Ares Football Kodi Addon: Ultimate European Soccer

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Ares Football is a wonderful European Football addon for Kodi. It features highlight reels, match replays, feature videos, and much more. It even has live match telecasts! Ares Football also includes sections devoted to individual football leagues with replays, news and highlights. Some of these are Bundesliga, Barclay’s Premier League, UEFA Champions League, MLS, Serie A, La Liga, DFB Cup, and Ligue 1. This add-on is the perfect digital companion for European Football fans. You can easily remain up-to-date throughout the season with the Ares Football Kodi addon.

Kodi Addon Install: Ares Football

Before running Kodi 3rd party addons, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of using a top quality VPN to guard yourself. People making use of Kodi receive copyright infringement notices frequently if they’re unprotected. These are regarding streaming motion pictures, sports events, and tv series by means of many different 3rd party addons. If you’d prefer to forever keep your current surfing activities to yourself and protect your personal privacy, I advise implementing IPVanish. It is the most excellent privacy option I’ve discovered for Kodi users. Also, all the links I’ve presented to IPVanish here can net you 60% off of this unrivaled VPN!

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

If you’ve used Kodi third party plugins in the past, you’ll still need the repo location available for the Ares Project. Found here in the Old World, you can access the Ares Project’s main repo available at Please be certain you’re employing a high quality VPN provider for your own security and insurance when browsing this content material.

Installing the Ares Football Kodi Addon

Allow Unknown Sources

In the event your Kodi application is clean and fresh, you’ll want to allow add-on installment through unknown sources.

  1. Enter the Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menuAres Football Kodi
  2. Choose System Settings
  3. Then, open Add-ons
  4. Now, toggle the Unknown Sources setting towards the on position

Take note: a pop-up shows up warning you with regards to security risks connected to deploying unofficial add-ons on your system.

Install the Ares Wizard

Ian recorded this YouTube educational video for your benefit on installing the Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.1 a short time ago. We’ll be making an updated tutorial with a good amount of brand-new tips within the very near future. Make certain to remain the lookout for it here at KFire TV. Those that have already the Ares Wizard set up, you can skip toward the Ares Football setup solution.

Repository Setup

  1. Tap or click Settings (gear icon – top of main menu)Ares Football Kodi Addon
  2. Subsequently, select the File ManagerAres Football Kodi Add-on
  3. And then, do the same to Add SourceInstall Ares Football Kodi Addon
  4. After that, select None (enabling you to add a media source manually)
  5. Submit the repository’s URL (, then say OKAres Football Kodi installation
  6. Name that Ares Repo (or any name you prefer) then select OK againAres Football Kodi
  7. Verify the information you’ve put in is good, then select OK a last time

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Return to the Main Menu in Kodi, then go into the Add-ons sectionAres Football Addon
  2. Select the Package Installer (open box icon) above the menu
  3. Choose Install from zip fileAres Football Kodi Addon
  4. Go into the Ares Repo (or whatever you named it) within the dialog that opens
  5. Then, simply look for and enter itAres Football Kodi Add-on Install
  6. Wait a short time, then you will observe a dialog inside of the top right announcing Add-on Installed
  7. Click or tap Install from Repository at this point
  8. Utilize the Ares Project repo you just recently setup
  9. And then, open Program add-ons followed by Ares Wizard
  10. Next, hit the Install button in the bottom right
  11. Once more, return to Kodi’s main menu, hit Add-ons and then choose Ares Wizard
  12. At this point, the actual extraction and installation of the Ares Wizard takes place

Ares Football Install

  1. Now, return to the Add-on Browser and select Install from repository
  2. A menu of setup repositories is exhibited – Hit the Ares Project
  3. Next, click or tap Video Add-ons and then on Ares Football to access the installer
  4. Enter the Install with a gleam in your eye and watch as Ares Football installs

Once the install is completed, find Ares Football while in Kodi >> Add-ons >> Video add-ons.

Ready for Kickoff?

I’m serious regarding the requirement of a VPN while making use of this addon. Without one, you’re going to be sharing your viewing habits with any and everybody. Your ISP and government agencies, along many of the sites you visit, gather info about and track you. This includes individuals sniffing the traffic of these sites. You’re also nearly certain to be receiving “cease and desist” orders from your ISP if you aren’t keeping your access discreet. I’ve discovered this same VPN offered online for 20% to 33% off. Here at KFire TV, we’ve negotiated a 60% discount on the world’s best VPN for our readers. Please take advantage of it.

You’ve hooked up the Ares Football addon appropriately? Are you presently safe? Great! Get the Ares Football Kodi addon fired up before kick-off!





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