Authentication Failure: The Beast Build Kodi Error FIX

This troubleshooting guide shows you how to fix the Authentication Failure The Beast Kodi error message you may receive when you install Kodi Beast.  Basically, there’s a step that’s not completely obvious in which you sign up for The Beast on the official website – then open the Beast Install Wizard’s “Add-On Settings” from within Kodi and put your username and password in there.  Keep reading to see the step-by-step details.

Authentication Failure The Beast Kodi Build Fix

Fix The Beast Kodi Build!

Authentication Failure The Beast Kodi Error

  • When you see the Authentication Failure The Beast Kodi error message when you install Beast Build on Kodi, it usually means you haven’t entered the Username and Password you used when you signed up for The Beast Build on the official Beast website.  If you haven’t signed up for The Beast, sign up now.
  • To fix the Authentication Failure error in Kodi Beast, you need to open the Context Menu (by pressing the Menu button on the Fire TV remote, or right-click if you’re on PC) on the Beast Installer, then click “Add-On Settings”.
  • After Add-On Settings is open, you’ll see the Username and Password fields
  • Select the Username field and enter the username you used when you registered for your free Beast account at the official Beast website.
  • Now do the same again, but with the Password field this time.
  • Then select OK to save the Add-On Settings.
  • Now select the Beast Installer (Wizard) menu item once again to launch the Beast Wizard.
  • The Authentication Failure error message should now go away and show you a list of Beast Builds from which you can install.  After the list of Beast Builds is displayed on screen, select a Beast Build to install and wait for the install to complete.

Explanation of Beast Error

The Beast absolutely requires that you enter your login information in order to use the Wizard.  Whether you’re using Beast Build for FireStick or any other device, you must enter your Beast build registration info.

Beast Build Spartan Error

The Spartan build is just an offshoot of the Beast Build, so if you receive this same error when installing Kodi Spartan build, then you know the solution is the same: log in.

Alternatives to Beast Build

If you aren’t able to tame the Beast (see what we did there?), then try a different Kodi build.  See our list of at least 30 great Kodi Builds you can try, or install Ares Wizard, install Hyper TT Build, or install Wookie Kodi Build.

Wrap Up

If you have problems with the Authentication Failure The Beast Build Kodi error, ask on the Kodi FireStick YouTube Channel.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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