Check out how I categorized my YouTube tutorial videos about the best apps for Firestick!  I put them into categories like Live TV, Movies, and TV Shows! (below)

TL;DR – I categorized my YouTube tutorials for the best Firestick apps and put them into the short lists below, like “Best Live TV Apps for Firestick” and “Best Movie and TV Show Apps for Firestick“.

The idea here is to have at least 5 apps for each major type of streaming media you would want to watch on Firestick.  So in the sections below, see how each section has at least 5 of the best Firestick streaming apps currently available.  Then click on an app in the list (or scroll down) to see how to install the app!

Best Apps for Firestick

TIP:  Install these apps using APKTime for Firestick.  To get APKTime, just enter into the Downloader app for Firestick.




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Part 1:  Best Live TV Apps for Firestick (aka “IPTV”)

Best Movie and TV Show Apps for Firestick

Part 2:  Best Sports Apps for Firestick

Part 3:  Best Music Apps for Firestick

4.  Firestick Utilities

5.  All-in-One Kodi Builds (Working)

Advanced users can install..

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