This video and written guide show you the Best Droid Admin Codes currently available.  These DroidAdmin codes are constantly updated and contain the best Streaming TV & all kinds of apps available for Firestick & Fire TV.

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Scroll down (below the video) to see a list of the Best Droid Admin Codes for Sports, TV, Movies, Games, and more.  Enjoy – ian

After you watch the Droid Admin Codes video above, check the codes below for updated apps.

Best Droid Admin Codes for TV Shows & Movies

Best Droid Admin Codes for TV Shows

Droid Admin Codes for TV Shows & Movies

  • 16553983 – This Droid Admin code contains all the standard streaming TV apps and more, like..
    • Terrarium TV (for movies & TV shows)
    • TeaTV
    • Real Debrid (for finding more Sources)
    • Morpheus TV (popular)
    • FreeFlix HQ 3.0.5 MOD Ad-Free (favorite of many streamers)
    • ShowBox (oldie but goodie)
    • HDStreamz, OneBox HD, Movie HD v5.0, Solid Streamz 1.7 Ad-Free APK
    • LiveLounge, Mobdro (woohoo!)
    • MX Pro Media Player (used by Terrarium TV and other TV apps for Firestick).
  • 22222222 – One of the most popular DroidAdmin codes, the “all 2’s” code also has great apps..

The “TV shows & Movies” category has the most apps, so the list above is not nearly all of the available options for streaming movies & TV shows.  It’s just some of the best apps for streaming TV shows & movies.

Best Droid Admin Codes for Sports

Sports Channels

  • 14991078 Sports Apps
    • UKTVnow
    • FreeFlixHQ
    • LiveNet TV
    • Mobdro
    • PTVSport
    • Redbox

Enjoy the sports apps in the 14991078 code for Firestick!

Best Droid Admin Codes for Music

Droid Admin Music codes

These are the best Droid Admin codes for Music streams

Yes!  Firestick is an amazing music player / streamer.  Just enter the codes below to jam out to some rockin tunes:

    • MusicAll
    • AudioMack 11039868
    • Tiny Tunes
    • Xiaa pro 73414392
    • Fildo (need mouse)
    • TuneIn 11039868
    • DL Music (not tested) 78711320

More Droid Admin Codes for Movies:

    • Morpheus TV 28221931
    • Exodus live 73414392

Droid Admin Codes for Kodi Forks & Kodi Builds

Misfit Mods Kodi Install on Firestick & Fire TV

Misfit Mods Droid Admin Code (below)

    • 15945428 All the best Kodi builds all in one place
    • 40101026 (my favorite Kodi build / fork) BMC 2018 & Other Kodi Forks w/Wizards
    • 40101026 Misfit Mods


  • STB Emu Pro 1103


  • US TV
    • 11039868 USTV Pro APK

Droid Admin Codes for Nvidia Shield

  • Nvidia shield Emulators 69302536

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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