Is the Ares Repo Down? The Ares Project had their western repository location, which was located at, taken down recently. This has broken many of the links found in install tutorials for the many add-ons available in the Ares Repo. Consequently, many Kodi Fire Stick users question us about this. Note that I mentioned their western repo; their main repo, located in the Old World, is doing just fine at this time. Access it at There are also mirrors of the Ares Repo located within a few of the mega-repos, such as the aptly named SuperRepo found at

With the Western Ares Repo Down, Take Heed…

Many servers disappear within the Kodi third party (unofficial) community. The illegality of their shared content causes this. The TVAddons fiasco a few months ago should really give Kodi users pause, as should the closing of Exodus and its recent magical reappearance as a re-branded version of its own fork known as Covenant.

Lately, law firms own and run some third party Kodi add-on sites. They have their reasons. Anybody using TVAddons or Navi-X at this time should use protection. You could be placing your information right into an ongoing database for use at a later date in litigation. All of these, and any other add-on currently available, can safely be used with the help of a top tier VPN. A VPN will keep your location and identity completely private.

Kodi Security warning: Hide your location (Ashburn, VA) and IP address ( now.

Ares Repo Down the Road

The Ares Project provides some great add-ons that fill the needs of nearly any entertainment seeker. The Ares Repo should be up in one form or another for a long time to come. Protect yourself and your family with a highly secure VPN, then enjoy what it has to offer worry free. Please don’t wait until you can only wish you had.

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