Android Box Kodi Deals: The Top 10 Streamers

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If you want to use Kodi, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can use a Fire TV stick, your smartphone, laptop or even the consoles. Set-top boxes are popular as well, which lead us to search for the best Android box Kodi deals.

All of the gadgets on our list are capable of running any version of Kodi you choose. They all have more than enough power to run a form of the lightweight program, and some can do far more than stream content. While there are several brand names represented, we went off the reservation to include Kodi boxes from the Far East as well.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi’s are most definitely in the box class and a great way to get your hands dirty and learn while you stream. These open-source streaming boxes allow you to do more than watch Netflix although we won’t go down that road today.

Why do we like Raspberry Pi as an option for Kodi? Well, the Raspberry Pi 3 is only a little larger than a couple of decks of cards when fully encased. You can run Kodi on it one minute and have a full-blown emulator the next by simply switching SD cards.

Needless to say, Kodi works well with Raspberry Pi-based units and is your only option if you want total control of your streaming box. We are not talking about the UI either as tinkerers love Raspberry Pi for a very good reason.

raspberry pi kodibuy-button-amazon

One of the perks of this type of box is the fact you can build your own. CanaKit’s are popular options along with the Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Kit if you want something that requires very little work. On the flipside, you can buy parts individually and pop it into a custom case in a matter of minutes as well. Kodi is all about customization, and so is Raspberry Pi.

Mi Box

The Mi Box is a fairly new player on the scene compared to other options on our Android Box Kodi list. It was produced with Android TV in mind but happens to be a perfect solution to run Kodi. We also think you’ll be pleased with the tech specs given its price.

Xiaomi went 4K with this streamer, so it has full HDR support if your TV is capable of 4K Ultra HD. It also has a remote that you can control with your voice, but you can also take calls with the Mi Box. It’s an odd, but nice perk. As it’s one of the better Android TV boxes, the Google Play Store is one click away and so is the Kodi app.

When it comes to tech specs, the Mi Box does better than most with a quad core Cortex A53 under the hood that’s clocked at 2Ghz. That chip is backed by 2GB of DDR3 RAM while a Mali 450 GPU handles the heavy lifting in the video department. The box comes with Android 6.0 out of the box and supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Dual-band Wi-Fi.

mi box kodibuy-button-amazon

The Mi Box arguably offers up more bang for your buck than others boxes. Some users have reported issues with 4K streaming, but that can be a connection issue or involve the TV as well – not necessarily the box. As mentioned, installing Kodi on this one is extremely simple as well, and you can pick up the international version over at Gearbest which comes with your choice of plug.


Google changed the game when they unleashed the Chrome OS. Chromebooks are everywhere now, and while the Chromebox didn’t exactly fly off the shelves, it serves another purpose. It makes an excellent streaming box for Kodi if you are willing to run LibreELEC.

Think of LibreELEC like Kodi Lite in a sense. It’s built to run well on devices that don’t have quite the same oomph as others. That includes the Chromebox, which is basically a Chromebook in box form. There are several versions of the ASUS Chromebox to choose from as well although the M004U is the cheapest.

The ASUS M004U has an Intel 2995U under the hood along with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The beefier model dubbed the G013U has an Intel Core i3 and 4GB of RAM. It can stream 4K Ultra HD instead of FHD, but it is not exactly what we would call cheap. It is a tiny computer after all.

asus chromebox kodibuy-button-amazon

We feel that the Chromebox is a very capable streamer similar to the Minix Neo. It could be overkill for some however as it’s an actual mini PC, not a dedicated media box. That means there are cheaper alternatives if you simply want to stream, and don’t need to surf the web or use the box like a traditional PC.

X96 Mini TV Box

Now we are going to take a look at one of the streaming boxes that hail from the Far East. This one is called the X96 Mini, and it’s a popular alternative if you want to try Kodi on something different. There are a couple of different versions of this box, but we’re going to focus on the 2GB model this time around.

This stylish streamer is ideal for Kodi and runs Android 7.1.2. That’s better than many boxes in this class, and it sports the same chip that you’ll find in the Mi Box. The graphics card stays the same, and there is 16GB of built-in storage to boot. Like ports? Then you will love the Android TV box X96 Mini as it has an Ethernet port, TF slot, two USB ports, HDMI out and AV jacks as well.

android box x96buy-button-amazon

You may hit the occasional technical glitch with the X96 Mini, but for the most part, it’s smooth sailing when using it for Kodi streaming. The picture quality is top-notch as long as you have a good set and it’s a capable mobile gaming machine with the right Bluetooth controller.

The 2GB version of the Andorid TV box X96 has 16GB of storage and is priced affordably through Gearbest. They also have a cheaper version of this box available with 1GB of RAM although we don’t recommend that considering the minimal price difference.


Our second off-brand box comes from a company called YAGALA. The YAGALA T95Z has one of the more interesting designs we’ve come across, and it’s easier to obtain than other boxes of this nature. Availability aside, we think you will be impressed by what the T95Z brings to the table.

The YAGALA T95Z has an octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz. Graphics duty falls to the Mali-T820MP3, and things should hum along nicely thanks to 3GB of RAM. That’s top of the line for a non-PC streaming box, and nobody is going to complain about getting 32GB of storage or 4K Ultra HD support.

Yagala T95Zbuy-button-amazon

We weren’t able to put the connectivity options to the test although the box is said to support 2.4/5G Wi-Fi and has an Ethernet port on the back. It’s not an “official” Android Box like the Mi but runs the Android operating system in the form of 7.1 straight out of the box. You will have no issue installing Kodi on this one through the Play Store or sideloading.

Another perk of this T95Z is the fact you don’t have to import it like you need to with other tech from the Far East. As long as Amazon has this one in stock, you can take advantage of Prime and their money back guarantees.

Amazon Fire TV 4K

Last year Amazon unleashed a new streaming solution with the Fire TV 4K. It’s about double the price of the regular dongle, but with the bonus of 4K HDR. That’s a huge selling point if you love watching Netflix, VUDU, Prime or VUDU in 4K, but not a must-have feature if Kodi is what you are after.

This is one of the more awkward streaming devices on the market as it is part dongle, part box. The setup consists of the new Alexa voice remote and a small box that hangs from a cable. Once you pop that cable into an HDMI port, you can stream 4K content till your eyes bleed.

fire stick 4Kbuy-button-amazon

In a nutshell, you can get the exact same content with the Amazon Fire TV 4K as you will on a Chromecast or Roku Ultra with a few exceptions. It made our list due to the fact you can install Kodi on the Firestick, something you can’t do on those other two gadgets.

You will need to use a small workaround to get the program running on the 4K stick compared to the HD version. That said, putting Kodi on any system running Android is simple so have no fear.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate

The Beelink A1 TV Box is another off-brand streamer that comes from a brand you have probably never heard of. If you are familiar with the company, our hats come off to you. Monikers aside, this streaming media player is solid where it counts.

Some Android TV boxes stick you with Android 6.0 and force you to find a way to update. Thankfully, this one rolls out with Android 7.1, so you are getting a relatively recent version of the Android operating system. The company also promises speedy updates on their end through an OTA service.

Speaking of speedy connections, this one sports a 1000Mbps LAN connection to go along with dual-band Wi-Fi.Beelink’s box has 3GB of RAM and draws its horsepower from an octa-core Cortex A53. It’s a popular chip, and you’ll get plenty of storage with 32GB out of the box. Other feature to note include a flash memory slot, and Bluetooth 4.0.


You can score this Android TV box in one of four different designs depending on where you decide to shop. As it’s an off-brand product, we highly advise you to choose Amazon if you want some extra piece of mind and quick shipping.

Amazon Fire TV Stick



This popular little dongle is far and away your best option to stream Kodi cheaply. The Amazon Fire TV stick is easy to hack and very affordable. This makes ideal for consumers looking for the cheapest way to get your favorite Kodi addon streaming to your big screen.

If a set top box isn’t your cup of tea, a streaming dongle may be a better fit. Well, there is a good side and a downside to that. The selection of dongles that run Kodi is very small, but the Amazon Fire Stick stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We’ve covered the Fire Stick at length, so we will keep this short and sweet. You can sideload Kodi onto the Firestick in a matter of minutes using your mobile phone or a tablet. Once installed, your Firestick turns into a full-fledged media center capable of streaming everything from Hulu and Prime to Terrarium TV.

Android Smartphones and Tablets

Another cheap alternative that’s outside the realm of set top boxes are smartphones and tablets. There’s a good chance you already own one, and if it runs Android today is your lucky day. If not, you may want to head to eBay in the near future…

The official Kodi app is available in on Google Play Store, and almost every modern smartphone or tablet has a built-in casting feature. When you combine the two, you have a media streamer that doesn’t cost you a penny and puts others to shame. You may have to use the screen mirroring trick if you want to watch content on the big screen, but it’s hard to beat “free.”

Even if you don’t own a smartphone or rock an expensive iOS handset, there is hope. You can scoop up a budget-friendly or used smartphone for under $50 bucks. That’s just a little more than Amazon’s streaming stick, and you get the advantage of having a portable version of Kodi.

android box kodi


We saved the best for last as this fan favorite is well-known in the gaming world. It’s the NVIDIA Shield, a device we recently spent a considerable amount of time with. It’s also hands-down the best option for gamers that want to stream.

When a company advertises cord-cutting and Kodi with the release of a new product, you know they have media lovers’ best interest in mind. NVIDIA has been on board since day one, and the Shield is a beast of a media streamer. We’re just going to cut to the chase with this one, so enjoy a few tech specs…

  • NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16GB of storage (expandable)
  • 4K HDR at 60 FPS w/H.265/HEVC
  • Bluetooth 4.1, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI 2.0b, USB 3.0 x2
  • Android 7.0 w/ built-in Chromecast

nvidia shieldbuy-button-amazon

Those specs are solid, but you will also get a lot of sweet extras with the Shield. The full kit comes complete with a controller and remote; each with their own unique abilities. With the proper equipment, you can also use this box to control things around your home, order pizza from Dominos or stream music from iTunes. Obviously, you are going to get top-notch gaming as well. That along is a great reason to buy the Shield even if you only stream on occasion.



  1. I guess you guys just totally forgot all about the Quintaix box. I don’t care what anyone says for the price the Quintaix box is the fastest smoothest running box around. I own one of these boxes and I’m going to order 2 more of them from Amazon and on top of that, they have the most powerful antennas on the box for better reception. You see Amazon is always running out of those type of boxes. Just saying..

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March 15, 2021

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