This brief tutorial video (above) and written guide (just below) shows you the Android Surveillance Camera app install process.  We start by opening the Play Store on your Android, then we use it to search for a certain surveillance camera app called “Home Security Camera – Alfred” (by Alfred Labs).  After we install the surveillance camera app on our Android, we simply launch the app, make sure our phone is connected to power, and monitor away!

Android Surveillance Camera App Install (Free)

  • On your Android phone, open the Play Store app
  • In the Play Store app, search for “surveillance camera
  • From the list of results, select the Home Security Camera app made by Alfred Labs (it has a yellow icon)
  • Choose INSTALL
  • After the surveillance app is installed, click OPEN
  • If your Android smartphone asks if you’d like to grant the app Permissions, select YES or “Grant“, or “Allow“.

Uses for Old Android Phone

  • Use your old Android as an iPod / music player
  • Your Android phone stores data, so you can use it like a USB thumb drive
  • Use your Android as a hiking-tracker.  If you go for hikes, then dedicate your old Android as your “hiking droid” and use it just for Strava or other GPS apps for Android.
  • Since your Android has a built in speaker and is capable of playing music, why not try it out as a portable radio?  Or pair it with a Bluetooth speaker and use the combo as a portable music station.

Leave Your Android Plugged In!




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Your Android’s camera uses a lot of battery to run.  So if you’re actually going to use your Android phone as a 24×7 surveillance device, you’ll definitely want to plug it in to a power block and leave it plugged in.  Otherwise your phone will die within a few hours from the huge power consumption drawn by your phone’s camera.

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