This video and written guide shows you How to Install Amazon Fire Stick Kodi.  The directions below require no additional devices or apps – and definitely No ES File Explorer required, No Sideloading required, and no weird downloads.  Just reliable Amazon Fire Stick Kodi goodness.  Party on, Wayne:

Amazon Fire Stick Kodi

  1. Enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources on your Fire Stick by going to Settings > System and turning on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources
  2. Go to Search
  3. Enter “downloader
  4. In the search results, select Apps & Games
  5. Then select the “Downloader” app
  6. Now press Install
  7. Press Open
  8. In the Downloader app, enter “” without the quotes
  9. Now press Download
  10. Wait for the Downloader to download the Kodi installation file
  11. When Downloader is finished, select Open File
  12. Now press Install
  13. Wait for Kodi to install.
  14. After Kodi is installed, go to Apps from the Fire TV home screen – then select Kodi to launch Kodi for the first time.
  15. When Kodi launches, if you receive a “cannot download OBB error”, try to launch Kodi several times again.  For some users, they need to launch Kodi several times before the Cannot Download OBB error goes away.
  16. After Kodi is launched, dismiss the “popup” notification by pressing the Back button on the Fire TV remote.
  17. Now Install TV Addons and set up a secure VPN to unblock Kodi and protect your streams.

Alternate Methods to Install Kodi on FireStick

The “Downloader” method shown above is the easiest, fastest way to install Kodi.  But if you have trouble with it, there are at least three other ways.  The first and simplest alternate method is to use ES File Explorer to install Kodi.  For a second alternate method, we can use an Android phone or tablet to sideload Kodi to FireStick.  Lastly, you can use a computer program called ADBLink to install Kodi on FireStick using a PC wirelessly (over WiFi).

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  • How to Install Kodi in Windows (Video):  If you have a Windows PC (new or old), you can definitely install Kodi on it!  One of Kodi’s most stable ports (or “operating system versions”) is the Windows port of Kodi.  In fact, there’s a package called FreeTelly – which is a version of Kodi made for Windows and Mac which is pre-configured with the best TV Addons already installed.  Check it out.
  • Install Kodi on Android (Video):  Android is another rock-solid way to watch Kodi.  In fact, Kodi for Android can be found in the actual Google Play Store.  Just search for “Kodi”.  Then press INSTALL, then press OPEN.  Kodi runs great on Android smart phones, tablets, and Android TV Boxes like the RK3229.
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Install Kodi Builds

Install Kodi Addons

Wrap Up

If you had issues with the Amazon Fire Stick Kodi install process, let us know on the KFire YouTube channel.