Best Apps for Apple TV (4th Generation)

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Apple TV has long been one of the strongest competitors in the streaming set-top box arena.  This is for good reason: it delivers.  You can install plenty of apps on the little bugger, which is why we gathered the best apps for Apple TV (4th Generation model specifically).

Top 7 Best Apps for Apple TV 4

Our list starts with AirVideo HD, which lets you stream your media from a Windows PC to your Apple TV 4.  We finish our list off with Pluto TV, which offers a more real-to-TV feel with its “channels”.

  • AirVideo HD
    • Provides a “Server” for Windows PCs so you can stream your media to your Apple TV, even from your Windows PC
  • BingeWatch for Reddit
    • This is a Reddit client for AppleTV.  You can browse Reddit with your Apple TV, watch the best popular videos or find a subreddit to binge-watch.
      * This Apple TV 4 app is the most useful for users and for those of us that use reddit to watch cat videos on Youtube.
  • Channels
    • Channel is a streaming app you should definitely check out.  See this screenshot:
Channels:  The best of apps for Apple TV 4th Gen
Channels: One of the best apps for Apple TV 4
  • Infuse
  • MrMC
  • Plex
    • Plex is an amazing 3rd Party app for Apple TV 4 which allows you to stream your movies (even HD!) from your laptop/PC to your Apple TV.  This one is definitely worth checking out, is multi-platform, and is possibly not just one of the best apps for Apple TV, but the best app for Apple TV streaming – period.
  • Pluto TV
    • Gives you “channels” to watch.  This service is aimed at cord-cutters who’d like to replace their TV with something cheap or free and still have “channels” to watch.
  • Alternatives to Apple TV

    Fortunately, with the apps above, we have a nice selection of Apple TV 4 apps to choose from.  Although even with the best apps for Apple TV, there are still some gaps to fill when compared to a FireStick with Kodi.

    This is why Kodi + FireStick remains the champion for cheap, full-access streaming TV.

    Ian (KFire TV Admin)
    Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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