Ares Wizard ranks as one of the greatest Kodi TV addons of all time. With version .66, you get the best of everything Kodi has to offer laid at your feet. Once installed, the Ares Project Wizard automates the installation of builds, repos, tv addons, and other Kodi add-ons for you. There are over 300 builds to choose from in the Ares Wizard along with games, IPTV apps and all of the most popular content providing add-ons.

Ares Wizard Install Preparation

Safeguard Your Identity and Data

While checking out the content provided by the Ares Project in their Wizard, we urge you to use a top tier VPN for data security and privacy. We have found the fastest, most secure, and reliable VPN for Kodi to be IPVanish. They guarantee your anonymity while accessing the internet through their VPN service. With IP address masking and military–grade encryption, they also keep all of your data perfectly secure. Aside from their constantly updated security features, IPVanish provides the highest throughput speeds available anywhere with their thousands of worldwide servers.

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Make Kodi Allow Unoffical TV Addons

Since Kodi 17 (Krypton) was realeased, the XBMC / Kodi Foundation requires that you manually enable the use of Unknown sources within Kodi. Without this setting toggled to allow third party TV addons, you can’t install the Ares Wizard. That restriction also includes all of the great content providers and builds the Ares Project Wizard installs. If you aren’t sure what this means, there is a very simple and quick tutorial here at KFireTV to Enable Kodi Unknown Sources. We won’t go anywhere; I promise. If you mimic everything I do in the video available within that article, you’ll have the Ares Repo installed as a bonus! If that’s the case, feel free to skip ahead here to the Ares Wizard Installation section. See you back here in a moment!

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

If you’ve installed Kodi add-ons and repositories onto your Fire TV, Firestick, Android device, Mac, PC, or even your Raspberry Pi or jailbroken iPhone before, then you likely only require the repository location for the Ares Project, which is

Install the Ares Wizard

Ares Repository Setup

  1. Locate the gear icon (aka Settings) in the top left, then click or tap to activate it
    Setup Ares Repo Source

    Open the System Menu

  2. Choose the File Manager
    Ares Project Repo for Kodi Installation

    Enter the File Manager

  3. Then, Add Source
    Ares Repo TV Addon Installation for Kodi

    Choose Add Source

  4. Click or tap where it says None
    Ares Project Kodi Repo Installation

    Choose None

  5. Enter the URL and then choose OK
    Install Ares Repository TV Addon for Kodi

    Type the Ares Project Repo Source URL and then choose OK

  6. Name it Ares Repo, then hit OK
    Name it Ares Repo

    Name it Ares Repo

  7. Double check that all of the information is correct and then select OK once more
    Double Check Ares Repo Source

    Double Check Ares Repo Source Info

Ares Repo Install

  1. Go back to Kodi’s Main Menu, then choose the Add-ons entry
    Ares Wizard - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons back at the main menu

  2. Then, click or tap on the Package Installer icon located in the top left
    Ares Wizard for Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Select the Add-on Browser (AKA the Package Manager)

  3. Select Install from zip file
    Ares Project Wizard Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Choose to Install From zip File

  4. In the box that slides open, click or tap on Ares Repo
    choose the Ares Repo

    Choose the Ares Repo

  5. At this point, find (the numbers may change) and click or tap it
    Select Ares repository zip file

    Select Ares repository zip file

  6. Wait for the top right popup telling you Add-on Installed, then…
    Ares Repo installed

    Ares Repo installed!

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Choose Install from Repository
    Ares Wizard Install - Choose Install from Repository

    Choose Install from Repository

  2. Select the Ares Project repo you just setup
    Choose the Ares Repo

    Install from the Ares Repo

  3. Then, choose the Program add-ons directory
    Choose Ares Project Program add-ons

    Choose Ares Project Program add-ons

  4. Now, select the Ares Wizard for installation
    Select Ares Wizard

    Select Ares Wizard

  5. After that, click or tap the Install button in the bottom right
    Click Ares Wizard Install

    Click Ares Wizard Install

  6. When a pop up appears in the top right corner of the screen with Ares Wizard Add-on Installed on it, then you’re golden.
    Ares Wizard Installed

    Ares Wizard Installed

  7. You’ll now find the Ares Wizard within the main menu Add-ons area
    Find Ares Wizard in Kodi Add-ons

    Find the Ares Wizard in Kodi Add-ons

  8. Also find the Ares Wizard within the Add-ons area’s Program add-ons section
    Also Find Ares Wizard in Ares Wizard Add-ons - Program add-ons

    Also Find Ares Wizard in Ares Wizard Add-ons – Program add-ons

  9. Open it from either location, then the extraction and installation will start, which takes just a few moments
    Ares Wizard finishes installing

    Ares Wizard finishes installing

  10. Then, the Ares Wizard loads
    Ares Wizard Starting

    Wait a moment as the Ares Wizard starts up

Now That You’re Set

Please, don’t forget to access the content provided by the Ares Wizard and its many Kodi builds and add-ons only through a VPN. You should use a VPN while accessing the internet from anywhere at anytime if you value your privacy, identity, and data. I won’t risk my family by not using our VPN. Also, if you take advantage of this truly amazing deal, you can get a 60% discount on the world’s leading VPN right now. That’s right; it costs less than a single cup of take-out coffee per month—4 bucks and change—for total digital peace of mind!

[/ipv-block]Install the Ares Wizard on Kodi and use a VPN[/ipv-block]

Ares Wizard set up? And your VPN protects you? Wonderful! Then, go enjoy the freedom to choose your entertainment without hassle or worry!