Ares Comedy Kodi Video Add-on Installation

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Ares Comedy is one of the most popular add-ons from the Ares Project. It is full to bursting with side stitches and snorts galore. You will not find more comedy anywhere than on your Kodi set-up once you have Ares Comedy installed. You can easily search for your favorite comedians, or just enjoy your favorite shows from Comedy Central or Laugh Factory, or just check out the Old School section to relive yesterday’s laughs. There are even feature comedy movies available in the Ares Comedy plugin.

Kodi Add-on Installation: Ares Comedy

Before starting to make use of any Kodi third party addon, I can’t stress sufficiently the significance of protecting yourself with a world-class VPN service plan in order to really keep your anonymity. People running Kodi are sent copyright infringement notices regularly for streaming films, sports events, and tv series with the aid of many types of 3rd party addons. If you would like to forever keep your own personal entertainment patterns personal and help save your personal anonymity, I really suggest utilizing IPVanish – the most excellent confidentiality strategy I’ve located for Kodi users. Also, the hyperlinks I’ve offered to IPVanish on this page have the ability to net you 60% off this literally unrivaled Virtual Private Network!

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

In case you’ve set up Kodi 3rd party apps or plug ins in the past, you will still require the repo address available for the Ares Project. Situated in the Old World, the Ares Project’s repo to be found at gives great throughput speeds worldwide. Please be certain you’re employing a high-quality VPN service for your ultimate privacy and protection before browsing this content.

Installing the Ares Comedy Kodi Addon

If your Kodi application is brand new, it is important to make it possible for add-on installment using unknown sources.

  1. Click or tap Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menuAres Comedy Kodi
  2. Go into the System Settings
  3. Then, select Add-ons
  4. Now, toggle the Unknown Sources setting in the on position

Please be aware: a notice appears warning you about security risks involved in allowing unofficial add-ons in to your system.

Installation of the Ares Wizard

Ian made this YouTube tutorial video to aid you on installing the Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.1 not too long ago. We’ll make an up-to-date tutorial with an abundance of new guidelines within the near future, so ensure that you remain the lookout for this on this site at KFire TV.

If however you have the Ares Wizard configured, you can go straight to the Ares Comedy install procedure.

Repo Setup

  1. Click or tap Settings (gear icon – top of main menu)Ares Comedy Kodi Addon
  2. Then select the File ManagerAres Comedy Kodi Add-on
  3. At this point, do the same to Add SourceInstall Ares Comedy Kodi Addon
  4. Afterward, hit None (enabling you to add a media source manually)
  5. Type the repository’s URL (, then say OKAres Comedy Kodi installation
  6. Name this Ares Repo (or any name you wish) then hit OK againAres Comedy Kodi
  7. Double-check the information you’ve input is correct then choose OK one final time

Ares Wizard Install Procedure

  1. Get back to the Main Menu in Kodi then the Add-ons sectionAres Comedy Addon
  2. Tap or click the Package Installer (open box icon) at the top of the menu
  3. Hit Install from zip fileAres Comedy Kodi Addon
  4. Select Ares Repo (or whatever you decided and named it) in the dialog that opens
  5. Subsequently locate and click or tap itAres Comedy Kodi Add-on Install
  6. Wait a second. There will be a dialog inside the top right proclaiming Add-on Installed
  7. Enter the Install from Repository at this point
  8. Utilize the Ares Project repo you recently installed
  9. Then hit Program add-ons followed by Ares Wizard
  10. After that select the Install button to be found at the bottom right
  11. Again from Kodi’s main menu, hit Add-ons and choose Ares Wizard
  12. Subsequently all of the extraction and set up up of the Ares Wizard now takes place

Ares Comedy Installation

  1. Afterwards return to the Add-on Browser and tap or click the Install from repository choice
  2. A group of installed repositories is found – Hit the Ares Project
  3. Next, go into the Video Add-ons item and then on Ares Comedy to access the installer
  4. Select Install with a gleam in your eye and watch as Ares Comedy installs

When the install is taken care of, choose Ares Comedy within Kodi >> Add-ons >> Video add-ons.

Ready to Rumble?

I’m serious regarding the requirement of simply using a VPN while you are taking advantage of this addon. Without it, you are sharing your viewing habits besides other facts with anybody from your ISP, government agencies, and each and every site you view (together with anyone sniffing the web traffic of those sites). You’ll be nearly sure to be experiencing “cease and desist” orders from your ISP if you aren’t keeping your traffic private. I’ve observed this same VPN presented online for 20% to 33% off, but here at KFire TV get a 60% discount on the world’s top VPN.

You’ve installed the Ares Comedy addon successfully? Are you secure in your privacy? Awesome! Go get your ribs tickled and roll around on the floor in tears!



  1. Hey Dan, thanks for bringing that to our attention. That’s due to the repository address being down, either intermittently or permanently. This happens quite often with many of the unofficial add-ons. I’ve changed the repository address to the Ares Project’s main repo location, so you should be good to go for now if you use it instead of the one that is down.


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September 2, 2017

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