Best Apps for Samsung Gear VR

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Here’s a list of the Best apps for Samsung Gear VR with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of each individual Gear VR app.  While the Samsung Gear VR is still somewhat unexplored territory for most people, we here at KFire TV have tinkered around enough with the Gear VR to show you the best apps to use on your Samsung Virtual Reality headset.  So read on and check out this list of the Best apps for Samsung Gear VR to get you started in the VR world fast!

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Best Apps for Samsung Gear VR

Oculus Official App for Gear VR

The Oculus App (free) is the main app for using the Samsung Gear VR.  It’s pretty much a must-have.  You get a central “dashboard” for your Samsung Gear VR apps and stuff like that – so install it, it’s free.  We must say that the Oculus Official App is the best app in our list of the best apps for Samsung Gear VR (continued).

Samsung Gear VR Easter Egg: Check out all 4 Oculus Theater settings:  Movie Theater, Home Theater, VOID, and MOON.

Quick Tips to get the most out of the Oculus App

  • Use Oculus Theater to Play 3D Movies
    • How?  Download or Transfer a 3D movie file from another location onto the phone you’re using in your Samsung Gear VR headset.  Then use the Oculus Video feature to play the 3D movie in your VR headset!  The Samsung VR app plays 3D movie files as well – and the two video apps have different features, so try your 3D movies in both of them.
  • The Oculus app lets you download new official Oculus VR apps, some for free

Samsung VR Official App for Gear VR

The Samsung VR App (free on Google Play Store) is another great little must-have app.  It’s gives you some Samsung-branded features like an Internet Browser and a YouTube player.  Once again – must have, install it, it’s free.

Quick Tips to get the most out of the Samsung VR App

  • Use Samsung VR App to Play 3D Movies on Samsung Gear VR
    • How?  Copy a 3D video file to the phone you’re using in your Samsung VR headset, then locate and open the file from within the Samsung VR app!
  • The Samsung VR app also lets you watch YouTube videos

SideloadVR Sideloader App for Gear VR

SideloadVR (free on Google Play) is an Android app (free) that lets you browse the SideloadVR Store of unofficial Samsung Gear VR Apps – and install apps like it’s the Google Play Store (very easily).  It’s like the unofficial “labs” sandbox for Sandbox Gear VR developers.  It basically is an app that walks you through setting up your phone’s “ID” with the app’s server.  Then you just select an app to install from within the SideloadVR Store, install the app, then launch the app like you would any other Android app (from your device’s Apps menu).  Then once you launch the sideloaded app, you put your phone into the Samsung Gear VR headset and start playing!  For some games, like Quake, a Bluetooth controller is required.  Read on to see more about Quake for Samsung Gear VR.  Also check out (the official site for the SideloadVR app).

Quick Tips to get the most out of the Sideload VR App

  • Use SideloadVR to install unofficial VR apps on your Samsung Gear VR system
  • QGVR is an AWESOME port of the game Quake, and the best overall game I’ve played on the Samsung VR yet.  It’s extremely solid.

QGVR aka Quake for Gear VR

Someone has ported the classic first-person shooter PC game Quake to the Samsung Gear VR!!!  Download QGVR here.While the Official Oculus app took the #1 spot for best overall app, the Quake game for Samsung Gear VR takes the #1 spot in the list of best apps for Samsung Gear VR.  I’ve played it all day long and it’s pretty awesome.  You’re actually in the game and you have complete movement control in the X, Y, and Z axes.  You can even control whether you’d like to sit in a Swivel Chair or use Look-to-Turn so you can sit stationary.

Quick Tips to get the most out of Quake for Gear VR

  • The Bluetooth Controller mapping automatically made the Right button on the D-pad the button that brings up the in-game Quake menu.  This allows you to choose from Single Player, Multiplayer, Options, etc.
  • Under OPTIONS in Quake for Gear VR, go to the COMFORT area and mess with the “Head-to-Turn” and Yaw and other settings.

Rilix VR Rollercoaster Free Demo

Rilix is a free demo of a VR rollercoaster ride through a mineshaft.  It was one of the first apps / games / demos for Samsung Gear VR I tried, and it’s still pretty cool.  The reactions from my relatives (especially my little nephews!) were priceless when they tried this VR rollercoaster sim for the first time.

Quick Tips to get the most out of Rilix Rollercoaster Sim

  • Use this to show your friends and family how cool VR is going to be soon, and to get their reactions when they fly through the rollercoaster track!

Netflix VR App

The Netflix app for Samsung Gear VR (free on Oculus) is pretty awesome.  It launches a virtual reality home theater that’s set in a cozy cabin somewhere in a snowy place.  The VR Netflix app features a big movie screen somewhere near where the fireplace would be, which is what your point of view is centered on.  You can look around, but the idea of this app is that there’s a screen that plays Netflix.  So you log into Netflix after you launch the app (which was super fast and easy, by the way, intuitive even with the head-tracking), then start watching shows!

Samsung Gear VR Easter Egg:  From within the Netflix app, you can look up at the ceiling and tap the touchpad to launch the VOID Theater mode in Netflix!

Quick Tips to get the most out of the Netflix App

  • Don’t forget the Netflix app has some buttons above the in-app “movie screen” such as Travel Mode, and a few others.  These will make your Netflix and chill experience more easy to enjoy!

Wrap Up

Have any suggestions for our list of the best apps for Samsung Gear VR?  Something we missed?  Let us know in the comments or on our YouTube Channel!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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