FileLinked not Working? Here are the Best Filelinked Alternatives

Fire TV & FireStick

Bad news, folks! FileLinked is not working on Firestick anymore. In case you didn’t notice, the App throws an error “Code Not Found” every time you click on the FileLinked App.

SO, what’s going on?

Why is it not working? What does this error even mean?

In this helpful guide, we will be answering all of these questions and more. Read on!

But before that, here’s a Youtube video from TechDoctorUK.

What is Filelinked? 

FileLinked is one of the most popular apps for Firestick users. Previously known as DroidAdmin, a file-sharing application also works as an excellent sideloading tool for Firestick and other Android-based devices. You can use it to share all types of files such as pictures, music, videos, APK files, and whatnot. 

For example, if you are on vacation and wish to share your memories with friends or family, upload the videos/pictures on FileLinked, create a unique code, and then share that code with your people. Those who have access to that code will be able to download the FileLinked App and download the files. 

Therefore, FileLinked is a handy application whether you are an uploader or a simple user.

FileLinked is Not Working 

The latest development is that FileLinked is not working. The service has been offline for quite some time now. Various global social media users are also reporting a blackout.

So, it’s not like the service isn’t working for a particular geography. We have seen this happen many times before as well. The service goes offline without any concrete reason. 

The good thing is that when the service goes down, you don’t have to worry about all the files you downloaded through this App. You can still access and use them if you want. But still, not having one of the world’s greatest bulk DownloaderDownloader on your device can be a bit of an inconvenience. Therefore, you should look into some FileLinked alternatives.

Best Filelinked Alternatives 

Below experts from website explain the top 8 FileLinked alternatives you should look into. While these services are certainly not as good as FileLinked, they can hold you back till FileLinked comes back online.

#1 – Best Filelinked Alternative – Downloader app 

The best FileLinked Alternative is – without a doubt – Downloader App. It’s available in Amazon’s official AppStore and allows FireStick devices to download third-party files from the internet easily. It also lets you sideload third-party APKs not available on the official app stores.

Besides downloading files and APKs, you can also browse the internet, create bookmarks, and view videos on the full-screen display. The best thing about DownloaderDownloader is that there are no ads anywhere on its interface. Instead, it generates revenue to sustain its services entirely through donations. You can also contribute via its home page.

How to download the Downloader app APK

Downloading Downloader apk is easy peasy lemon squeazy. As it is available on the official Amazon Appstore, all you need to do is lookup Downloader and install it like any other app on Firestick. Follow these steps if you don’t know how to install DownloaderDownloader. 

  • Go to your home screen and using remote navigate to Find and then Search
  • In the search bar, type in “Downloader.”
  • When you see DownloaderDownloader on the app suggestions, select and open it. 
  • Click “Downloader” app right under the Apps & Games section
  • Now, click Get to download and install the app. 

Secret Downloader App Short Codes 

Streaming nerds have created some fantastic secret Downloader app shortcodes. Simply put these codes into the Downloader app, and it directly points you to some excellent streaming apps for Firestick users. 

You can then download these apps to your preferable streaming device and enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment content – without any fees or any ads. 

Keep in mind that these are all links to third-party websites. We haven’t verified any of the links for security purposes. Therefore, make sure you properly scan the links for any viruses, etc. 

With that said, below is an updated list of all the working Download app shortcodes. Take a look!

#2 – Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is free software that allows you to download premium and paid applications and games on your Android smartphone. The program is the greatest FileLinked replacement since it does not limit the quantity of APK files that may be downloaded.

The fact that Blackmart Alpha offers such a large assortment of programs and games is one of its many advantages. It’s also readily available on the Google Play Store for download.

Furthermore, you do not need to create an account to begin utilizing Blackmart Alpha. All downloads are direct, and APKs may be obtained by utilizing the built-in search engine.

#3 – Aptoide TV 

Aptoide TV is another excellent Filelinked alternative. It’s a highly reliable third-party app store that contains tens of millions of android applications. In fact, its app library is much bigger than Google or Amazon’s app stores. 

While anyone can upload their apk file on Aptoide TV, Aptoide makes sure they are safe to download and use. To do this, they test the apps for security. As a result, secure apps are given a green shield. So you can blindly download any app that has a green shield without worrying about your privacy. 

How to download Aptoide TV APK 

Unfortunately, Aptoide TV APK is not available on the official Amazon app store as it’s a third-party app.

You have to sideload it onto your Firestick with the help of DownloaderDownloader. Here’s how you can go about it. 

  1. Download and install DownloaderDownloader on your device (follow the steps mentioned already)
  2. Now, you have to allow unknown apps on your device. By default, Firestick keeps this setting OFF to protect you. Aptoide TV is a safe app, so you can go on and turn this setting off for now. To do this, follow this navigation path: 

    Settings> My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps 

  3. Open the Downloader app and in the URL field, enter the following address: Now, navigate the site until you see the download option. Download and install on your device. 

#4 – APKMirror

APKMirror is a community where users may obtain free APK files. It is the finest platform for acquiring any Android application, including those with geo-restrictions.

The App also includes a list of popular apps, descriptions, and changelogs. If the current one isn’t working, this allows you to revert to an earlier version of the current one that isn’t working.

Moreover, APKMirror is a secure site for downloading APK files. All uploads are personally vetted and approved.

However, users may only share free programs using the App. That means you won’t have to pay anything to use it, and there won’t be any premium apps.

#5 – APK Time 

APK Time is another great resource for all the APKs you usually find in the official app stores. It’s a one-stop destination for all the latest updates and upgrades. When FileLinked goes for a nap, APK time is the best alternative to keep your third-party app needs fulfilled. 

The developers behind the APK Time app are always vigilant, keeping the interface well maintained and updated. Many categories inside the app let you organize all the different apps in one place. These include Games, Live TV< Sports, and Entertainment. 

How to download APK Time 

Like Aptoide TV, APK Time is not available on the official Amazon app store as it’s a third-party app. You need to sideload it onto your device with the help of DownloaderDownloader. Read on for details!

  • Get DownloaderDownloader on your device (follow the steps mentioned already)
  • Allow unknown apps on your device. By default, Firestick keeps this setting OFF to protect you. Aptoide TV is a safe app, so you can go on and turn this setting off for now. To do this, follow this navigation path: 

Settings> My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps 

  • Open the Downloader app, and in the URL field, enter the following address:

  • Finally, navigate the site until you see the download option. Download and install on your device. 

#6 – App Linked app 

As the name suggests, App Linked connects interfaces on different devices together.

You can then use this connection to access data. Although the available data is time-limited, you can still utilize the time frame to access hundreds of thousands of APKs that others make available to the public.

In this way, the App Linked App works like a peer-to-peer network.

How to download App Linked 

App Linked is also a third-party app. It’s not available on the official Amazon app store. Therefore you need to sideload it with these simple steps: 

  1. First of all, get the Downloader app in Firestick if you don’t have it already
  2. Now enable third-party apps by turning ON the “Apps from Unknown Sources” feature. We have shared the steps above. You can follow the same. 
  3. Launch Downloader and put the following address in the URL field:

Download and install App Linked. Easy Peasy!

#7 – ACMarket

Because it contains hundreds of unauthorized Android applications and customizations, ACMarket is the greatest alternative to FileLinked.

The software is compatible with all Android versions, including the most recent Android 11. You may also use it without rooting your device, and it works well on both Windows and Mac OSX.

ACMarket provides access to thousands of third-party Android applications. It uses a primary interface similar to FileLinked to ensure that you acquire the APK files you require quickly.

Furthermore, the software is secure and provides active assistance to all users. You can download many programs quickly, especially if you use a VPN.

Moreover, you can also create connections using this App’s links and share them with your users. Anyone who receives an App Linked connection can then simply tap the connected object to receive it. 

#8 – F-Droid

F-Droid is a collection of free and open-source software apps. All applications are for Android platforms, which include smartphones and Android TVs.

It is simple to use, and being an installable software, it keeps track of all your app updates, particularly those installed through the platform. Finally, as one of several programs like FileLinked, F-Droid is safe to use.

Another great thing about F-Droid is that the platform takes every precaution to guarantee that everything in its repository is safe to install. Additionally, users who submit programs create them from the source code. The F-Droid verifies the source code for any privacy or security vulnerabilities.

FileLinked is no longer functional. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to utilize the App to download large amounts of APK files.

Consider utilizing FileLinked alternatives in that situation. Downloader, Aptoide TV, AppLinked, APKTime, ACMarket, and APKPure are among them. Some of these apps are FileLinked clones, which means they have the same functions and features and operate on all Android systems.

FAQ about FileLinked Not Working

Q1. Are FileLinked Substitutes Legal?

Yes, using FileLinked alternative websites to watch movies and TV series in the public domain is legal. However, we do not support or encourage unlawful conduct, including the streaming or downloading of copyrighted content.

Q2. Why isn’t FileLinked working?

FileLinked is no longer operational or usable. Their official website is temporarily inaccessible.

Q3. Is a VPN Required for FileLinked Alternatives?

When downloading and utilizing these FileLinked alternatives, we recommend using a VPN. This will conceal your streaming activity and safeguard your data from hackers, website owners, ISP, etc.

Q4. What are the Best FileLinked Substitutes?

Downloader, FileSynced App, Unlinked, Aptoide TV, and many others are among the top FileLinked alternatives.

Best Filelinked Alternatives Summary 

So, that’s pretty much all we have for now about Filelinked Alternatives.

While these are not the greatest options at the moment, the above-mentioned apps do whet your appetite for third-party streaming apps.

If you cannot find your APK anywhere else on the internet, you will definitely find it on one of these best Filelinked alternative apps. And don’t worry, we will keep you posted in case the Filelinked original website pops back up or a better alternative graces the interwebs.

Watch this space, and thank you for reading! 

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