For some, the FireStick remote may not seem very game-friendly.  BUT you can actually use it to play quite a few games.  So check out the list below of the best Fire TV games, in order of awesome to awesome-er.

What controller do I need to play the best Fire TV games?  

Whether you have a full Bluetooth game controller for your Firestick or just the stock Firestick remote, you should be able to play all the games below.  Keep reading to see how to map your Firestick remote buttons to play SNES games.

Can I use the Fire TV remote to play FireTV games?  

Yes!  You can use the Firestick remote to play FireTV games.  Read on..

One fun example of Firestick-gaming-gone-good was when I installed an emulator on my Firestick and mapped the Firestick remote buttons to those of a SNES controller.  I made it so the buttons on the Firestick remote were actually the same as the SNES controller if you held the Firestick remote horizontally (“landscape”).




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This was just a test to see if I could map the SNES controller buttons to the Firestick remote well enough to play a game.  It actually worked for Super MarioKart!  So if you’re jonesing to play MarioKart and you don’t have an actual Bluetooth Game Controller to use with your Firestick, try mapping the buttons of your Firestick remote to those of the SNES controller.  This technique works especially well for games that require less input, obviously, such as turn-based games like Final Fantasy 3, and for those apps which can choose fastest paying casino.

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Moving on to the best Fire TV games list..

In addition to that abstract Firestick game example, there are official Android games that play well on Firestick as well.  The list below shows both Android games that work on Firestick as well as one entry for classic games.  We hope this helps you pinpoint the best Fire TV games so you can quit searching and start playing:

Best Fire TV Games 2023

1.  Super MarioKart, MarioKart 64 (Retro games:  SNES, N64 + more)

The best Fire TV games include Mario Kart, for sure!

Mario Kart 64 is Playable on Firestick!

The best games to play on the Firestick are classic (retro) games, hands-down.  By retro games, we mean old console games from systems like the SNES, N64, Sega, and other amazingly awesome classic consoles from some of our childhoods.

Q: How do I play classic games on my Fire TV?

A:  To play retro games on your Firestick, you basically just sideload an app called RetroArch.  Then you go grab some games (download the files) and play those bad boys!

RetroArch + games = Classic gaming heaven.

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Is there a guide for Fire TV emulators & classic games?

Yes.  Fortunately we already did a lot of the research in the Firestick & Fire TV gaming & emulation department.  Check out our Emulators page to see what systems you can emulate with your Fire TV.

We also have a page just for N64 Emulation on the Firestick, since the N64 is the most powerful system the Firestick seems to be able to emulate.

Can I play Super MarioKart on Firestick?

Hellz yes.  It works really, really, really well.  In fact, pretty much all SNES games work well on Firestick / Fire TV.  See our guide.

Can I play MarioKart 64 on Firestick?

Helllllz yes.  Mariokart 64 works OK on Firestick.  Not extremely well – so it may help to use an actual full-powered Fire TV (not Firestick) since the Fire TV has more power than the Firestick.  Check out our page dedicated to N64 emulation on the FireTV & Firestick.

Other Nintendo 64 games don’t work so well on Firestick.  So we kept it simple and focused on MarioKart, since that does work and it’s arguably the best game for N64 ever.

2.  Badland


BADLAND!  It’s a nice FireStick game with good graphics

In Badland, your character clones multiple times throughout each level, which is a pretty interesting concept.  In short, Badland is a more unique and agreeable version of the popular Flappy Bird game.  Although instead of the lameness and shittiness you get with Flappy Bird, Badland has nice dark textures and layers.

The 2D scroller game’s mechanics and realistic feel are impressive: it’s a fast-paced side-scroller experience where you need to tap to pilot a cool-looking black bird thing through caves full of pointy objects in an eery swamp forest thing.

Be that as it may, dissimilar to Flappy Bird, Badland is significantly more interesting than the boring-ass Flappy Birds game.

3.  Reaper (Android game, gothic 2D scroller)

The best Fire TV games include Reaper!

Try Reaper: the 2D Scroller with realistic physics engine

Reaper is a well-made 2D scroller game with a dark feel.  You walk your Reaper character through levels of fast-paced action and unique gameplay.  Additionally, the game has a gothic feel with dark textures and color palettes.

Reaper is a great 2D scroller worth checking out, which utilizes some excellent rendering techniques to deliver a stunning game to your Firestick or Android device.

4.  Crossy Road (Android game, Frogger clone)

Crossy Road is a modern adaptation of the classic game Frogger.  It’s just a 3D version.  You choose your character and cross the street without getting smushed by various vehicles.

5.  Hill Climb Racing (Android game, time waster)

Our List of the Best Fire TV Games includes Hill Climb

Get Hill Climb Racing – it’s a classic Android game.

The Hill Climb Racing game is a classic Android game which works on the Firestick as well.  The extremely simple input make this possible.  In this 2D scroller, you drive a car as the level scrolls.  You press a button to step on the gas – and that’s it.

It’s similar to a carnival game in the fact that you have to approximate angles and velocity in the game and hit them with just 1 control.  The game seems simple at first, but when you play it you’ll realize it’s not as easy as you thought!