How to Install Bee TV Firestick App – Quick and Easy Guide

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The Bee TV APK is a new app for Android and Firestick devices to let you watch TV Shows and Movies.  In this tutorial, I show you how to get the Bee TV Firestick app and any Android device (such as Android TV).

Download Bee TV APK

To download Bee TV, click here or enter the address in the Downloader app (for Firestick) or into your web browser.

Pros of Bee TV APK

  • Has great streaming TV Show and Movie options
  • Lightweight app, meaning the program file is small so it operates smoothly and quickly on Firestick and other devices
  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple interface

Cons of Bee TV APK

How to Install Bee TV Firestick App:

We use the APKTime app for Firestick to install Bee TV.  If you already have APKTime installed on your Firestick, then go to the “Entertainment” category of APK Time and press the Download button on Bee TV.

If you don’t have APKTime on your Firestick, here’s how to get APKTime and use it to install Bee TV on your Amazon Fire TV (Stick).

  1. From the Firestick homescreen, press the Search icon
  2. Enter the word Downloader
  3. Select Downloader
  4. Press “Get”
  5. Then press Open to launch Downloader
  6. Enter the address and press “Go”
  7. Press Install to install APK Time
  8. Then press Open to launch APK Time
  9. Go to the “Entertainment” category in APKTime
  10. Then press the Download button on “Bee TV”
  11. Press Install to install Bee TV for Firestick
  12. Then press Open to launch Bee TV

You’re done!  Use Bee TV’s menus to navigate around the app from Movies to TV Shows and vice versa.

How to Install Bee TV on Android

The easiest way to install Bee TV for Android is to open the web browser on your Android – then just enter the address and install!  If you want an alternate way to install Bee TV on Android, then follow the steps below.

  1. On your Android device, download APKTime by clicking RIGHT HERE.  Or enter into your Android’s web browser.
  2. Launch the downloaded File
  3. Install APK Time by pressing “Install”
  4. If your Android gives you a Security warning or says you need to “Enable unknown sources”, then Enable unknown sources now.
  5. Press “Open” to launch APK Time
  6. In APKTime, go to the “Entertainment” category
  7. Press “Download” on Bee TV
  8. Press “Install” to install Bee TV on Android
  9. Then press Open to launch Bee TV for Android

You are done with the Bee TV Android install process!

Bee TV Not Working?  Install More Apps Like Bee TV!

If Bee TV isn’t working for you, then try these other Terrarium TV alternative apps:

  • Cinema APK is a Terrarium TV replacement app, which means this app gives you Movies and TV Show streaming options
  • Morph TV (formerly Morpheus TV) is a revived version of one of the Firestick community’s favorite apps
  • MediaBox HD is my current personal favorite Firestick app for watching TV Shows and movies because it auto-selects the best source for whatever you want to watch
  • Cyberflix for Firestick is another great app which is actually an almost exact copy of Terrarium TV
  • Titanium TV is yet another dead-on copy of Terrarium TV

Jailbreak Firestick:  ULTIMATE Guide

If you want more apps like BeeTV or Morph TV, then just follow my Firestick Jailbreak tutorial video (on YouTube).  In this tutorial, I show you how to install at least 12 different great Firestick apps for Movies, Live TV Channels, and TV Shows.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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