AT&T and WOW! Internet: A Comparison

Internet service providers in the United States are an entity that, regardless of what type and quality of the service they provide are constantly bashed for their delivery of service. The main reason for this is that the American people are, in their own right, a big group of versatile individuals that have different opinions when it comes to getting a service or buying a product. However, they all have one thing in common. They all want the very best when it comes to getting service.

We take two of America’s biggest internet service providers, AT&T Internet and WOW! Internet, to match them up against one another to get to a conclusive point about which internet service provider should an individual get if he or she has the option to get either one of them

AT&T VS WOW Internet Overview

If we compare AT&T to WOW! internet there are many differences and similarities. AT&T is more widely available in comparison to WOW! internet services. If we talk about AT&T VS WOW internet, many factors come under consideration.


Our opinions about contracts cannot be made more clear than us saying that they should not be a part of the internet service provider market. Contracts serve the purpose of the internet service provider by giving them a confirmation about which customer or consumer would be sticking around and paying his or her monthly bill or dues for how long. We have almost similar opinions about fine print and equipment fees as well.

AT&T Internet Contracts, Fine Print, and Equipment Fees

AT&T Internet has on offer upload and download speeds that lie in the range of 10 Mbps to 940 Mbps. The internet service provider has a contract of 12 months in place for all new customers and there is also a $180 termination fee.

WOW! Internet Contracts

This internet service provider does not require you to commit to the company via a contract. This means that customers or consumers have the option to cancel their subscriptions at any moment that they find fit for them.

Internet Data Limits

Go ahead and take a minute to guess what is the one thing that makes us grind our teeth?

Data caps or limited data to work with is one of the worst things to happen to the internet service provider market since, well, to be honest, anything! We simply just do not like it. The consistent fear of overstepping your data limit and having to face heavy overhead charges is something that we do not want in our lives.

The pressure of managing a data limit for the entire period before the renewal happens is tough and can stress out a person. In our opinion, having unlimited data for download as an option is one of the biggest factors that customers or consumers look at when making a decision regarding which internet service provider to employ to fulfill their internet needs.

AT&T Internet Data Caps

Where we do not like the concept of having a data cap on any internet connection, the circumstances of scenarios of each individual and household are different. So if you have an internet service provider like AT&T who is offering data caps that start at the 150 GB mark for their DSL internet connections and go as high as 1 TB on their bigger internet plans.

Then the concept of data caps does not seem that bad. However, if you do exceed this limit, then you would be charged up to $10.00 for up to another 50 GB mark and then almost $10.00 again for another increase in usage. This can go upwards. As a consumer, you do have the option of getting an unlimited data plan as an add-on for only up to $30.00 a month. AT&T is only offering unlimited data with their Internet 500 and Internet 1000 plans.

WOW! Internet Data Caps

Guess what? WOW! Internet has no data caps whatsoever. Hence, if you are a customer of WOW! Internet, then you can rest easy as you would not be facing any overhead charges that are the result of a breach of the data cap.

Bundling Options

Bundling options with a provider includes other services at well. AT&T offers internet, cable TV, and home phone services and you get the same options with WOW! internet. You can opt for bundle internet options if you want the same provider for all three services. 

When you bundle up your services with the same provider, you can get additional discounts that help you to save some extra bucks each month. You set yourself free from all the hassle of paying different bills for different services. The best catch is that you can save some extra bucks because you are automatically entitled to pay less tax. Apart from bundled packages promotional deals, you also save some extra bucks by paying less tax.

Matching Prices of Both Providers

We are not going to claim the exact prices of internet packages offered by both AT&T internet and WOW! internet because the prices and the speeds of these providers are subjected to change, depending upon the location. You can visit ‘’ and enter your zip code to find out the details of the packages that are being offered at your place.

WOW! internet is normally more economical than AT&T internet. They offer more variety in internet speeds due to which you can get more options to choose an internet speed of your choice and your budget.


In this article, we have mentioned a comparison between two internet service providers that are offering amazing internet deals. Both providers offer added benefits and features, you can choose an ISP that caters to your needs in the best possible manner. The details that are mentioned above will help you decide which ISP is better for you.


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