Wondering what are the best browsers for Firestick? Don’t worry! We got you covered. This article is a roundup of the seven best Firestick browsers. These browsers work like a charm on Firestick 2nd Gen, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Firestick 4k, and even on the older models. 

Amazon Firestick and Fire Cube are widely known for video streaming. But do you know they can do much more than playing your favorite movies and TV shows? You can play online video games, listen to music as well as browse the internet on your TV screen via internet browsers. By installing a good web browser, you can access the same websites on your TV as you would on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This includes free movie streaming websites, online shopping, live events, social media, online games, and much more.

Unfortunately, Amazon Store has very limited options when it comes to internet browsers. There are just two officially supported browsers. However, a little choice is still better than no choice, right? If you don’t like any of the browsers available through the official channel, though, you can always side-load others onto your device. It’s worth a shot when you’re not satisfied by the experience official browsers offer. We’re rounding up the seven best browsers for Firestick for this article (including official and unofficial browsers). So grab a cup (or two) of coffee and read on! 

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How to Install a Browser for Firestick 

Before we fully delve into our rundown of the best browsers for Firestick, we’re going to make sure you know how to install whichever one (or ones) interest you. There are two scenarios here: 

Installing Official Browsers

When you’re installing one of the officially supported browsers, there’s no need to sideload. You can just get them with the help of the search feature on your device. Ease of installation goes a long way in deciding between the best browsers for Firestick. Follow these steps!

Step 1: On your Firestick Home, go to the Search option on the top left corner of the screen (Yeah! It’s that lens icon)

Step 2: Type the name of your preferred internet browser (such as Silk) and click on the browser you want in the shown search results

Step 3: In the following window, tap the Amazon Silk icon and download

Step 4: Wait for a few moments as the Firestick downloads and auto-installs Silk

Step 5: Once installed, click Open to run the browser

That’s it. You’ve successfully installed one of the best browsers for Firestick on your device. Happy browsing!

firefox fire tv browser

Installing Unofficial Browsers

There’s a lot of Firestick fans that would contend that the best browsers for Firestick aren’t available in the official app store. We’ll show you how to go off the beaten path in search of something better.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Like sideloading any other APK file, you can sideload a browser’s APK onto your device. The exact sideloading steps may differ slightly based on which generation and model of Fire TV you’re using. With that in mind, let’s get to a general step by step guide!

Step 1: Install the Downloader App (one of our best browsers for Firestick options!)

The very first step is searching, downloading, and installing the Downloader app from the official app store. Use the same steps mentioned above and get the Downloader. Do NOT open it yet. 

Install the Downloader app

Step 2: Change Developer Options in Settings

Before launching Downloader, you need to change the Developer Options in settings. In case you are on Fire TV, Firestick, Firestick 4k or Fire TV Cube, navigate to: Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options


If you’re on any other Amazon Fire device, go to Settings > Device & Software > Developer Options

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.

Step 3: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

In the older Fire OS versions, simply select the Apps from Unknown Sources to turn On the feature. On the latest Fire OS versions, though, you will first have to choose the Install unknown Apps option, find Downloader, and change it to ON. 

Installing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick 2017 step 6

Step 4: Download your Browser APK

Now launch Downloader, enter the URL for the APK file you want to sideload, and tap on Go.

If the URL links to a downloadable package, the file will start downloading automatically. However, if the URL points to a website, it will open in the built-in Firestick browser. You can then use the circular up/down/left/right buttons on the remote to find the download link and click it using the select button. 

Step 5: Install and Run

After the APK download is successful, a prompt will ask you to install the app. Install the app. Hold the Home button on remote and go to the list of apps available on your device. There you should find the installed APK file. Launch and enjoy the best browsers for Firestick!

Phew – that took a while. With that out of the way, let’s find out more about the best browsers for Firestick. 

Best Browsers for Firestick

best browsers for firestick


The silk browser is built by Amazon specifically for Amazon devices, making it a strong candidate on our list of best browsers for Firestick. In the past, you had to sideload it just like any other browser app. But now, you can simply download this fantastic web browser directly from the Amazon app store.  

Apart from the standard browser features like saving passwords, adding bookmarks, moving forward or backward, the app supports searches via voice. This is because it is compatible with the Fire TV’s voice remote control. It comes in very handy when you’re just feeling lazy and don’t want to move a muscle.

The app also includes a section called Trending on the web, highlighting popular videos that you can play, pause, forward, rewind using the Firestick remote. 

silk browser firestick


Just like the Silk browser, Firefox is also available on the official Amazon app store. As a browser, Firefox needs no introduction. It features an excellent user-friendly interface offering smooth navigation. The latest release provides a fresher new look customized for TV screens. 

Firefox brings you frequently visited URLs neatly categorized in the form of images on your home screen. You can use the Fire TV remote to pause, play, forward or rewind. You can also pin your preferred URLs to the Home screen or remove them any time by using the Menu button. 

Firefox is famous for its simple design and fast speed. Now it brings the same browsing experience for Firestick users, making it easily one of the best browsers for Firestick. 

Firefox best browser for Firestick


Glance is yet another reliable alternative to Silk and Firefox. It’s relatively new, but the best thing about this browser is that it’s built on the same web engine that powers Chrome. Yes, you read that, right! That’s why it offers great performance when it comes to browsing speed. 

Moreover, Glance can be downloaded free of cost, and there are no ads on the platform either. No-ads translate to much smoother user experience. The app itself is very lightweight, occupying very little space on your space-starved Firestick. You can find its search widget in the notification drawer for quick searches.

What’s more, the browser also claims to protect your privacy, which by itself puts it among the best browsers for Firestick. So, if you are concerned about privacy, Glance is definitely worth a shot.

glance best browser firestick


The Android version of Chrome covers a lot of features its PC counterpart offers. It’s super fast and loads up in seconds. There’s a built-in data saver feature that compresses web pages without any noticeable drop in quality for people suffering from poor Firestick connectivity

It blocks ads, protects your privacy with Incognito mode, and even has a built-in Google translator to help you read foreign languages. 

The only reason it features so low on our list of best browsers for Firestick is that it’s not available on the Amazon store. You will have to sideload it, which can be cumbersome for some users. 

Install Google Chrome Android

Puffin TV APK

Puffin TV is far and away one of the best browsers for Firestick. This third party app eliminates the traditional web browser user interface for a fully immersive Android TV experience. The UI is as subtle, minimalist, and intuitive as any other browser mentioned here. 

It features one of the fastest JavaScript engines. That’s why the video playback speeds are fully optimized. The page loads fast and without any glitches. You can even share pages with another Puffin browser from any device. 

Unfortunately, Puffin is banned in some countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and some US schools. But you know how to get around that block, right? Hide your IP address by using a reliable VPN

Puffin best browser for Firestick

IP Addresses are a dead giveaway of people’s locations. It is coded into your internet connection, and it lets sites know exactly where in the world you are browsing from. Countries makes use of tracking systems to scrutinize IP Addresses and block all internet connections to sites they don’t want you to see. This is where a VPN like IPVanish comes into play.

IPVanish is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows users to choose what country they want to locally browse from. Meaning, you can be in the UK and browse as though you’re in the U.S, without your IP Address revealing that you are trying to access Puffin, or any of the best browsers for Firestick, from a blocked country. Sweet right?

With IPVanish, you can easily access, or tons of other sites that are not available in your country (many people use it to unblock porn). Also, you don’t have to worry about your security being compromised, as all your online traffic passes through their encrypted tunnel, while your IP address remains hidden.

This has the added bonus of unlocking region restricted content on sits like Netflix or Hulu. The US frequently has access to a lot more licensed content on subscription sites, and now you can too!


We love Opera because it’s more than an excellent phishing filter. It allows you to detect any potentially harmful websites. When used in conjunction with the preinstalled ad blocker, Opera offers the best security, among other features that make it one of the best browsers for Firestick. 

You can use Opera’s Facebook mode to stay connected with your buddies as you watch live TV. It has a Facebook messenger sidebar that keeps all your important notifications right where you can see them. 

The browser has decent speed, though not as good as some others. Its APK file, however, is tiny and wouldn’t take up unnecessary space on your device. 

opera browser firestick


Downloader is well known for sideloading apps on Firestick. However, what most people don’t know is that it can double as a web browser. Its built-in web browser feature does a decent browsing job. 

Of course, it has no added features such as a built-in search engine. You will have to type in the search engine’s URL (such as www.google.com) to access their services. 

On the plus side, you can add pages to your Favorites, view them in full screen and zoom in or zoom out. Overall, while Downloader is not a full-fledged internet browser, it’s good enough to keep things rolling for a while. It might not top the list of best browsers for Firestick, but it’s worthy of a mention.

Downloader best browser for Firestick

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The best browsers for Firestick.

Of this list, our personal favorite is hands down Silk. It’s developed specifically for Amazon’s Fire devices. That’s why the integration between the two is super smooth. But that doesn’t mean the others don’t have a strong case for being the best browsers for Firestick. Each comes with its own unique set of qualities. And there will always be people debating the best browsers for Firestick in online articles and forums.

No matter which of the best browsers for Firestick you use, we strongly recommend that you protect yourself with a fast, reliable VPN service while you’re browsing.

We’d love to hear what you think! Let us know which of these browsers you prefer in the comment section below.