Android Virus Scan (Free)

This guide walks you through how to perform an Android virus scan, what to do if you have an Android virus, or if you believe your Android has a virus or malware.  If you know you have an Android Virus, or believe you have one, install an Antivirus app by using the steps below.  For an instant way to clear your entire Android phone, do a Factory Reset on your Android smartphone to get it back to normal again.

Android Virus Scan

  • On your Android phone, open the Google Play Store
  • From the Google Play Store, search for “antivirus
  • In the Play Store search results, select the Antivirus Free app by AVG.
  • Press INSTALL
  • After the app has installed, press OPEN to launch the app
  • From within the antivirus app, press the SCAN button to perform your first scan
  • Leave the antivirus app installed on your phone to enable constant 24×7 real-time virus scanning

Android Virus Removers

AVG Alternatives for Android

  • Alternatively, you can install 360 Security antivirus scanner to scan for Android Virii
  • Norton Antivirus has a great antivirus app for Android
  • Kaspersky Antivirus is an oldie-but-goodie “AV” service that has been around for at least a decade and has  done great work protecting all types of device from viruses.

Android Backup Apps

After you’ve done your Android Virus Scan, backup your Android so you can restore to a safe point in the future if you need to:

  • Google uses a backup system which stores information in the Google Cloud.  You utilize this by signing into your Google account on your Android phone.  Google Drive is the name of Google’s online file storage platform.  You can install the Google Drive app on your Android phone for free from the Google Play Store
  • The Dropbox app for Android (free) is a great way to sync and backup your Android files to your own secure cloud drive.  Usually Dropbox gives new users 2GB of free cloud storage space
  • Backup Your Mobile is a popular backup app for Android
  • CM Backup is a great backup & sync app
  • Easy Backup & Restore has great reviews and thousands of verified downloads

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