Want to watch Amazon Showtime?  Need to add Showtime to your Amazon account?  Or have a Firestick or Fire TV and want to watch Showtime on your Amazon device?

Then use this quick guide to link your Showtime account to Amazon or stream Showtime on your Amazon Fire TV / Firestick / Fire Tablet device now!

How to Install Showtime App on Amazon Firestick

The Showtime app is easy to install on Fire TV and Fire Stick.  Just follow these steps:

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  1. Press the Home button on the Fire TV remote

    Firestick remote Home button

    First, press the Home button on the Firestick remote

  2. Then press the Search button in the top left corner of the screen
  3. Search for “showtime”
  4. In the search results, select the Showtime icon
  5. Then press “Get” (or “Download”)
  6. After Showtime finishes installing, press Open

Then use the steps below to log in to your Showtime account.

Log In to Amazon Showtime for Firestick

To login to the Showtime app, follow these steps:

  1. In the Showtime app, write down the Activation Code displayed on your screen
  2. Using your smartphone or computer, open your web browser and go to showtime.com/activate


    Go to the Showtime Activation website

  3. Enter the code you got from Step 1 above

Showtime Cost

To stream Showtime, you can get a 7-day free trial!

After that, Showtime is just $10.99/month.

Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, the Showtime Anytime service is accessible at no extra charge if you have a Showtime subscription.

How do I get Showtime on Firestick?

Installing Showtime on Firestick is easy!  Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Showtime for Firestick

  1. Press the Home button on the Firestick remote
  2. Then go to the Search function (in the top left corner of the screen) and enter the text “showtime”

    Search for AllCast from the Firestick home screen to install APKTime. Then use APKTime to install Cinema HD to watch Game of Thrones free

    Select the “Search” icon from the Firestick home screen

  3. In the search results, select the Showtime app (IMPORTANT:  Make sure to select the Showtime app – NOT the Showtime Anytime app)
  4. Press the button to “Get” (or “Download”) the Showtime app for Firestick
  5. Then press “Open” after Showtime finishes installing

Step 2:  Sign Up for Free Showtime Trial

  1. Once the Showtime app launches, press the option to begin your free Showtime trial
  2. Then create your new Showtime account by inputting an email address you use and a password you can remember
  3. Now just follow the instructions on your screen to finish subscribing to Showtime to begin your free 7-day trial.

NOTE:  After the trial is over, you will be billed for the monthly cost of $10.99.  Your Amazon account will be billed for this.  To cancel Showtime trial before you are billed, see the section below.

How to Cancel Showtime Trial Subscription

If you want to cancel Showtime trial before being billed, use the steps below and make sure to do it within 7 days after signing up for the trial.

  1. To cancel your Showtime subscription, use a smartphone or computer to go to Showtime.com.
  2. Then log in to Showtime.com with your Showtime username and password.
  3. Then click the “profile” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Now click “Account Settings”
  5. Then press “Your subscription”
  6. Now press “Cancel your subscription”.  Then use the instructions on-screen to complete the cancellation.

    Cancel Amazon Showtime subscription

    You can cancel your Showtime subscription from the Amazon website, too

How do I cancel Showtime app on Firestick?

  1. Select “Apps”
  2. Then choose “Store”
  3. Now navigate to the menu
  4. Then select “Subscriptions”
  5. Now choose your Showtime subscription.
  6. Finally, select “Cancel Subscription

Can I Use Showtime on Other Devices?

Yes, after you sign up for Showtime, you can use it on any supported devices.  Or you can stream directly from Showtime.com using any device that has a web browser (such as Android TV, a smartphone, a computer, or a laptop like a Macbook).

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Watch Showtime on Windows and Mac

Stream Showtime on Windows and Mac PCs

How much is Amazon Showtime on Firestick?

The Showtime Firestick service costs just $10.99 per month.  There’s also a free trial that lasts 7 days!  You can sign up for the free trial within the Showtime app for Firestick.

  • TIP:  You can subscribe to Showtime through the “Amazon Partners Program”.  This way Showtime costs you only $9/month (save $1.99/month from the normal price).

How do I activate Showtime Anytime?

  1. Launch the Showtime Anytime app on your device (such as Apple TV)
  2. Go to play any TV show or movie using Showtime Anytime
  3. Then choose your TV service provider or streaming provider
  4. Now write down the Activation Code you see
  5. Then use a smartphone or computer’s web browser to browse to showtimeanytime.com/activate
  6. Finally, enter the Activation Code you write down in Step 4 above

On devices that don’t require an Activation code, just use the username and password you got from your TV service to sign in to Showtime Anytime.  After doing this, you can stream any Showtime content on your Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, or Fire Tablet (such as Kindle Fire).

What’s the difference between Showtime Anytime and Showtime?

Showtime and Showtime Anytime both give you access to watch original TV series, top-rated movies, live TV channels, sports broadcasts, and even more.

Showtime Anytime vs Showtime

Showtime Anytime vs. Showtime (What’s the Difference?)

Furthermore, the Showtime Anytime app is an app that’s free if you have a Showtime subscription which you got through certain TV service providers.

How do I add Amazon Showtime to my Amazon Prime account?

  1. In Prime Video on your device, go to the category called “Channels”
  2. Simply add Showtime in the Prime Video Channels area

Or you can just sign up for Showtime using Amazon.com to have Showtime link to your Amazon account automatically.

NOTE:  Amazon Prime membership is required to use Showtime with Amazon account.

How much does it cost to add Showtime to Hulu?

You can sign up for Showtime through Hulu for $8.99 every month.  This is in addition to the normal $7.99/month you pay for Hulu streaming service.

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Showtime Hulu

Watch Showtime on Hulu

Is HBO better than Showtime?

Basically, yes – most people prefer HBO Go over Showtime.  Why?  Because HBO has a better movies selection with more top-rated movie viewing options.  In addition, many users report that HBO eventually receives pretty much all of the best movies Cinemax has to offer.  This way, you essentially get Cinemax for free by having an HBO subscription.

How do I activate Showtime anytime on my Xbox one?

  1. Launch the Showtime app on your Xbox One console
  2. After the app launches, choose to start your free 7-day trial subscription.
  3. Now the app gives you an Activation Code
  4. Using a smartphone or computer, open the web browser and enter the address showtime.com/xbox
  5. Then enter the code you got from Step 3 above

    Showtime on Xbox One

    Watch Showtime on Xbox One

Can I download Showtime shows?

Yes, the Showtime app has the ability to download shows (“offline”).  This feature is currently supported by the Showtime mobile apps.  So enjoy the ability to download Showtime shows offline and watch them whenever you please.  This does include episodes from shows like Dexter, Shameless, Homeland, Billions, and Twin Peaks.