Use this guide to set up Android App Uninstaller to easily uninstall Android apps (mass uninstall).  After you install and launch this app (“Uninstaller”), simply use the checkboxes in the Uninstaller app to select the apps you want to uninstall.  Alternatively, we also show you how to manually remove Android apps.

Android App Uninstaller

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search for “uninstaller” or use this direct link
  • Select “Uninstaller” in the search results
  • Press INSTALL
  • Select OPEN to launch the Android App Uninstaller
  • After the Uninstaller app launches, select apps to uninstall by checking the checkbox next to each app’s name
  • Click the button on the app’s screen that says “Uninstall Selected Apps
  • Each app will uninstall, one-by-one.  You must confirm the removal of each app.

Alternatives to Android App Uninstaller

This is how to manually remove an Android app:




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  • Go to SETTINGS on your Android phone
  • Find and select the “Applications” area in your phone’s Settings menu
  • Select an application from the list on-screen
  • Press Uninstall
  • Confirm the Uninstall if your phone asks you to confirm the uninstall

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Why Uninstall Android Apps?
Android apps take up valuable resources on your Android smartphone!  This is just like how your computer runs more slowly when you have tons of programs (or “windows” or browser tabs) open.

Since Android phones are pretty much just small computers, the same rules apply to them.  So it’s a good practice to regularly remove unneeded apps from your Android phone.  Running this Uninstaller app on a weekly or monthly basis to clear out unnecessary applications is a great step toward a healthier Android.

Wrap Up

If you remove a bunch of Android apps and your phone is still slow, we recommend that you try Nova Launcher to speed up your phone.  In case that doesn’t work, do a Factory Reset on your Android phone.  Good luck!