Ares Kids Tube is a fantastic Kodi add-on to install from the Ares Project which is a curated collection of children’s content from YouTube. Put it on your Firestick and watch the kids light up. The immensity of this collection is mind boggling. Ares Kids Tube has everything from the newest shows to some classics that adults will find enthralling enough to sit and watch with the kiddies. Your Kodi Fire Stick never had it so good.

Kodi Add-on Installation: Ares Kids Tube

Before starting to take advantage of any Kodi 3rd party addon, I really can’t stress sufficiently the necessity of taking advantage of a top notch VPN service if you want to help save your anonymity. People running Kodi are sent copyright infringement notices all of the time concerning streaming movies, sporting events, and tv series through the use of assorted 3rd party addons. If you’d like to help keep your individual viewing practices private and preserve your own anonymity, I certainly advocate making use of IPVanish. It is the optimum data security solution I’ve found for Kodi users. They’ve even a Fire Stick and Fire TV compatible app to access their network. What’s more, all the links I’ve made available to IPVanish on this page will get you 60% off using this absolutely unequaled VPN!

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

If you’ve setup Kodi third party apps or plug ins in the past, you will always require the repo location available for the Ares Project. Situated here in the Old World, the Ares Project’s repo is located at is working beautifully world-wide. Please be certain you’re employing a superior quality VPN solution for your personal confidentiality and protection when acquiring this material. Your Firestick will thank you.

Installing the Ares Kids Tube Kodi Addon

If your Kodi setup is stock or freshly reset, you should make it possible for addon installation via unknown sources.

  1. Open Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menu

    Ares Kids Tune Kodi Addon

    Select the SETTINGS icon (“gear” icon)

  2. Enter the System Settings
  3. Then, click or tap Add-ons
  4. Now, toggle the Unknown Sources setting for the on position

Take note: a dialog will appear warning you of security risks associated with installation of unofficial add-ons to your system.

Install the Ares Wizard

Ian uploaded this YouTube tutorial video he shot with his FireStick to aid you on installing the Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.1 a short time ago. We’ll make an up-to-date tutorial with ample new tips in the very near future, so you should definitely remain the lookout for this here at KFire TV.

If however you have already got the Ares Wizard setup, you could possibly skip toward the Ares Kids Tube setup method.

Repository Setup

  1. Hit Settings (gear icon – top of main menu)

    Ares Kids Tune Kodi Addon

    Select the SETTINGS icon (“gear” icon)

  2. Afterward select the File Manager

    Ares Kids Tube Kodi Add-on

    Select File Manager

  3. Then simply just, do the same to Add Source

    Install Ares Kids Tube Kodi Addon

    Choose “Add Source”

  4. Enter in the repository’s URL (, then say OK

    Ares Kids Tube Kodi installation

    Enter the URL for the repo

  5. Name it Ares Repo (or any name you want) then select OK again

    Ares Kids Tube Kodi

    Type in a unique name

  6. Check the information you’ve entered is accurate then select OK a last time

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Return back to the Main Menu in Kodi and then the Add-ons section

    Ares Kids Tube Addon

    Select “Add-Ons” from the Kodi 17.1 homescreen

  2. Go into the the Package Installer (open box icon) towards the top of the menu
  3. Click or tap Install from zip file

    Ares Kids Tube Kodi Addon

    Choose “Install From Zip File”

  4. Go into the Ares Repo (or whatever you decided and referred to it as) from the dialog that opens
  5. Next look for and click or tap it

    Ares Kids Tube Kodi Add-on Install

    Now choose the zip file

  6. Wait a second. You’ll see a popup inside of the top right proclaiming Add-on Installed
  7. Tap or click Install from Repository at this time
  8. Employ the Ares Project repo you just recently setup
  9. Then simply just tap or click Program add-ons followed by Ares Wizard
  10. Now you can select the Install button found at the bottom right
  11. Again from Kodi’s main menu, select Add-ons and choose Ares Wizard
  12. Next all of the extraction and set up up of the Ares Wizard now takes place

Ares Kids Tube Installation

  1. Afterward head back to the Add-on Browser and enter the the Install from repository possibility
  2. A listing of added repositories is presented – Tap or click the Ares Project
  3. Subsequently, go into the Video Add-ons item and then on Ares Kids Tube to access the installer
  4. Tap or click Install with a gleam in your eye and watch as Ares Kids Tube installs

As soon as the install is completed, discover Ares Kids Tube within Kodi >> Add-ons >> Video add-ons.

Ready for the Toons?

I’m serious regarding the necessity of making use of a VPN while utilizing this addon. Install the free IPVanish app on your Fire Stick or Fire TV now. Without this, you’re going to be sharing your viewing activities in addition to other details with anyone from your ISP, government agencies, and every site you access. This includes everyone sniffing the traffic of some of those online sites. You’re nearly sure to be receiving “cease and desist” orders from your service provider if you aren’t keeping your traffic private. I’ve discovered this exact same VPN available online for 20% to 33% off, but right here at KFire TV get a 60% discount on the world’s very best VPN.

You have installed the Ares Kids Tube addon successfully? Have you been safeguarded? Terrific! Go enjoy the frivolity and try not to spill juice on the carpet!





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August 31, 2017

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