How to Fix Apple TV Buffering Issues

I was watching a flick on my Apple TV the other day and realized I was having some major buffering issues.  Similar to FireTV, I performed a series of steps that fixed the issue!  I figured this was most likely a common issue, and many Apple TV users report buffering issues when watching streaming content on their Apple TV.  Fortunately there are several things we can do to fix your Apple TV buffering issues.  For example, we can try a lower quality stream, we

Buffering on Apple TV – You Are Not Alone!

Fix all your Apple TV buffering problems with our guide!

Fix Apple TV Buffering Issues

Apple TV isn’t the only device on which users experience buffering.  Pretty much any streaming TV box like Apple TV or FireTV will experience buffering issues at one point or another.  As stated above, there are some steps we can take to ensure that our streaming box doesn’t buffer when we don’t want it to.

The Apple TV buffering fixes we have for AppleTV tend to fall into the same categories as the buffering fixes we have for FireStick: Disk space, temperature control (Apple TV overheating), and proper Internet connection speed.




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General Principles to Prevent Apple TV Buffering

  • Proper disk space
    • If your Apple TV doesn’t have enough disk space, it could be running out of storage on which to place the content to be buffered
  • Proper temperature management of the device (Apple TV)
    • Stick a small fan next to your Apple TV, pointed at it, to disperse some of the heat.
  • Adequate internet speed
    • 10mbps at least

Apple TV Buffering Fix List

Try the Apple TV buffering fix items below.

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  • Apple TV Buffering fix for slow Internet

    Apple TV Buffering could be caused by slow Internet speeds!

    Your internet connection may not be fast enough to play the stream you’re trying to watch

    • Broadband internet of at least 10mbps is recommended for playing Apple TV streams without buffering issues
  • The Apple server may be experiencing issues which would cause your Apple TV to buffer unnecessarily
    • If you’re getting your streaming content through Apple, their service may be experiencing network issues that would cause your Apple TV playback to stutter
  • Update your Apple TV software.  Apple has a handy guide for this.
    • Apple TV (4th generation): Go to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software.
    • Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation): Go to Settings > General > Update Software.
  • Replace all the cables that are connected to your Apple TV
  • Reset your Apple TV by unplugging the CAT 5e cable, HDMI, power, and waiting 5 minutes.

Typical Symptoms of Apple TV Buffering:

  • Apple TV freezes playing Netflix, PBS, Yahoo! Screen on Wifi or wired Ethernet.  Unable to watch any show longer than than 5-10 minutes without a problem.
    • Try the Apple TV buffering repairs mentioned above!

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