Bandwidth Throttling: How to Fix It & How It Works

In this article we discuss how to fix Bandwidth throttling, which is the intentional limiting of Internet connection speeds by your Internet service provider.  With tons of experience downloading all kinds of content over the course twenty years or so we’ve been using the Internet, at we know how important fast download speeds are.   Keep reading to see our permanent cure for how to fix throttled bandwidth, what throttling is, and how it affects you.

How to Fix Bandwidth Throttling

To avoid this, use a VPN.  Using a VPN to tunnel your traffic will disallow your ISP from seeing anything about the content of what you’re streaming, so it will be impossible for them to throttle your bandwidth based on the content of your streaming data.

By using a Secure VPN to “tunnel” our traffic through an encrypted server, there is nobody who can view the contents of our traffic except for us.

Why do ISPs perform bandwidth throttling?

The reasons an Internet Service Provider would perform bandwidth throttling are many.  Although the primary reasons are as follows:

  1. To limit the bandwidth of users who exceed their bandwidth cap (or bandwidth “maximum”)
  2. To limit the bandwidth of users who break the terms of the service agreement
  3. To cut costs so they can make as much profit as possible
  4. Too many people on the Internet!  With global overpopulation, we need more and more Internet every day.  (See graph below)
Bandwidth throttling is necessary due to overpopulation and over-use of Internet

Number of Internet hosts increases exponentially, resulting in the need for bandwidth restrictions

Bandwidth throttling becomes even more important in our globalized society

Bandwidth Throttling Is Necessary Due to Internet Overpopulation

How ISPs Spy on Your Data to Throttle Your Bandwidth

Packet Sniffing In Action: This Is How Unsecured Info Is Hacked & Bandwidth Throttling is enabled

Packet Sniffing & Bandiwdth Throttling: Both Circumvented by Using A Secure VPN

Streaming content which is detected as “copyrighted”.  This is a complex system implemented by ISPs across the world to attempt squashing online copyright infringement (aka “piracy”).  But the fact is, the content you stream may be mistaken by your ISP as copyrighted content, even though it may perfectly well be legal and safe to stream (Beverly Hillbillies is public domain, for example, so are many old movies).

ISP Intrusiveness Summary Report

So, the conclusion is, your ISP spies on your information (yes – they can see the titles of the movies you stream in Kodi) to make sure it doesn’t break their policies.  If they feel it breaks their policies, they most likely throttle your bandwidth.

How To Observe Bandwidth Throttling In Action

If you’d like to see bandwidth throttling in action, try a network monitor app or a WiFi spectrum Analyzer.

Before Solving Bandwidth Throttling With IPVanish

  • Slower download times
  • More buffering when streaming TV & movies
  • Slower TV-box menu response time
  • More hiccups and jitters in Internet transfers

After Solving Bandwidth Throttling With IPVanish

  • Faster download times
  • Less buffering for streaming TV & movies
  • Quicker app menu response time
  • Fewer hiccups & jitters

Cure For Bandwidth Throttling

IPVanish’s Secure VPN service is the way to combat bandwidth throttling and give you your full Internet pipeline’s potential.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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