Ares Magic & Illusion Kodi Video Addon Install Tutorial

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The Ares Magic Kodi add-on is the best way to watch magic shows and the art of illusion on your Firestick or anywhere else anytime you want. It includes magic shows from all of your favorite magicians. Criss Angel, David Blaine, Mat Franco, Penn & Teller, and even Harry Houdini are all in attendance. Ares Magic even has tutorials to teach you how to perform magic tricks of your own.

Kodi Add-on Installation: Ares Magic & Illusion

Prior to using your FireStick, especially with any sort of Kodi 3rd party addon, I cannot stress enough how much of a necessity taking advantage of a high quality VPN service is in order to protect yourself. People utilizing Kodi end up getting copyright infringement notices all the time regarding streaming movies, sports events, and tv shows by using many types of 3rd party addons. IPVanish has even made an app especially for Fire TV Stick and Fire TV users! When you prefer keeping your own current entertainment habits private and sustaining your own individual privacy, I strongly suggest choosing IPVanish. It’s by far the most effective personal privacy service I’ve found for Kodi and Fire Stick users. On top of that, the links I’ve included to IPVanish here at will save you 60% off of this truly unparalleled VPN!

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

In the event that you’ve set up Kodi third-party repos or plug-ins before, you probably only want the repo address for the Ares Project. You can access the Ares Project’s repository at Please be certain you’re making use of a superb quality VPN service for your own privacy and protection.

Installing the Ares Magic Kodi Addon

Allow Unknown Sources

In the event your Kodi installation is new or freshly reset, it is important to allow for addon installment via unknown sources.

  1. Click or tap Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menu

    Install Magic Kodi Video Addon

    Open the System Menu

  2. Select System Settings

    Ares Magic Add-on Installation - System Settings

    Enter System Settings

  3. Then, tap or click Add-ons and toggle the Unknown Sources setting to the on position

    Install Ares Magic Kodi Add-on - Toggle Unknown Sources

    Toggle Unknown Sources

  4. Be aware: a dialog will appear warning you concerning security risks connected to the installation of unofficial add-ons on your system.

    Ares Magic and Illusion Install for Kodi - Warning Dialog

    Warning Dialog

Install the Ares Wizard

Ian recorded this YouTube educational video with his Firestick for your benefit on installing the Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.1 recently. We’ll be creating an up-dated tutorial with heaps of brand-new tips in the near future, so make certain to remain on the lookout for this on this site at KFire TV.

Should you already have the Ares Wizard installed on your Fire Stick or other device, it is possible to jump ahead down to the Ares Magic set up method.

Repository Setup

  1. Hit Settings (gear icon – top of main menu)Ares Magic Kodi Addon Select the SETTINGS icon (“gear” icon)
  2. Subsequently select the File ManagerAres Magic Kodi Add-on Select File Manager
  3. Then, you should do the same to Add SourceInstall Ares Magic Kodi Addon Choose “Add Source”
  4. Now, select None (enabling you to add a media source manually)
  5. Type the repository’s URL (, then say OKAres Magic Kodi installation Enter the URL for the repo
  6. Name it Ares Repo (or any name you like) then select OK againAres Magic Kodi Type in a unique name
  7. Double check the information you’ve entered is accurate, then choose OK a last time

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Go back to the Main Menu in Kodi and then also the Add-ons sectionAres Magic Addon Select &l”Add-Ons&r” from the Kodi 17.1 homescreen
  2. Open the Package Installer (open box icon) on top of the menu
  3. Then select Install from zip fileAres Magic Kodi Addon Choose “Install From Zip File”
  4. Click or tap Ares Repo (or whatever you referred to it as) from the dialog that opens
  5. Next look for and enter the itAres Magic Kodi Add-on Install Now choose the zip file
  6. Wait a short time. You’ll see a dialog contained in the top right claiming Add-on Installed
  7. Select Install from Repository at this time
  8. Go with the Ares Project repo you just put in place
  9. Now you can select Program add-ons followed by Ares Wizard
  10. Now you can hit the Install button available at the lower right
  11. Back at Kodi’s main menu, choose Add-ons and go into the Ares Wizard
  12. Then the actual extraction and installation of the Ares Wizard now takes place

Ares Magic Installation

  1. And then head back to the Add-on Browser and select the Install from repository option
  2. A list of established repositories is found – Hit the Ares Project
  3. Afterwards, tap or click Video Add-ons item and then on Ares Magic to access the installer
  4. Enter the Install with a gleam in your eye and then watch as Ares Magic installs

Once the install is completed, look for Ares Magic under Kodi >> Add-ons >> Video add-ons.

Pick A Card… Any Card

I’m really serious regarding the necessity of utilizing a VPN while making use of this addon, your Fire Stick, or any internet device. Everyone will be using VPNs in the very near future. Don’t wait until a direct violation of your privacy convinces you to do so. Without one, you’re sharing personal details with anybody that wants them and has watched a couple of short how-to videos on YouTube. Your ISP, government agencies, and just about every site you access tracks and gathers info about you. This includes anybody sniffing the web traffic around some of those online sites. You’re also nearly certain to be getting “cease and desist” requests from your ISP if you aren’t keeping your traffic private. I’ve observed this very same VPN made available around the web for 20% to 33% off, but through KFire TV get yourself a 60% discount on the world’s greatest VPN.

You’ve successfully completed your Ares Magic Kodi add-on installation onto your living room FireStick? You’re hidden from prying eyes? Great! Then, enjoy trying to figure out where that elephant could have possibly gone!





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September 8, 2017

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