movies
  • 3D Movies

Those are a few of the highlights, and 4K is a rarity along with 3D films. That said, if you know anything about 4K UHD video addons and streaming, you know not to expect a miracle. The streams or encodes may look better than an HD signal, but you’re not getting full 4K UHD or Dolby Vision.

supremacy addon kodi

That’s just the movies available on this add-on, and we’re pleased to say there are just as many options for the small screen. The aforementioned sports replay has some great content covering football, racing, and a few other sports. Freeview is an interesting alternative as well with options for BBCnews, Quest, France24, and Idealworld among others.

The only other features to note for this one include a search function for movies and the settings. The former only worked occasionally in our tests while the latter is sparse, to say the least. You can set and adult password, but that’s about the extent of your options in the settings department.

cCloud TV

If you love movies, but prefer the small screen to the silver one, you will dig this add-on. cCloud TV gets frequent updates and is one of the more “complete” programs to make our list of the best Kodi addons. They definitely have a lot of TV-based content available in their cloud.

cCloud TV addon


When you fire up this add-on, you will see sections for announcements and server status along with a readme text. There are around 18 sections in all, each with their own subsections. As you would expect, movies are present including On Demand flicks and documentaries.

The News section is something completely new, and a welcome sight if you want to stay in the loop on a global scale. Here are a few of the channels available from cCloud TV news.

  • FOX News
  • ABC News
  • AO Vivo
  • Bernama TV
  • BFM Business
  • HCH Honduras
  • Fusion Plus
  • i24 News
  • KTLA News
  • WDTN Dayton
  • First India Nes TV

ccloud TV addon

That is just a very small sampling of what’s under the news tab or in the add-on in general. The FilmOn section is another perk and goes very deep. It has TV broken down by language and age to go along with some interesting choices. A few of those include Comedy Radio, Gamer TV, Language Learning, Caribbean Channels, Food and Wine, and Extreme Sports.

The last area we want to cover with the cCloud TV addon for Kodi is the Radio section. From here you can listen to anything you can imagine from any corner of the world. Whether it’s a station out of Dublin or one in New Mexico, there is a good chance you’ll find it there. It’s hit and miss at times, but a killer feature to have nonetheless.


Placenta is relatively new to the scene compared to other options for the best Kodi addons of this kind, and it’s one we hope sticks around for a long, long time. That’s because it provides you with access to every type of movie and TV show imaginable including videos for children and young adults.


From the main menu of Placenta, you can choose to peruse movies through several different means, check out documentaries or listen to soothing sounds through the Legends of Music section. If you love music, you will dig this particular area. It’s a tribute of sorts to artists who have passed away in recent years, and a trip down memory lane if you loved Bowie, Merle, Prince or Phife Dawg.

The Podcast section is also of note with mp3 streams and sections for PodBay and PodcastOne. These two sections alone can keep you busy for a decade, and we’ve listed a small sampling of what you can find in them below.

  • The Beer Show
  • Forked Up
  • All of the Above with Norman Lear
  • Bret Easton Ellis Podcast
  • Crime in Sports
  • Retronauts
  • Forbes Under 30
  • Mohr Stories

That’s just over a half-dozen podcasts available, and there are thousands more to choose from. You will not be disappointed with this section of the Placenta add-on. If you are a fitness freak, be sure to check out that area as well. There are more workout videos than you can shake a stick at and everything is covered from Kettlebells to dieting.

kodi placenta

The last area we want to touch on with Placenta is the Kids Zone. From here you can access Kids Hut, Kids TV, Peppa Pig, PBS Kids, Smart Girls, Crash Course Kids, Bob the Builder, HooplaKidz, and Horrible Histories. Those are just a few of the best Kodi addon options available, and we have only touched on a fraction of what you’ll find through this Kodi add-on.

UK Turk Playlists

Depending on how long you’ve been in the scene, you may be very familiar with Turks. While it was briefly on hiatus, it’s back and better than ever. It’s also a great one-stop-shop that can fulfill all your streaming needs.

UK Turks Playlist


From the main menu of UK Turks, you can choose from over a dozen different categories to get you started. There is truly something for everyone with Live TV, Sports, Movies, Cartoons, Radio, Concerts, Fitness, and of course, Turkish TV and Movies. There is also a search function (that actually works!) and a section for your favorites.

One of the more interesting sections of this one allows Kodi users to watch CCTV feeds. These are live streaming feeds from every corner of the world including places like Thailand, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Ireland. You can sit back and watch people crossing a bridge, airplanes take off or simply check out the nightlife around a pub.

The concerts tab is full of goodies as well including some great performances from yesteryear. A few standouts from this area include…

  • MTV Unplugged
  • Disney Magical Holiday Celebration
  • Austin City Limits
  • BBC Proms
  • Glastonbury 2017
  • Radio 2 Live
  • Reading and Leeds Festival
  • Very Pentatonix Christmas

The sports section of this app is rather deep with options from Sky Sports, BT Sport, ESPN, Fox Sports, Bein Sport, MLB Network, NFL Now, and around two dozen other sources. Want Live TV? Turks has that as well; enough to keep you busy for the next few years if need be.

To use UK Turks Playlist you will need PIN access now, but it’s something that has become commonplace in the add-on world. It’s an add-on we highly recommend. UK Turks is still just as easy to install, so remember our tips and prepare for the Turks PIN.

Neptune Rising

Neptune was known as the God of the Sea in ancient Roman times. The moniker takes on a lot of meanings today, and you can find it on plenty of products as well. That includes the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on which has quickly risen to the top of charts.


The layout of Neptune Rising is no different from the rest of our picks. So you have the usual array of sections for movies and TV shows. There are also some specialized areas like Critters Corner, What the Fork? and IMDB User Lists. Critters Corner caught our eye as they used one of our favorite 80s mascots. This particular section takes you down the rabbit hole as well with “Top 100 lists.”

  • All-Time Bests
  • The Best Biographies
  • 100 Best History Movies
  • All-Time Best Dramas
  • 100 Best Mystery
  • The Best Sports Movies
  • 100 Best Musicals
  • The 100 Best Urban Films

Those are a few of the areas Critters covers, and it is a lot to take in. While we were shocked 100 “good” sports movies existed, we were very pleased with the results. The search feature was hit or miss, but it could have easily been something in our Kodi build, not with the add-on itself.

neptune rising kodi addon

As you navigate through the sections, you are in for a few surprises so we won’t spoil them all. We do like the breakdown under Top Movies however as it has things like Top Cop Movies, Greatest Movies Directed by Women, and I Love the 80s.

If you like the amount of setting in Incursion, you will be thrilled to know they are present in this add-on. That’s because it’s a fork, and one we think you’ll enjoy as long as you’re not looking for sports – that is its weak point at the moment.

Genesis Reborn

If you were a fan of the popular Kodi addon Genesis, it was a sad day when that one went belly up. The community kept it alive however through a fork dubbed Genesis Reborn, and it’s another solid option when it comes to the best Kodi addons and a nice alternative to fan favorites like BoB Unleashed.

genesis reborn kodi addon


Classic films and newer movies are on full display in the Genesis Reborn add-on, and we had no problem pulling up content from various sources. Primewire, 123hulu, and others are present and accounted for. If you enjoy pulling from Sky, there are a lot of options there as well. That said, we feel the TV section provides far more bang for your buck.

The TV sections are vast and can easily suck away your time for hours on end. We’re not talking about watching free TV shows; we’re talking about just browsing through them. There are sections for both current and classic shows, and each is broken down into a variety of subsections. Ready for some bullet points?

  • Top Picks
  • Genre
  • On TV today
  • Returning Shows
  • Languages
  • Ratings
  • Trending
  • TV Guide
  • Trakt/IMDB
  • People Search

best kodi plugin

We are confident you will find something to watch, regardless of the era in which it aired. We especially liked the rating section. This gives you an easy way to filter out inappropriate content based on actual ratings, not someone’s list or preferences. Keep in mind, some of those “classics” had looser restrictions, so you still want to pay attention to the selections. Times have changed…

There are a few areas we feel could be improved compared to other addons of this nature, and you won’t find many flicks for kids – or at least we didn’t. As with most Kodi add-ons, whether this one is for you depends on your needs.


When you just want to get down to business and not spend a half hour finding something to watch, simple is sometimes better. That’s the case with Astroplane, another new entry into the Kodi addon field.

The developers behind this add-on don’t hit you with dozens of categories from the jump. Instead, My you will get Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, and Tools. Each category lets you go deeper just as you’d expect. Movies has sub-sections for Featured, Oscar Winners, Anime, Genre and others while the TV side is just as deep.

kodi astroplane addon

The Anime a section is filled to the brim if you prefer animated fare. There are no mp3 streams, and it is not a sports addon, however, so there are no areas for music, sports or podcasts. The usual array of settings are there with options for Accounts, Playback, Providers, and Viewtypes.


Bonecrusher is a great option if you are in search of the best Kodi addons and love collected content. While this add-on covers all the normal areas, there are a few special categories that help it stand out from the rest.

Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and Classics are the main areas of Bonecrusher. Each allows you to dive into sub-sections, so no surprises there. The “specialty” areas come in the form of Krests Wishes, Crucial Minds Picks, Heavenly Gifts, and User Requests. The latter is self-explanatory, while the rest are an individual collection of media in a sense.

We also liked the Box Set section of the Bonecrusher add-on. From here you can access mini collections that span the decades. There are plenty of stinkers in there from franchises ran thing into the ground, but there are some awesome oldies as well.


As the name implies, WatchNixToons is all about cartoons. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Dragonball to Dumbo, almost every style you can imagine is on display. It is definitely a specialty add-on which is its only drawback as you won’t find regular movies or TV shows through this Kodi add-on.

There are eight sections to choose from in WatchNixToons. That includes sections for the newest releases, popular current series and cartoon favorites. Some of the other areas are in “Alpha” mode, but we did not experience any issues in our time with the add-on. The Alphas include massive lists of cartoons, dubbed Anime, OVA series and subbed Anime.

watchnix toons

One of the cooler perks of this add-on would be the “Search by Genre” feature. It works like a charm and allows you to find some interesting alternatives like adult animation, adapted literature, mecha and good old’ fashioned metafiction.


While that wraps up our top choices for the best Kodi addons currently available, we are going to throw a few more names your way in case one of our top options goes down. We are also going to remind you once again about VPNs if you are concerned about copyright infringement.

Rising Tides, Karnage, SpinzFlix, and Juggernaut are all quality add-ons. Smaller ones like Maverick TV and The Pyramid are quickly rising through the ranks as well. At the time of this writing, all of the add-ons in our list are working fine, but it’s always nice to have a backup on hand.



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