The Ultimate Revelation of the Latest 50 Best Kodi Builds

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Kodi is free media software that users can access across various operating systems. Notwithstanding, it’s a very bare-bones media player. 

Like any run-of-the-mill media player, you can stream digital media like movies, TV shows, Sports, Live Tv, and more, but that’s not all. You need to install different add-ons to enhance its functionalities and turn it into the ultimate streaming center. 

You can install these addons one by one or just install one of the best Kodi Builds. A Kodi build contains a library of all the popular addons and unique customization features that overhaul Kodi’s look and your streaming experience.

What is a Kodi Build?

If you are new to Kodi, installing a Kodi build is the best route. A Kodi build can reduce the time Kodi takes to get up and running. You can get all the addons you need in a single package and a single install. It includes add-ons, skins, settings, and an EPG  (electronic program guide), among other features. 

Plus, it can save you from a lot of frustration if you are running Kodi on a streaming device like Android TV, Amazon Firestick (or other Fire variants), Apple TV or Raspberry Pi, etc.

Usually, when you install Kodi on your streaming device, you have to customize it to suit your needs. That means you have to find suitable add-ons and look for some cool skins and settings that can enhance your streaming experience. 

However, Kodi builds offers you a one-click solution to get everything set up in no time. So, you can save a lot of time and effort that you would otherwise have to use to start using this media player.

What Are the Best Kodi Builds?

People often ask, what’s the best Kodi Build? Honestly, answering this question isn’t easy because there is no one-size-fits-all build. Every user has their own preferences that determine their choice.

This can make picking one over the other quite a challenge. Nevertheless, we have included some excellent builds for you to consider in this article. 

Personally, I also like to experiment with different builds to find out the best of the bunch. So, I often install, delete and jump on to other options. Still, No Limits Magic Build has been my all-time favorite for quite a while.

No, I am not saying it because it’s popular; I am saying it because it packs quality addons in a clutter-free interface.

With that out of the way, let’s introduce you to the best and latest builds for Kodi in detail.

Top 50 Kodi Builds and their Repositories

Kodi BuildSupported Kodi VersionURLTypes of Content
Misfit Mods LiteKodi 18.1 to Kodi 18.9 Leia & Kodi 17 Krypton, TV Shows, Series, Sports, Documentaries & more
NeuromancerKodi 18 & Kodi 19 [for Kodi 19] [for Kodi 18] 
TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kid’s content, Music
DaButcherKodi 18 & Kodi 19, TV Shows, Documentaries, and more.
No Limits MagicKodi 17 & 18, TV Shows, apps, documentaries, and more.
Atomic MatrixKodi 19, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Live TV
EzzerMacsKodi 18 & 19 Matrix, Series, documentaries, apps, music, Kodi Builds & more
MazeKodi 18 Only TV, Movies, TV Shows
DoomzdayKodi 18 and Kodi 19, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Live TV, VoD
SilvoKodi 17 Krypton & Kodi 18 Leia, Documentaries, Live events, Sports, TV Shows, and more
WookieKodi 18 Leia & Kodi 19 Matrix of 200+ Builds
Xenon  Kodi 18 Leia & Kodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, APKs, and more
Duff LiteKodi 18 and TV Shows
The GrindKodi 18, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV
MaverickKodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix Movies, Skynet Channels, Free New TV Shows, etc.
PlutoniumKodi 18, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Live TV
GrindhouseKodi 18 of Builds
CellarDoor TVKodi 18, TV Series, Sports., Live TV
SG WizardKodi 19, International series, Live TV, and sports
HardnoxKodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix, Movies, Kid’s content, tv shows, Live tv
InnovationKodi 18 Leiahttps://kepler-22.github.ioAdult Content
EquinoxKodi 19 Matrix
TurboKodi 17 Krypton, Shows, Sports, IPTV
MatrixKodi 18, TV Series, Sports and more
Breezz LiteKodi 18 & Kodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Documentaries, Live TV, Sports, Kids
Green MonsterKodi 18 & Kodi 19 Matrix, Sports, TV Shows, Kid’s content
FranksKodi 18https://team-crew.github.ioMovies & TV Shows
FalloutKodi 19 Matrix & TV Shows
Cosmic OneKodi 19 Matrixhttps://team-crew.github.ioMovies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports/Live
WaveKodi 19 Matrix, TV Series, Kids content, Sports, Documentaries & more
WidgetryKodi 19 Matrix, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, and more
Project JLKodi 19 Matrix, TV Series
MadflixKodi 19 Matrix, TV Seasons, Sports, Live TV, IPTV
RebootKodi 19 Matrix, Movies, Kids content, TV Shows
KonfusionKodi 19 Matrix, Live TV, Kid’s content, Movies, TV Shows
Badazz Media CenterKodi 17 & 18, TV Shows, Documentaries, IPTV, Sports, Kid’s Content
LowriderKodi 19 Matrix, Documentaries, World TV Shows, Sports, Kid’s Content
AuroraKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports, Kid’s Content
Kodi ManKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports, Kid’s Content and more
CobaltKodi 19 Matrix, US TV, Live TV, Sports, Kid’s Content
Code RedKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows
MX FlixKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV
AstruaryKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports
KingdomKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports, Kid’s Content
MoondropKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Music, Live TV, Sports, Kid’s Content
GlooMKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV
Nature ManKodi 19 Matrix Content
Cell-X5Kodi 17 & 18 Leiahttp://repo.supremebuilds.comMovies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Sports, Kid’s Content
JuggernautKodi 17 & 18 Leiahttp://repo.supremebuilds.comMovies, TV Shows, Sports, Kid’s Content
The Small Kodi BuildKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Live TV
StealthKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Music, Live TV, Sports, IPTV, and more
The Lite Kodi BuildKodi 19 Matrix, TV Shows, Sports, Kid’s Content
Top 50 Kodi Builds and their Repositories

Beware: Some Kodi builds may contain malware.

Unfortunately, sometimes Kodi builds can be unsafe. This is because when you download a Kodi build, there’s no way to know what addons and repositories are being installed on your device. You only come to know this information AFTER the installation has finished.

While we have thoroughly checked all the Kodi builds in this article for safety, we cannot ensure their safety in the future. Hackers can modify and update a build’s zip file to include malicious programs in the package.

So, you may install malware unintentionally.

In the past, even the popular Kodi addon like Bubbles and Gaia got hacked to spread malware without users’ knowledge.

Therefore we strongly suggest running a good antivirus on your streaming device once you are done with the Kodi build installation process.

The 50 Best Kodi Builds

Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Mods Lite is considered the best Kodi build for sports. It’s a very lightweight Kodi Build. Therefore, it’s perfect for those space-hungry media devices like FireStick. The Lite version has cut down on all the flashy bells and whistles of the flashy theme and offers only the basic features. Still, the build offers everything you expect from a Kodi build – excellent video addon selection, customization options, EPG, settings, and more. The Misfit Mods Lite is available in the Misfit Mods Wizard.

Repo URL: 

Supported Version: Kodi 18.1 to Kodi 18.9 Leia & Kodi 17 Krypton


Neuromancer Kodi Build

Neuromancer’s standout features are its fantastic interface, user-friendly section organization, and lightweight build. Its visual flair owes much to the Ghetto Aeon Nox theme. There are sections and subsections to make navigation a walk in the park. You get Sports, TV shows, Movies, Kids, Music, and favorites in the main sections. Then there are Channels, Superflix, and Butterfingers Docula in the subsections. The Neuromancer build is available in the Ghetto Astronaut Repository.

Repo URL: [for Kodi 19] [for Kodi 18]

Supported Version: Kodi 18.1 to Kodi 18.9 Leia & Kodi 19 Matrix


DaButcher kodi build

DaButcher Kodi Wizard has one of the best selections of Kodi addons we have come across. It has a very laid-back approach, a simple appearance, and a nice glyph backdrop. While there aren’t many add-ons to choose from, they still make quite an impression. Among these add-ons, we would recommend DaLight to everyone. It’s lightweight with a very innovative and fresh interface. If you have been testing the waters with Kodi builds before, DaLight will be a nice surprise.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18.1 to Kodi 18.9 Leia & Kodi 19 Matrix

No Limits Magic

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

No Limits Magic is a popular Kodi addon from the No Limits Wizard. It has a very polished interface with options like Addon List, Search, collections, Popular, and networks. You can also find content across categories like Movies, TV shows, and more. It provides four different servers to download content across multiple categories. So, if you encounter any problem while downloading, you can simply switch to a different server.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 17 and Kodi 18

Guide – How to Install No Limits Magic Kodi Build

Atomic Matrix

Atomic Matrix Kodi Build

The Atomic Matrix brings quality streaming links from various categories into one place. You can find kid shows, music, movies, tv shows, sports as well as Live TV. There are also plenty of library options, add-ons, skins, and system settings to keep you busy with different combinations. What’s more, you can also connect your real debrid account to access premium streaming links. Atomic Matrix is available in the Misfit Mods Repo.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


EzzerMacs Kodi Build

Think of EzzerMacs as a massive storage room for dozens of Kodi builds. Whether you’re streaming on Leia, Krypton, or the latest Kodi 19 matrix, there are plenty of in-house and third-party builds in EzzerMacs to keep you busy. Most importantly, this wizard comes in two variants – EzzerMacs & EzzerMac. EzzerMac has a basic text-based interface and offers only in-house builds. EzzerMacs, on the other hand, has a more graphical interface with access to both in-house and third-party builds.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 & Kodi 19 Matrix


Maze Kodi Build

The Maze is a relatively new Kodi Build and comes from the Maze Wizard repo. This repo features several builds, but Maze is a real standout. If you want a lightweight Kodi build that’s also versatile, go for Maze. It works exceptionally well on all Kodi devices (even with low-spec streaming devices like Firestick). You can watch Live TV, Movies, and TV Shows with the Maze build.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Only


Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

Doomzday Wizard serves an excellent catalog for Kodi-compatible devices. All of the Wizard’s builds are lightweight and work effortlessly on low-RAM devices. Thus, these builds are perfect for Android TV boxes and Firestick. If you are looking for popular Kodi addons, there’s a chance you will find them here. That’s just because of its extensive Kodi addon catalog. So, give it a try if you are looking for the top Kodi addons.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix


Silvo Kodi Build

Silvo is one of the newest Kodi builds on this list. It’s a fairly comprehensive yet lightweight build that can take care of all of your streaming requirements. The newest version is almost 250Mb, which is pretty decent for such a comprehensive Kodi Wizard. With plenty of preloaded apps, you can sink your teeth into streaming any content of your choice right away. This includes movies, documentaries, live events, sports, TV shows, and more. It’s available on the Multi-build Wizard.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 & Kodi 17 Krypton

Wookie Build

Kodi 17 Wookie New Look Build

Mega’s Wookie Kodi build is another great Kodi Build. It’s an excellent Ares Wizard alternative now that Ares has been shut down. You can install it via the Wookie Wizard and instantaneously set up your Kodi with some of the best working apps. The Wookie build has 200+ builds to satisfy the requirements of a diverse range of users. Plus, you can find almost any type of content through the Wookie build, including the naughty bits.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

Guide – How to Install the Wookie Build


Xenon Kodi build

Xenon, AKA the Diggz Xenon Plus, is perfect for Firestick and Android TV box users. Its UI features a special section for popular APKs along with listing android devices you can use to play or stream. It’s fairly straightforward to use with nicely categorized sections. For instance, in the TV shows section, you can find all the different types of TV shows – romance, action, mystery, comedy, etc. It also hosts popular addons like DejaVu, cCloud and VooDoo, etc.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix

Guide – How to Install Diggz Xenon Plus Build

Duff Light

Duff Light Kodi build

Because of an incredibly lightweight package, Duff Light takes the cake for use on streaming devices like Firestick. In fact, Duff Light should only be used on streaming devices rather than PC or even laptops. It’s a very minimal build. The developers have stripped off all the non-essentials, leaving it with the most basic functionalities. Still, it has some great addons like Kratos, Loki, and Deceit. Using any of them should be sufficient for a variety of video types. You can find it on the Stream Digital Kodi wizard.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Only

The Grind

Grind Kodi Build

The Grind is Kodi build from the developers of the now-defunct Fire TV Guru build. If you were a fan of Fire TV Guru, you could consider the Grind as its upgraded version. It offers several pre-built apps like Venom, 7 of 9, Kratos, Genesis, Butter, etc., and offers streaming functionality for various categories. The performance is smooth, thanks to quality links. The build itself is also easy to navigate due to its user-friendly interface.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Only


How to Install Kodi Maverick TV Addon in 5 minutes

Maverick is another excellent build for beginners. It comes with the Maverick Wizard that stores a handful of Kodi builds. The Maverick gives you access to plenty of streamable content across categories like DejaVu Movies, Skynet Channels, Free New TV Shows, etc. While it’s user-interface isn’t as user-friendly as its competitors, its collection of pre-built addons is excellent. PS: It works like a charm on all Kodi versions, including Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix

Guide – How to Install Maverick Kodi Build


Plutonium Kodi Build

Plutonium Kodi build is part of the humongous library of builds from the EzzerMac Wizard. It hosts several in-house builds as well as third-party builds from other Kodi developers. Platinum is – without a doubt – one of the best Kodi builds in this catalog. It’s flashy, vibrant, and packs an array of popular addons for all sorts of video content. Thanks to just 160 MB size, Plutonium offers performance on all platforms.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18

Guide – How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build


Believe it or not, Grindhouse is still going strong. It’s one of the oldest (and still) solid Kodi Wizard. It packs some unique builds for Kodi 18 and older versions. All the builds contain content with unique interfaces, navigation styles, and features. Some good builds in Grindhouse are Red Light District, Blue Lite, Horror18, MarvelDC, and more. There’s also a vast library of video addons like Magic Dragon, Aeon Nox, Jor-El, Numb3e5, etc., to choose from.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Only

CellarDoor TV

How to Install Kodi CellarDoorTV Build

The CellarDoor Tv Kodi wizard hosts some of the finest and working Kodi builds available today. While each of these builds warrants a spot on our list, we will be discussing them under a single heading. There are plenty of operational addons for a range of media consumption in these builds. For instance, you get DeathStar, Seren, Magic Dragon, Sports Devil, and more. DeathStar is excellent for Movies, while SportsDevil provides working sports links. All of these builds are speedy, easy to navigate, and stable to use.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Only

Guide – How to Install CellarDoor Kodi Build

SG Wizard

SG Wizard Builds on Kodi

SG Wizard is another excellent Kodi Wizard from the developers of the Ezzermac Wizard. This totally new wizard hosts a bunch of Kodi builds separate from the main EzzerMac Wizard. Sure, the build lineup is small, and they work only on Kodi 18 Leia, but they’re all solid options. You will never run out of streaming options. The UI layout is also pretty unique. Moreover, the wizard is lightweight enough to work like a charm on low-spec devices. At the same time, it’s considered the best Kodi Build for Windows.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix Only

Hard Nox

Hard Nox Build

If the Hard Nox’s futuristic skin looks familiar, it uses the same Aeon Nox 5 Silvo skin that other popular builds like No Limits Magic use. Besides, it hosts popular addons like SportsDevil as well. You can navigate through all the menus at the bottom, including Popular content, Movies, Kids’ content, TV Shows, 24/7 content, etc. Hard Nox further niches down these sections to subsections to simplify navigation. And it shows! HardNox is available in the Misfit Mods Repo.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix


InnovatiON Kodi Builds Wizard

If you’re looking for Kodi adults build, you got it. Innovation Kodi Wizard has two versions. The first is the Innovation Colors Audit, and the second is Innovation Colors Family. Both versions provide plenty of streaming options. The only difference is that the adult version offers an extra category for 18+ content. Their package size is decent, allowing smooth working on an extensive range of streaming devices. You can also find a small library of Kodi addons like The magic dragon, Numbers, etc. Because of the familiar menu and submenu bar layout, navigation across the build also becomes super easy. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 Leia only


Equinox Kodi build

Equinox makes it to our list of the best Kodi Builds because of its innovative design and minimal interface. It’s not a very feature-rich build. However, its size is fairly big (approx 600MB), which makes it not a good choice for Firestick. It features plenty of addons for Sports like SportsDevil, Genie TV Sports, Yoda, etc., along with the in-house Genie TV app. But, the Genie TV requires a premium membership that can cost you approximately $13 monthly.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Turbo Kodi Build

Turbo is a solid Kodi build with a Lite version (260MB size) for Firestick users. It comes with the Turbo TV Wizard and offers plenty of streaming options for Movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, Kids, Music, and apps sections. Turbo Kodi build is particularly famous for its IPTV section, allowing users to stream the latest TV shows flawlessly. Its interface looks similar to the Kodi Jarvis skin, with a similar navigation setup. Unfortunately, this build is only available for the older Kodi 17 Krypton version. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 17 Krypton

Matrix Kodi Build

Matrix Kodi Build

Don’t confuse the Matrix build with the Atomic Matrix build. Both are totally different Kodi builds. In fact, we would say it’s more similar to Xanax Kodi build than the Atomic Matrix. Matrix uses popular addons like the Oath to pull working links from the internet. All the content is divided into categories and subcategories for Movies, TV shows, and more. It has a very pleasing interface that makes it very eye-catching. You can find Matrix build in the Ghetto Astronaut Repo.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18

Breezz Lite

breezz lite build

Breezz is one of the newest Kodi Builds. It can be installed through the Breeze Wizard by following the URL below. This build works exceptionally well on all platforms, including Fire OS (Firestick). It has a very polished black interface with nicely-organized content. Movie World, Ghost, Base RD, and Free Hub are some of its sections.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix

Green Monster

Green Monster Kodi Build

Green Monster is an impressive build from the Crew Repository. It has an excellent content library across categories like Movies, Variety, Sports, TV Shows, systems, Power, Kids, and Debrid. You can also find all the popular addons like The Crew, Shadow, Ghost, Numbers, and Seren to name a few. Overall, it’s a great build that works well on all popular streaming devices.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix

Franks Kodi Build

franks kodi build

While the Franks build was down for quite a while, it’s working great again. You can find it inside the Slamious repository, which recently got a massive update. While we are not really fans of the dimly-lit interface, the sheer quantity and quantity of content inside make it an excellent choice to explore. The categories inside Franks build are Movies, TV Shows, All in 1, Addons, System, and Power. Popular Kodi addons are The Crew, Magic Dragon, Ghost, FEN, etc.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18 only


fallout kodi build

cMaN has created some excellent Kodi builds over the years, and Fallout is one such recent creation. It has a very futuristic design with easy navigation. There’s no shortage of content either across its categories like Movies and TV shows. Other categories are Addons, Favorites, System, Power, etc. It also contains apps like Youtube, Shadow, Alvin, The Oath, and more. Unfortunately, this new Kodi build is only available on Kodi 19 matrix.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix Only

Cosmic One

Cosmic One kodi build

Cosmic One is a relatively new build within the Crew repository. It has a very minimalistic bluish interface with all the categories nicely tucked to the left-hand side. Some categories on Cosmic One are Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports/Live Non-Debrid, 4K, Favorites, 1-Clicks, and Settings. It also comes with Real Debrid integration, ensuring solid streaming links when viewing content.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Wave Kodi Build

Wave is another latest Kodi build from the genius brain of cMan. While it provides access to similar video and streaming content online, the interface design makes it a unique build. The black, blue, and white waves create a very unique layout that goes exceptionally well with its minimalistic design. It also has some great addons to keep you busy all day. Like all the other new Kodi builds, Wave is only compatible with the latest Kodi 19 matrix.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Widgetry kodi build

Another cMaN build, Widgetry is a nice contrast to Wave. It has a very traditional layout with all the categories up front. It contains an excellent mix of the latest content to stream on your devices. You can watch Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, and more free of cost. What’s more, it supports both Real Debrid and Trakt integration. Therefore, you can be sure that it brings you quality streaming links from the internet. If you are looking for a build to watch the latest content, we suggest Widgetry without any second thoughts.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Project JL 

Project JL kodi build

Fans of superhero movies and Tv shows rejoice! Project JL is a build designed specifically for superhero content. Even its primary wallpaper is a poster of the latest Batman movie. It’s available with the cMaN repository and comes with some excellent content for the superhero buffs. Other categories in Project KL include Kids, Wizard, Sports, etc. Project JL is available on any device that runs Kodi 19. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Madflix kodi build

If you are using Kodi 18, you can’t go wrong with Madflix Kodi build. It’s a very lightweight yet powerful build that brings you everything you expect. It has a smooth interface, easy-to-follow design, and plenty of sources to choose your content from when streaming. In fact, you can even find some HD content there. Plus, popular addons like The Crew, Shadow, Seren, Ghost, etc., are also available for your use. Madflix is available within the Crew repo.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Reboot Kodi Build

Reboot Kodi Build

No talk of the cMaN repo will be complete without its Reboot Kodi build. Reboot has one of the finest-looking interfaces on the Kodi scene today. It’s a newer build for Kodi 19 matrix. On the home page, you can find categories like TV, Movies, Free, Kids, Trakt, Favs, Sports, and settings. You can also integrate Real Debrid with Reboot to access even better quality (4K) links. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Konfusion Kodi Build

Konfusion is another great build from the Ghetto Astronaut Wizard. It has a wide selection of content, from movies to tv shows, sports, live tv, anima, and Kid’s content. Particularly, Konfusion’s Anime content is excellent. You can find all the popular anime like Spirited away, Fullmetal Alchemist, Belle, and more here free of cost. There are also sections for 1 Click and 4K 1 clicks for people who want one-click content. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Badazz Media Center (BMC)

BMC Kodi Build

While BMC is famous for its Kodi 17.6 version, we believe its Kodi 18 Leia version deserves equal recognition. Within this build, you can find all the usual categories like Movies, TV shows, and sports along with some “Cool Stuff, TV Guide, and Kids Club .”That’s not all. BMC also has a decent collection of popular addons for you to enjoy. These include my favorite Magic Dragon, along with Kingdom, Venom, Wolfpack, FEN, ClickSville, Death Star, and more. Overall, it’s an excellent build if you use an older Kodi version. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 17 & Kodi 18 Leia

Guide – How to Install Badazz Media Center Kodi Build


Lowrider Kodi Build

cMaN has introduced a new build for car enthusiasts – Lowerrider. It has all the categories like Movies, Documentaries, World TV, Scrapers Plus, Addons, Settings, Power, etc., with a focus on cars. Like other cMaN builds, it’s very lightweight, the interface feels very polished, and navigation is a walk in the park. Because of this, you can easily find whatever content you want. Overall, Lowrider is an excellent option for Kodi 19 matrix users. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Aurora Kodi Build

Aurora comes to Kodi 19 users thanks to the Ghetto Astronaut repository. It boasts an eye-catching design, polished interface, and xenon-like options panel and home menu layout. Aurora packs all the best community addons that offer free and real debrid video streams. These include The Boys, DejaVu, and Free. Moreover, there are sections like Movies, TV, Sports, Kids, Free, and System for you to choose your content. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Kodi Man

Kodi Man Kodi Build

The brilliant mind of cMaN keeps on churning out distinctive Kodi builds. For instance, you can take a look at Kodi Man to build. It has an impressive interface with nicely presented content. For instance, it has a library of 4K, 3D, and regular-quality streamable content. According to some estimates, Kodi Man has over 10,000 movies and TV series. Each title has release year, genre, and brief info next to the main tile. It also has popular addons like Deathstar, Seren, Asgard, and OddsNEnds. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Cobalt Kodi Build

Cobalt is a very lightweight build from the cMaN repo. It has an approximate size of just 210 MB, making it suitable for low-spec devices like Firestick. Cobalt is one of the best Live TV, and Sports Kodi builds out there. It brings you a wide range of popular TV channels to catch up on your favorite content. Some of its categories and subcategories inside this build are SPorts, USA TV, World TV, Catchup TV, etc. But, Cobalt doesn’t just focus on TV. You can find some movie and kid’s content there as well. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Code Red

Code Red Kodi Build

cMaN has introduced several new builds in the past three months, and Code Red is one of them. It has all the categories like Power, Kodiverse, Movies, TV, Free, Settings, Power, etc. Like other cMaN builds, it’s very lightweight, but the interface feels like a work in progress. Code Red also houses popular addons like Venom, The Oath, Black Lightening, FEN, Seren, etc. Overall, Code Red is a decent option for Kodi 19 matrix users. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

MX Flix

MX Flix Kodi Build

MX Flix is a relatively new Kodi 19 build. It includes a slew of functional addons, a content library, and other useful features to supercharge your streaming experience. All the content is organized within the menu bar to the left. Then there are power, favorites, and settings options at the bottom. However, it may confuse new users as this build makes no distinction between addons and content categories. You get Live TV, BK’s Live TV, The Oath, Movies, TV shows, etc., in the same order. Other than this minor nitpick, we believe MX Flix is a great addon for Kodi 19 users. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Astruary Kodi Build

Astruary is a Kodi 19 build located within the Ghetto Astronaute repo. It’s full of content in different categories and features a user-friendly interface. The available categories inside Astruary are Movies, TV Shows, Real Debrid, 1-Clicks, Sports, and others. It offers a flawless streaming experience, and we couldn’t find any broken links anywhere – Good job there, team GA. We suggest integrating it with Real Debrid to get even better streaming links. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Kingdom Kodi Build

The kingdom is another latest creation of cMan that welcomes you to the realm of streaming. It’s an excellent build for Kodi 19 users as it features the latest content in high quality. It has very organized sections for movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Addons, and more. It also comes with addons like the Oath and Asgard. Don’t confuse this build with the “Last Kingdom” build. Last Kingdom build only works on older Kodi versions. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Guide – How to Install Kingdom Kodi Build


Moondrop Kodi Build

 Moondrop is another third-party Kodi app that works great on Kodi 19 matrix. It has a very easy-to-use and eye-pleasing interface thanks to Zephyr-Reloaded skin. With Moondrop, you can watch streaming content in different categories like Cinema, Series, Sports, Live TV, Music, and more. All the content gets regular updates, and you can watch it via all the popular addons. It also has real debrid integration to give you even better streaming links.

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


GlooM Kodi Build

Are you looking for some VoD content that you cannot find anywhere else? Give GlooM a try. It’s available with the Funstersplace and brings you some of the best VoD Kodi addons. The categories inside GlooM are, Movies, TV Shows, Sports/Live, and Addons. You can also search for a title by typing in the name at the top left corner of the screen. Its interface is minimalistic with big tiles, making it one of the most eye-pleasing Kodi 19 builds. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

Nature Man

Nature Man Kodi Build

Nature Man AKA NM19 is a family Kodi build. It comes with the Doomzday wizard for Kodi 19 and offers you all kinds of entertainment in different categories and subcategories. As it’s a family build, don’t expect to find any adult content. The interface is easy to navigate, and there are tons of options to customize the theme and skins. Nature Man uses the Aeon Nox Silvo skin like some other builds on this list. Categories in Nature Man include movies, Tv-Shows, Doomzday 19 Wizard, apps, videos, and favorites. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


CELL- X5 Kodi Build

Featuring all the popular addons like Deathstar, Gaia, Yoda, Deceit, The Magic Dragon, Placenta, Sports Devil, and Loki, CELL-X5 won’t skimp on home entertainment. Like the Nature Man build, CELL-X5 uses the Aeon Nox skin with Silvo mod for a cool-looking entertainment center. Unfortunately, it is only available for people using the previous versions of Kodi. It’s available in the Supreme Builds repo. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 17 and Kodi 18 Leia


Juggernaut Kodi Build

Juggernaut is another exceptional release from the Supreme Builds. It’s truly an unstoppable force on the Kodi with the amount of latest stuff they update it with. You can access a ton of free streaming media, including kid’s content and movies from different genres. It uses the Xonfluence skin, which helps keep the file size down to a minimum. Therefore, Juggernaut doesn’t take a long time to download or eat up your precious space on Firestick. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 17 and Kodi 18 Leia 

The Small Kodi Build

The Small Kodi Build

The Small Kodi Build is very much like the Durex build in terms of performance and speed. However, its size is smaller, making it even better for Firestick 2nd generation and Android TV Boxes. It’s lightweight, easy to navigate, and has a nice interface. Categories inside The Small Kodi Build are free movies, free tv shows, debrid movies, debrid TV, and addons like The Oath, Asgard, Chains Lite, and Magic Dragon. It’s available inside the Doomzday repository and works great on Kodi 19 matrix. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix


Stealth Kodi Build

Stealth is a safe and secure Kodi build from the SG Wizard. Like other builds from the SG Wizards, stealth is a very stripped-down Kodi build. That means don’t expect a flashy animation-heavy interface. Instead, it’s very much like the Kodi Jarvis version. On the plus size, it has a 230MB size which is very Firestick friendly. Oh, and don’t worry about the content, as it has a vast content library, featuring content like movies, tv shows, music, sports, IPTV, and more. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 18  & Kodi 19 Matrix

The Lite Kodi Build

The Lite Kodi Build

And we would like to end our list with another fan-favorite Kodi Build by cMaN. The Lite is another very distinctively stylish build that offers plenty of content in different categories like Sports, Movies, Shows, Kids, and more. It also has a nice collection of video addons, including Black Lightning, Shadow, Asgard, Youtube, etc. As you would expect from cMaN, it’s very lightweight, consuming just 108 MB approximately on your disk. 

Repo URL:

Supported Version: Kodi 19 Matrix

How to Install a Kodi Build

Let’s take a look now at how to install these builds on Kodi.

Please note that these instructions are valid for Kodi 19 Matrix. Some of the steps may be different if you use the older Kodi version.

  1. Open Kodi on your streaming device
  2. Go to settings by tapping on the gear icon at the top
  3. Select System settings
  4. Click on Plugins
  5. Now, enable the “Unknown Sources” setting.
  6. When Firestick prompts for permission, click Yes.
  7. Now go back to the main menu and tap on Settings again.
  8. This time, go to “File Manager.”
  9. Tap on “Add Source” and select the URL box.
  10. Enter the link to Kodi build you want to install.
  11. Give it a name you can easily remember, e.g., Misfit Mods.
  12. Click “OK.”
  13. Now, head back to the Main Menu.
  14. Go to Plugins and click on the plugin installation box in the top left corner of the screen.
  15. Choose “Install from zip file.”
  16. Select the file (Misfit Mods) from the previous steps.
  17. Install the Repo file
  18. Wait a few moments for the installation process to complete. (Note: This step will only install the repository. Usually, a repository has multiple Wizards, and every Wizard has multiple Kodi builds.)
  19. Now go back and click on “Install from Repository.”
  20. Select the repo you installed in the previous step.
  21. Next, go to “Program Addons” and select your Wizard.
  22. Wait for the installation to complete
  23. Now go back to the Kodi Home screen and locate the newly installed Kodi Wizard.
  24. Wait a few moments for the Wizard to automatically download, extract and install your Kodi build.
  25. Once the installaOpen and select the build you want to install. Choose “Fresh Install” if prompted.
  26. When the installation process is complete, restart your streaming device.
  27. Reopen Kodi

Why Do I Need a VPN Using The Best Kodi Builds?

Short Answer: To stay safe on the internet.

Long Answer: Most Kodi builds come from third parties and contain illegal streaming links. Streaming with these third-party links can get you in trouble with the law, depending on where you live and what are the laws in that region. Fortunately, there’s a very easy fix: VPN. Yes, you can use a VPN to stay safe and private online.

While there are several excellent VPN services, we strongly suggest IPVanish.

It’s one of the fastest and most reliable VPN services today. Below are the reasons why we recommend it to our readers:

●   IPVanish security protocols are perfect for Kodi

●   It uses military-grade industrial standard protection to keep your data safe.

●   It uses 2000+ servers spread throughout the world to give you a stable speed.

●   Its network is spread across 75+ locations and offers 40,000+ IP Addresses to bypass any geographical restriction.

●   It supports P2P file sharing.

●   It has a strict zero-logs policy which keeps you safe from prying eyes.

●   It has DNS leak Protection activated on its platform by default.

●   It’s available on all major platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and FireOS.

Best VPN For Kodi

What Else Can You Do with Kodi?

Kodi isn’t just a media player to stream videos. With the right addons, you can turn it into a full-on media center. Here’s what you can do with Kodi besides streaming your favorite content.

View Social Media Platforms

Kodi can store and allow you to view pictures and videos from your library. Therefore, you can use it to upload content to your social media accounts. You can install Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., to stay in the know of what’s happening online. But, keep in mind that you have to navigate through the social newsfeed using your TV remote, which can get a bit tiresome.

Download, Install and Play Video Games

There’s no shortage of gaming Kodi addons. So, you can download any suitable gaming app on your device and start playing right away. Sure, you won’t be able to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on Kodi. But, it can still give you access to a ton of games in different formats. You can download everything from android video games to retro games and play them on your preferred Kodi device.

Download, Store, and Play Music and Podcasts

You heard that right. Kodi allows you to organize your audio files. You can upload and organize your audio files in various formats like AAC, OGG, MP3, etc. By choosing the right music addon, you can even download, store and play any audio format. It includes podcasts, as well. So, it’s the same as getting a Spotify Premium or Apple Music membership. But the only difference is, it’s totally FREE of cost.

Organize Your Photo/Video Library

Like organizing audio files, you can use Kodi to organize your growing collection of photos and videos. There are several picture and video addons that let you edit pictures, create slideshows, combine video clips and do much more. You can also create skins, wallpapers, laptop backgrounds, etc., on any Kodi device and keep track of everything. It also has a handy search feature that lets you easily find your file. Not to mention with apps like Trakt. Tv, you can even sync your movies and tv shows across multiple platforms. So, you can stay up to date on their schedule.


We hope you are now up to date on the best Kodi builds. The next step is to follow our instruction guides and safely install them. Keep in mind that you need a reliable VPN service for safety, anonymity, and protection. If you are new to the Kodi ecosystem, we suggest getting the newest Amazon Fire Stick to try out its unique features. You can then easily jailbreak Firestick to start streaming with different Kodi builds for Firestick. It’s not even illegal anywhere in the world.

Best Kodi Builds FAQ

What’s the best build to put on Kodi?

No Limits Magic is currently the best Kodi build. That’s why it’s so popular. Besides, Misfit Mods Lite and Titanium Build also have a huge fan following. All of these builds are exceptionally designed and offer a great Kodi experience.

Are these best Kodi builds free to install and use?

Yes, all the builds mentioned in this article are free to install and use. You can download them from the links above and start using them right away.

Is Xanax a good build for Kodi?

Xanax was a good Kodi build. However, it has been discontinued for a while. Zilt, Diggz Xenon Matrix, and Alienware are three excellent Xanax alternatives for Kodi.

Are these best Kodi builds safe to use?

All the popular Kodi builds are generally safe to use. We haven’t heard any bad things about the builds mentioned in this article. In rare instances, hackers can manipulate the downloadable files to install a virus or other malicious programs on your device.

What devices can you set up a Kodi Build on?

You can set up a Kodi build on any device that allows Kodi. These are:

●   Smartphones

●   Smart TVs

●   Android TVs

●   Amazon FireStick and FireOS devices

●   PCs, Laptops, Desktops

●   Gaming consoles (Xbox 360, XBOX ONE, PS4)

Is it illegal to install a Kodi Build?

Not per se. It’s not illegal to install a Kodi build. However, Kodi builds come with pre-installed third-party addons. If you stream illegal and copyrighted content with these addons, there’s always the chance of getting into legal hassles. That’s why we recommend our readers to our stream license-free and public domain content. You should also use a good VPN to hide your IP and stay safe on the internet.

Can I download Kodi on iOS?

Yes, you can download Kodi on any iOS device. Follow these instructions on how to install Kodi for iOS.

Firestick Master
Firestick Master
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