Love TV and movies?  Then install and download Apollo TV APK using the quick-download link and step-by-step install tutorial below.  ApolloTV is available for Amazon Firestick, Android TV / phone / tablet, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and even for Windows PCs (if you use Bluestacks).

What is Apollo TV?  Apollo TV is an Android app that lets you watch Movies and TV series.

Download Apollo TV APK for Android / Firestick

To quick download the latest Apollo TV APK, click here or enter the address into your Android’s web browser.

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Download Apollo TV APK

Press the Download button above to get Apollo TV now

How to Install Apollo TV on Android

Use the steps below to quickly and easily install the badass Apollo TV app on your Android TV, phone, or tablet:

  1. Download Apollo TV APK by entering the address into your Android device’s web browser

    Apollo TV Download link

    Enter in your Android browser’s address bar

  2. If your Android device says “This type of file can harm your device..”, press “OK“.

    This file may harm your device

    If you see this warning, press OK

  3. When the download finishes, launch the downloaded file by pressing “Open

    Launch Apollo TV installer

    Press Open to launch the ApolloTV install file

  4. Then press “Install”

    Install Apollo TV on Android

    Just press “Install”

  5. Wait for Apollo TV to install.  Then press Open to launch Apollo TV

    Launch Apollo TV

    Now press “Open” to launch Apollo TV

  6. After Apollo TV launches, press Next

    Apollo TV splashscreen

    This is the “Welcome” screen for Apollo TV. Press Next when you see this

  7. Then press Next again (a few more times) until Apollo TV asks you to select 3 “categories”, and then press “Let’s Go

    Choose Apollo TV categories

    Press Next until Apollo TV asks you to choose 3 categories. Then choose your 3 categories

  8. Now press “AllowApollo TV Android permissionsPress “Allow” when your device pops up this “permissions” popup
  9.  Then navigate around Apollo TV and find something to watch!

    Apollo TV navigation

    Find something to watch in Apollo TV

  10. Press the Play button on watch whatever you want to watch

    Apollo TV watch now button

    Press the button to watch a TV show or movie

  11. After ApolloTV finds sources, select a source and wait a second for your TV / movie to start playing

    Apollo TV select source

    Choose the source in Apollo TV

  12. Enjoy your stream!

    Apollo TV show loading up

    Wait a second for your TV / movie to load and enjoy!

TIPIf Apollo TV is not working for you, then install APKTime and then use APKTime to install a different app.

TIP for Windows Users:  If you want to use Apollo TV on a Windows PC, then follow the steps below to install Bluestacks in Windows so you can run Android apps on your PC.

How to install Apollo TV on Windows PC

To use Apollo TV on Windows computers, just install an Android emulator on your PC (such as Bluestacks).  Then use the Android emulator to install Apollo TV!

  1. Download Bluestacks and then launch the downloaded file to install Bluestacks

    Terrarium TV Bluestacks Download for PC

    Go to

  2. After Bluestacks is installed, launch Bluestacks
  3. Log in to a Google account within Bluestacks

    Google Sign in for Bluestacks

    Sign In to Google in Bluestacks

  4. Open the web browser within Bluestacks and then use the directions at the top of this page in the “How to Install Apollo TV on Android” section of this page.

Basically, after you have Bluestacks installed on your Windows PC, you simply enter the address into the web browser to download Apollo TV in Bluestacks.  Then launch the installer, install ApolloTV, and then finally launch ApolloTV in Bluestacks.

Yes, you can do this with any Android app!

So why not install APKTime in Bluestacks and load up your Windows PC with great streaming-TV Android apps?


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