Your Firestick TV device might be one of the best gadgets you own. However, at times you might notice a lag in download speed. 

This doesn’t mean your Firestick TV device is trash. Instead, it means you need to get a Firestick ethernet adapter.

Thus, after adding an ethernet cable to Firestick, you’ll notice an exponential improvement in the Fire TV ethernet speed.

This is because a Firestick ethernet adapter provides a wired connection. Hence, the downloading speed increases.




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However, it’s essential to choose the correct Firestick ethernet adapter. In addition, you must also be aware of how to connect the Amazon Ethernet adapter or another adapter for the right results.

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fire tv ethernet speed

Why Do You Even Need A Firestick Ethernet Adapter?

The primary purpose of your Firestick ethernet adapter is to give you an enhanced streaming experience. This is because a wired connection is more substantial than a wireless router. 

Hence, users can enjoy a much more stable network along with faster downloading speed.

Thus, you must get yourself a Firestick ethernet adapter to get the most out of your Fire Stick device.

Is it Necessary to Use Your Device With a Firestick Ethernet Adapter?

It’s not required to pair your Firestick device with a Firestick ethernet adapter. However, if you want to enhance your device’s speed, it’s a good option.

Furthermore, in a Fire TV ethernet vs. WiFi connection, the wireless option is the more efficient.

However, adding an ethernet cable to Firestick isn’t necessary at the end of the day.

Which is The Best Adapter For Me?

The right choice of Firestick ethernet adapter depends on your priorities. Moreover, the internet itself is divided on which adapter is the right pick.

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However, the Amazon adapter will be more compatible with your Firestick TV device. This is because the manufacturers are the same.

But, the Ugreen adapter has much more to offer in terms of bandwidth and features. Furthermore, it’s much more convenient to operate and buy.

In addition, if you run into a problem, fixing it will be much easier.

Nevertheless, it depends on what your priority is. For example, do you want a premium device or a user-friendly one?

The Firestick Ethernet Adapter Setup

The setup process is quite simple. All you need to do is attach your Firestick ethernet adapter to the device. However, different adapters have different types of cables.

For example, the adapter by Amazon is compatible with a LAN port. In simpler terms, this is the port you use to provide power to your Firestick. Moreover, it is also known as a female type of port.

Contrarily, the Ugreen adapter uses a male type of port for connection. Hence, you must simply connect it with the Fire TV stick to start watching your favorite shows.

However, regardless of which adapter you use, you’re good to go once you properly set it up. 

It will instantly get rid of the meager internet connection. Furthermore, your adapter should be compatible with older Wi-Fi versions as well. 

Amazon Firestick Ethernet Adapter

Connecting an Amazon Firestick Ethernet Adapter Using A Cable and USB Port

Here is an easy guide to set up and use the Firestick ethernet adapter.

Step 1: Establishing the Connection Between Your Firestick Adapter and Device

The initial step to enhance your internet connection isn’t too tricky. All you need to do is attach the Firestick ethernet adapter to the device. You can do this by looking for the correct port to plug the adapter into.

Step 2: Examining the Cables

You must use ethernet cables to establish a wired connection between your router and Firestick device. Hence, make sure you connect one end of your cable to the Wi-Fi router.

Next, you must link the other end to your Firestick device.

Step 3: Plugging the Power Cord in The Adapter

On careful examination of your Firestick ethernet adapter, you’ll notice it has a port in it. This port is for the attachment of the power cord.

Furthermore, a separate power cord accompanies your adapter. Hence, all you need to do is attach the given power cord with the adapter. 

Thus, your connection will automatically improve as soon as you fixate the cord in its designated place.

Connecting a Ugreen Adapter to the Firestick TV Device

UGREEN Ethernet Adapter

If the Amazon adaptor isn’t your preferred type, you can go for the Ugreen adaptor. In addition, this adapter is also pretty simple to install and set up. 

Just follow this stepwise guide and your device will be up and running in no time.

Step 1: Connecting the Ethernet Cable With The Adapter

You’ll find an ethernet compatible port on the Ugreen adapter. This is where you must plug in your cable. Furthermore, plug the other end to your router just as you did for the Amazon adapter.

Step 2: Adding A Micro USB Cord to the Firestick Device

A micro USB cord accompanies all Firestick devices. You must use it to connect it to the firestick ethernet adapter. 

Even though the cord is for the official Amazon adapter, you can still use it on the Ugreen one as well.

Hence, one side of the cord plugs into the device, and the other goes to your adapter.

Step 3: Powering the Adapter

The power attachment for your Ugreen adapter is in the form of a USB port. Once you attach it, you are good to go. 

However, in the end, you must check if you successfully transferred your connection to a wired one or not.

For this, enter the Settings menu on your device. Next, select “Network” and navigate the “Configure Network” option.

As soon as you select this option, the “Wired(Connected)” notification should appear on the right corner of your Firestick TV.

Compatibility Issues You Might Face With the Firestick Ethernet Adapter

Now that you have set your device up, you might think you are good to go. However, sometimes that is not the case. This is because compatibility issues often arise with Firestick ethernet adapters.

This may lead you to believe that buying the ethernet adapter was wrong. However, most of the time, your adapter is fine. 

Instead, your Amazon Firestick TV device is the real culprit. This may be because the device is an older version. Hence, it might face compatibility issues with the adapter.

For example, the first-generation Firesticks owners can’t connect to OTG (on the go) devices. In this case, it’s essential to root the apparatus first.

However, rooting your Firestick comes with a separate set of risks. For example, you might accidentally brick the device. Hence, we’d say it’s not a risk worth taking.

However, if your device is a second or third-generation one, you won’t have any issues. The process is a simple plug n play one for the newer Firestick versions.

Final Words

Even though this post discusses the use of ethernet cables in detail, there’s a good chance you won’t need one. This is because Firesticks manufacturers have designed the devices so users don’t face a lousy connection.

Furthermore, the device has the perfect hardware to provide optimum streaming services without lag. Hence, your device will work efficiently with a wireless connection too.

However, in some cases, users might face a lag. These include:

  • Too many obstructions between the Firestick device and your wifi router
  • A significant distance between the device and your wifi router
  • A low bandwidth

Hence, in the cases mentioned above, getting an ethernet adapter is the best option. 


Can I connect my Firestick to ethernet?

Yes, it’s possible to connect your Firestick device to ethernet in addition to a wireless connection. However, it’s essential to get your hands on a suitable adapter for your Firestick devices.

Is an Amazon Fire Stick 4k ethernet adapter suitable for Fire TV stick 4k?

No, you shouldn’t use that. This is because it’s possible to stream from Firestick TV without a USB power cable.

However, you may connect a micro USB port to your fire stick to tackle a lag in speed or connection instability. 

Is it possible to use a wireless connection after getting an ethernet connection?

Yes, it’s possible to bounce back to a wireless connection after using an ethernet one. First, you simply need to disconnect all the wires from the Firestick. Next, you can attach them back to the TV as they were previously connected.

Once you sever the wired connection, the device will search for a strong Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, it’ll autofill the details if the Wi-Fi is familiar.

Can the Firestick connect to the internet with an ethernet cable?

Yes, it’s possible to get an ethernet connection with your Firestick device. Read how you can do that in the post.