How to Download Apollo TV APK and Install on Firestick, Android, and Windows [Updated for 2024]

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Love TV and movies?

Then install Apollo TV APK using the quick-download link and step-by-step install tutorial below.

Install Apollo TV on Firestick, Android & Windows PC for Free Live TV

The Apollo TV app is available for Amazon Firestick, Android TV/phone/tablet, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and even for Windows PCs (if you use Bluestacks).

Apollo TV is an Android app that lets you watch Movies and TV series.

What is Apollo TV

Apollo TV is a free IPTV streaming app. It was custom built-in 2018 and since then has been a popular choice for streaming premium content. It has a vast library of Movies and Television with some cool additional features like IMDB integration and voice controls thrown in the mix.

Although it’s among the relatively new streaming apps, it has gained widespread popularity as a trusted Terrarium alternative. This is because some of its features and services are an exact match, giving you the same user experience. But there are major differences as well.

For instance, unlike Terrarium, Apollo TV is a server-side scrapper. What that means is, that its app can be easily exported to other platforms. In addition, Apollo TV APK download is safe and available on multiple OS such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, its wide OS support makes Apollo TV far superior to any other free streaming app.

Apollo for Firestick gives you access to exclusive on-demand content. Whether it’s a movie or the latest TV episode, a documentary or a docuseries, there’s excellent stuff in its library. You just need the time to explore. Moreover, the content library gets regularly updated with the latest content. So there’s always something new to watch.

Apollo TV logo

Is it Any Good?

Of course, Apollo TV is a very good streaming app. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have covered it in our article.

Now, there are two main why we say Apollo TV is a good IPTV service. First, the free version lets you watch the US and non-US versions of network Channels along with movies, shows, news, sports, and whatnot. There’s even a Coronavirus channel to help you stay updated with the latest Pandemic news, etc. So, channel distribution is quite wide. Second, if your favorite program isn’t on the menu, you can request it as well. Sure, it has to meet Apollo TV guidelines but just having a Request section is a really nice touch.

What Does it Do?

Apollo TV is an IPTV service delivering TV content over IP networks. It is in stark contrast to the traditional terrestrial, cable, and satellite networks. IPTV content is also different from downloaded media in the sense that it streams continuously without any need to download the content first.

IPTV gives you unrestricted access to your preferred entertainment content for a small price. You can also pick and choose the type of program you wish to watch or keep on the service. So unlike traditional media, you don’t have to follow an already set schedule. Everything is very customizable.

Download Apollo TV APK for Android / Firestick

To quick download, click the button below for the latest Apollo TV APK.

You may also click here or enter the address into your Android’s web browser.

Download Apollo TV APK

How to Install Apollo TV on Android

Use the steps below to quickly and easily install the badass Apollo TV app on your Android TV, phone, or tablet:

  1. Download Apollo TV APK by entering the address into your Android device’s web browser
Apollo TV Download link
Enter in your Android browser’s address bar
  • If your Android device says “This type of file can harm your device..”, press “OK“.
This file may harm your device
If you see this warning, press OK
  • When the download finishes, launch the downloaded file by pressing “Open
Launch Apollo TV installer
Press Open to launch the ApolloTV install file
  • Then press “Install”
Install Apollo TV on Android
Just press “Install”
  • Wait for Apollo TV to install.  Then press Open to launch Apollo TV
Launch Apollo TV
Now press “Open” to launch Apollo TV
  • After Apollo TV launches, press Next
Apollo TV splashscreen
This is the “Welcome” screen for Apollo TV. Press Next when you see this
  • Then press Next again (a few more times) until Apollo TV asks you to select 3 “categories”, and then press “Let’s Go
Choose Apollo TV categories
Press Next until Apollo TV asks you to choose 3 categories. Then choose your 3 categories
  • Now press “AllowApollo TV Android permissionsPress “Allow” when your device pops up this “permissions” popup
  •  Then navigate around Apollo TV and find something to watch!
Apollo TV navigation
Find something to watch in Apollo TV
  • Press the Play button on watch whatever you want to watch
Apollo TV watch now button
Press the button to watch a TV show or movie
  • After Apollo TV finds sources, select a source and wait for a second for your TV/movie to start playing
Apollo TV select source
Choose the source in Apollo TV
  • Enjoy your stream!
Apollo TV show loading up
Wait a second for your TV/movie to load and enjoy!

TIPIf Apollo TV is not working for you, then install APKTime and then use APKTime to install a different app.

TIP for Windows Users:  If you want to use Apollo TV on a Windows PC, then follow the steps below to install Bluestacks in Windows so you can run Android apps on your PC.

How to Install Apollo TV on Windows PC

To use Apollo TV on Windows computers, just install an Android emulator on your PC (such as Bluestacks).  Then use the Android emulator to install Apollo TV!

  1. Download Bluestacks and then launch the downloaded file to install Bluestacks
Terrarium TV Bluestacks Download for PC
Go to
  • After Bluestacks is installed, launch Bluestacks
  • Log in to a Google account within Bluestacks
Google Sign in for Bluestacks
Sign In to Google in Bluestacks
  • Open the web browser within Bluestacks and then use the directions at the top of this page in the “How to Install Apollo TV on Android” section of this page.

Basically, after you have Bluestacks installed on your Windows PC, you simply enter the address into the web browser to download Apollo TV in Bluestacks.  Then launch the installer, install ApolloTV, and then finally launch ApolloTV in Bluestacks.

Yes, you can do this with any Android app!

So why not install APKTime in Bluestacks and load up your Windows PC with great streaming-TV Android apps?

What Platforms Does it Work on?

As we mentioned earlier, Apollo TV is a server-side scrapper, which gives it wider compatibility. As of writing this article, Apollo TV APK download is compatible with all major platforms available in the world. These include Android, iOS, Android devices like TV, PC, MAC, Samsung, LG, and Amazon’s Fire lineup. While the app is intended primarily for touch devices, you can also make it work flawlessly on non-touch devices such as Firestick with the help of a touch app.

How to Access Apollo TV App on FireStick

After you have installed the Apollo TV app, it isn’t available on the home window. Instead, you will have to go to the Your Apps & Channels section to access it. Follow these steps to access Apollo TV:

  1. On the Home screen, scroll down to the bottom and highlight the row called Your Apps & Channel
  2. Afterward, go to your screen’s far left and click on See All option. Sometimes this option is located on the far right side of the screen. Follow accordingly.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Apollo TV app.

How to Use Apollo TV on FireStick

First-time users have to go through multiple setup windows before they can start using this app. PS; Make sure you have already installed the Mouse Toggle app to help navigate Apollo TV with ease. Here are the steps involved:

  1. On the welcome screen, you are prompted to choose your desired language. English is selected by default.
  2. Next, you can customize the appearance (layout), choose a theme, color, etc.
  3. Further next is the window for General Settings. You can choose a default player here and sign in to your Trakt account if you want.
  4. Now, you can choose 3 categories. The app will show you content based on the choices you make in this section.
  5. Finally, click Allow to finish the setup.

The main screen will now show categories like Home, TV Shows, Movies, Favorites, etc. You can proceed to watch your favorite content.


Apollo TV APK has the following main features:

  • HD Cinema – Apollo gives you a massive collection of programs including movies, anime, Tv shows, News, Sports, etc., at your fingertips. Choose any program you want at any time.
  • Offline Downloads – You can easily download any program to your preferred storage device. And the best thing is, there are no limits. As long as your storage has enough space, you can download whatever you want.
  • Subtitles Support – Selecting the right MX player can make all the difference. Thus, the MX player searches for subtitles on its own. No hassle!
  • Language Support – Apollo supports multiple languages apart from English.

Pros and Cons

For our test, we initially tried the free 10 days trial version of the service. During this period, we didn’t notice any glitch in the service or app itself. Everything worked smoothly. However, after subscribing to the premium version and using its services for a month, its limitations became apparent.

Like any IPTV streaming service out there, Apollo does come with advantages as well as some limitations. Let’s take a detailed look in the following sections.


If you download Apollo TV APK it has some advantages over its competitors. Such as:

Massive Content Library

This IPTV service has listed a decent number of channels to stream. You can watch the local versions as well as the global ones. Whether you’re a fan of movies, tv shows, sports, news, documentaries, or anything else, you will find a relevant channel on this service.

HD Resolution

Most of the content available on the platform is in HD screen resolution. This gives you crisp and clear visuals. Of course, it depends on your internet connection as well. Slow connections may have trouble streaming HD content.

Audio Synchronization

One major issue with IPTV streaming services is the lack of audio-video synchronization. During our trial run, we didn’t notice any such problem with Apollo. The audio is always in sync.

Request A Program

As we mentioned earlier, Apollo TV gives you an option to request a program if it’s not already available. Although it has to comply with Apollo’s guidelines, nevertheless just having this feature is a very welcome step.

Trial Version

Apollo has a free 10 days trial version. You can subscribe to this plan, test out the service, and then decide whether you want to keep or discard it. It’s a nice touch that shows the confidence of the developers in their service.


Below are some disadvantages of the service we came across after a month of use.

Price Hike

Recently, Apollo TV announced a price increase from $15 to $25 per month in 2021. On top of that, their notification included a $20 extra on their 6-month subscription. This means a 6-month subscription will now cost you a $100 cut in your hard-earned money. In my opinion, this is too steep a price hike for a service that can shut down at any moment.

Lack of Promotional Discounts

Unlike other IPTV services, Apollo TV doesn’t offer any discounts during Black Friday, Easter, Christmas, or any other occasion. Users have consistently pegged them for a promotion or discount. However, they refuse any such attempt and prefer the “If you do not ask them” policy.

Poor Customer Support

Now, this is very subjective, but we had a poor customer experience during our test run of the service. We contacted customer support for buffering issues. After numerous emails, the CS replied only once. Since then, we are yet to hear anything from them. Not a good way to treat users!


Let’s take a look now at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. In case your question isn’t covered here, be sure to let us know in the comment section below so that we can help you out.

Is it Safe to Use?

Of course, the Apollo TV APK download is totally safe like most Android apps. You can get it from the official AppStores or visit their official website for a copy. As long as you’re downloading the APK from official sites, you should be fine.

Is it Legal or Grey?

Apollo TV is an absolutely legal service. It’s not in the Grey or Black category, and you wouldn’t run into any legal issues when using this service. So, use it without any worry!

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

While a VPN isn’t a must to use this service, we strongly suggest using a reliable one nevertheless. A reliable VPN helps you in more than one way. For instance, it will not only safeguard your privacy and protect against identity theft, but we also noticed a slight streaming boost. But if you select a bad VPN service, expect the opposite. That’s right! A slow VPN will slow your streaming and in some cases, content wouldn’t stream at all.

We have been long-time users of IPVanish and didn’t notice any problem with their services so far. It is fast, secure, reliable, and ideal for online streaming. There’s no lag. In fact, it boosts your device’s streaming performance. It’s also reliable because it has an extensive network all over the world. What’s more, IPVanish is available for a 30 days trial period. So, if you don’t like their services, you can always get your money back.

The best VPN for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners is IPVanish, and you can get it for 60% off right here. That comes to only 4 dollars and change each month for the most secure VPN available anywhere.

Click here to get started right away.

Is it Free?

While you can get a 10-day free trial version absolutely free, the service itself isn’t. You have to purchase either a monthly ($15/), quarterly ($42), bi-annual ($80), or yearly ($150) subscription to enjoy its services.

Are There Ads?

Yes, Apollo TV offers an absolutely ads-free user experience. There are no ads before or during the program. Even the free version comes without any advertisements, which is very rare.

Is There a Premium Version?

Yes, there is a premium version that costs nearly $15 per month.

Is there an Official Website?

Yes, Apollo Group TV has an official website. You can access it here:

What Other Devices Does it Work on?

Apollo TV player App is compatible with Android devices like Android Boxes, Android TV, and Smartphones. It’s also compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. You can also use it on Samsung, LG, PC, MAC, and Amazon Fire devices.

What is the Minimum Version of Android I Need?

You need at least Android version 5.0 or above for this app to work.

What are some of the Best Alternatives to Apollo TV

In case of Apollo TV goes down, you can opt for any of the alternatives below:

Typhoon TV: Loaded with similar features and offering a somewhat identical User experience

Titanium TV: Watch Movies and TV shows. Plus, it comes with Real Debrid support.

BeeTV: With an impressive lineup of programs, BeeTv is a worthy alternative to Apollo TV.

CinemaHD Apk: Perfect for watching HD content

CatMouse Apk: 100 % compatible with FireStick remote, this app offers unrestricted access to on-demand content and works flawlessly.

CyberFlix TV: Can’t find a program anywhere? Try CyberFlix TV!

Morph TV: Offering all the latest media content, this app pulls content from a variety of sources to get you the best quality possible.

Bonus: Best Apollo TV Alternatives

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD has been among the most popular movie and TV show streaming applications. Moreover, it is a gan excellent option if you’re seeking applications similar to Apollo TV. 

Moreover, this software offers a lot of material and works well on any Android device, including FireStick. In addition, Cinema HD is attracting many high-quality streaming connections.

Cinema APK

Typhoon TV 

Users of Typhoon TV may view shows and Movies. Furthermore, the app is constantly updated with new material. 

Additionally, it’s one of the finest Apollo TV options for on-demand video. The app is jam-packed with features to ensure that your streaming encounter is top-notch. So, try it out right now!

Typhoon TV logo

CatMouse APK

CatMouse is a top streaming software that allows you to watch movies and shows conveniently. Further, it retrieves high-quality connections, including multiple 1080p links that are active. 

Moreover, the software is entirely compatible with the FireStick remote and runs well on the device. Thus, it’s undoubtedly one of the best Apollo TV options available. If you haven’t already, give it a go!

Catmouse APK logo

CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is an on-demand video app that offers high-quality broadcasts and is an excellent alternative to Apollo TV. 

The app contains an extensive library of all the most recent and popular films and television episodes. What’s more, the catalog is updated regularly.

Furthermore, CyberFlix TV gathers high-quality connections to provide you with the most satisfying viewing experience.

The software is compatible with the FireStick remote and is lightweight and quick. 

Cyberflix Logo


UnlockMyTV is a fantastic streaming program that you should use to watch your favorite movies and TV episodes. The app includes a large content collection that is updated regularly. 

Give this app a try if you’re seeking a good app that will keep you up to date on the hottest movies and TV shows. Smartphones. It’s also compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. You can also use it on Samsung, LG, PC, MAC, and Amazon Fire devices.

UnlockMyTV Logo

Wrap-up/Our Opinion

All said and done, Apollo TV is a wonderful IPTV service that gives you access to several national and international channels. With this service, you can watch your favorite programs any time, anywhere. Further, Apollo TV APK download is safe and widely compatible with a range of devices. So you can start streaming on your preferred device without any problem. Especially, Apollo TV on FireStick is super easy to set up. However, keep in mind, it’s intrinsically an app for touch devices. Therefore, make sure you have a relevant app like Mouse Toggle already installed to help with navigation.

Let us know your thoughts in the usual place.

Thank you for reading!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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