15 Simple Ways To Help You Use Firestick On Your Laptop

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With the merging variety of VOD services, the dynamics of streaming technology have taken an upwards stride. Among these services is Amazon’s Firestick. This is a small and portable device that allows you to stream your favorite content. All you need to do is insert it into the HDMI port of your gadget and stream. Now you must be wondering where the catch is.  Well, we’re getting to that. What has been reported as a major limitation on the Firestick’s end is its lack of compatibility with laptops. When buying the little gadget people often ask “Can you use a Firestick on your laptop?

This answer to this will be given shortly.

Can You Use Firestick on a Laptop?

Considering the speed at which streaming tech is evolving, you’d think using a Firestick on your laptop would be a piece of cake. But it’s not as simple. The Amazon Firestick is designed to fit into the HDMI port of your device.

Firestick on a laptop

Even though most modern-day laptops are equipped with said port, the hurdle arises when you ask what type of port your device is equipped with. The HDMI port on television may look similar to the ones in your laptop but technically they aren’t.

The problem arises where both the devices being used are broadcast devices. The two being your portable streamer and the HDMI port of your laptop. This is different from the input port of television which allows the Amazon Firestick to broadcast the stream onto the screen with ease. 

Whereas your laptop’s HDMI like the Firestick is made for the purpose of providing output to another device instead of incorporating outer signals as input.

Streaming Content with the Use of Firestick on Your Computer 

So what’s the solution?

How can you use a Firestick on your laptop? 

Well, we wouldn’t say it’s completely impossible to stream with a Firestick on your laptop, but it is a difficult task. So, do you really need to go through the hassle of wondering how to connect a firestick to a laptop?

Streaming on your computer

You could alternatively opt for web browsing since most of the VOD streaming services that the Amazon Firestick brings to the table can be found on Chrome or other browsers.

All you need to do is enter the web page and sign in to your Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon account to access all your favorite shows.

The interface might be slightly different, and if it doesn’t bother you too much it’ll save you a lot of unnecessary hassle.

How to Stream and Use Firestick on Your Laptop

Streaming directly on a computer is as easy as any other form of browsing. All that needs to be done is entering the web page. For example, if you’re in the mood for some Netflix and chill just enter Netflix on Google and sign in to your already present account.

Alternatively, you could subscribe and make a new account on your desired streaming service.

Streaming Content

Technically that’s the primary requirement to access a streaming service. 

Firesticks or other devices (your browser) are just a tool that you need to enable the services. You’re free to choose your preferred one as long as you have a functional streaming account. 

How to Connect Firestick to a Computer Monitor

There are two situations when you wonder how to connect Fire TV stick to PC.

Firestick to a computer monitor

In the first one, you could have a newer monitor containing an HDMI-in port, which would allow you to skip the hassle of ancillary devices altogether. The process is the same as connecting the Firestick to a television.

The step by step process to cast from PC to Firestick is given below:

  1. Your first and foremost requirement must be a compatible resolution on the monitor. You’ll need a minimum of 720p HD display. The Amazon Firestick is not compatible with a display lower than 720p
  2. Next, you need to check if your monitor is High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) enabled. Most of the contemporary PCs support this feature allowing the system to decode all streamed content and enabling you to watch it with no issues.
  3. In the end, make sure that the Amazon Firestick plus your computer tower both are plugged into HDMI ports. This is only conditional, for example, if you need to switch between them. Most new devices come equipped with more than one. 

How to Connect Firestick with VGA Adapter 

Now if you own an older computer, you don’t need to worry about buying a whole new computer to stream your favorite shows. There are ways around it, they may need a little fiddling around but they’ll be worth it. 

Instead of buying a whole new monitor, how about buying a VGA adapter instead?

A VGA adapter acts as a bridge between your old computer and the brand new Firestick you just bought. This will overcome the limitations that an older system might face in incorporating the Amazon Firestick.

VGA Adapter

All you need to do is get yourself a VGA adapter and stick it into the already present VGA port of your system. To this adapter, you can conveniently attach your Firestick and you’ll be good.

Keep in mind that the resolution and HDCP requirements will apply to this monitor as well. Without at least a 720p HD display your Firestick will be pretty much useless with the system.

Display Computer Content on Your TV or Other Devices

 A family movie night or game night might call for large gatherings in front of the screen. If you want to enjoy your shows on another screen, or multiple screens it’s pretty simple to do so.

When trying to display content from your computer to a secondary screen you can use two methods;

  • You could project the computer screen onto your TV or another monitor
  • You could use a projector for a more dynamic display

How to Display Computer Content on TV with Screen Mirroring 

The basic requirements for mirroring between two computers to work are an installed Windows 10 on your computer, and an attached Firestick to be to the TV. The rest is a pretty straightforward procedure.

Computer to TV mirroring

If the above conditions are fulfilled, all you need to do is turn on the screen mirroring on the TV as well as the computer you’re using. The following steps shall be followed 


  • You’ll need to use the Firestick remote to set up mirroring for the Firestick. This can be done by going to the home icon on the TV monitor to access the mirroring feature.
  • If you look at the home screen, the top right corner will have a small Settings tab.
  • In the settings, you can select the “Mirroring and your Amazon Fire TV Stick” option to enable your Amazon Firestick mirroring.
  • Next, you shall select “Enable Display Monitoring.”
  • After you have set up your Fire Stick for mirroring, next you have to do the same for your PC.

The  “Notifications” icon is present in the right corner at the bottom of your screen. Visually it is a speech bubble with lines in it, you’ll recognize it when you see it.

  • Once you select the option you’ll observe various panels that will appear on your display. You need to select the bottom row one, with the name  “Connect.”
  • This will open an array of available devices. From there you need to select the Fire Stick that you’ve connected to your TV.
  • There is a chance that your Firestick might have timed out of linking to your monitor and not show up in the available devices. In this case, simply set up your Firestick again as mentioned above.

How to Display Computer Content on Other Devices with Plex

If you’re going into full theatre mode and want a bigger display than a mere TV, then a projector should be your go-to option.

For configuring your computer with a projector you’ll need to download an app. This app is Plex.

Plex App on Firestick

Initially, you will have to install the Plex app on your Firestick. This is achieved by selecting the search tab on the home screen. You should keep an eye out for a magnifying glass on your screen. 

In the case that you already have a Plex account, you’ll move to the step of signing in. Otherwise, you’ll have to create an account which will be given on the screen.

Once you’ve signed in or created your account, make sure all three devices are connected to the same wifi network to enable the projection. The rest of the process will be through Plex.

The app provides all the necessary steps to enable your projection, if you follow them properly, you’re all set for some quality family screen time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have questions in your mind regarding the use of Amazon Firestick and its compatibility with various devices. Which will be answered in the next sections

What Is Mirroring? 

Mirroring is a tool or an accessory software present in most computers and laptops. It is useful when trying to project the content of one screen onto another. The most common uses are in projecting the contents of a smaller screen for a larger audience. 

The primary requirements include a common network between the two systems involved in the mirroring procedure. This could be done over a wired network or a wireless one as well.

Alternately and much more conveniently you could use the network hosted by the streaming device, and use the other device as a display.

The Computer Monitor Lacks Speakers, Will Sound Work from Firestick?

If the monitor lacks speakers you will need ancillary supplies. Such as an externally connected speaker system. But at the end of the day, it isn’t as big of an issue. Speakers are available in most people’s homes and offices and can be attached with ease.


 In the end, buying a Firestick isn’t worth it if you plan on using it on anything other than a Television. The extra investment is simply not worth it. But if you do plan on getting a Fire Stick do consider the above technicalities and make sure you can use firestick on your laptop.

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