Now there’s a way to check your Amazon No Rush Credit.  This helps if you chose “No Rush Shipping” when you ordered something on Amazon such as a Firestick.

How do I check my Amazon No Rush Credit?

Just click this link to check the Credit you’ve received from Amazon No Rush shipping.

Check Amazon No Rush Shipping credit

Click the image above to go to this page which shows your No Rush Shipping credit

What is Amazon No Rush Credit?

This is the amount of credit Amazon has given you for orders you placed where you chose “No Rush Shipping“.

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Amazon gives credit when people choose No Rush Shipping because it costs Amazon less money to ship things using a slower shipping method.  Therefore, Amazon gives you No Rush credit when you choose slow shipping so that you can use the credit to purchase Amazon goods and services.

Before the “check Amazon No Rush creditpage was created, you were only able to look at the different credits you had for specific product categories.  But now Amazon made it possible for you to see the credits you’ve received one-by-one.

Check Amazon Digital Music credit

This page shows you how to check your Amazon Digital Music credits

Furthermore, this page now shows when each individual credit expires.

How to Use Amazon No Rush Credit

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t make it extremely easy to use up all your No Rush credit.

For one thing, you can only redeem one credit at a time (such as 1 credit for $5, but not 4 credits for a combined $20 off of a product).

How do I check my Prime Exclusive Offers?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you have access to Prime Exclusive Offers.  To check these, click here.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Offers

Check your Exclusive Offers


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