This tutorial guide shows you How to install Aptoide Installer on Android phones.

  • iOS users: For iPhones / iPads, use our tutorials on installing Mojo Installer.

What is Aptoide Installer?

Aptoide Installer is a fresh, new and exciting alternative for anybody looking for great android apps that are not available on the regular Google App Store.

This “alternate app store” is simply a way to install apps that aren’t available in the normal app store.

With Aptoide, finding amazing ways to customize your devices with new apps becomes as easy as ever, and installing Aptoide is extremely simple.




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In order to start the process, you can simply visit the official site:, where you can download and launch the installer.

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How to Install Aptoide Installer

  1. Make sure Apps From Unknown Sources is Enabled on your Android phone
  2. Download Aptoide Installer here
  3. Launch (“Run”) the Aptoide Installer APK file (the same file you just downloaded)
  4. Press INSTALL
  5. Wait for the Aptoide Install process to complete
  6. Launch Aptoide by pressing its icon from within your Android smartphone’s “Apps” menu
  7. After you launch Aptoide, use it to install third-party Android apps!

After Aptoide launches, simply follow the Aptoide installation wizard.  The Aptoide install wizard will allow you to install and configure your Aptoide within minutes.

If you are an app developer, one of the most amazing things about aptoide is that you can actually set up your own store and start sharing your own apps with the world!

Wrap Up

One of the many reasons why installing Aptoide is a great idea is that you will get access to more unique apps!