Amazon Echo

All-new Echo Dot (4th generation) International Version

The Amazon Echo is a great new around-the-home helper.

It’s got some great features built in, but the user base knows that Amazon can add more – much more.  We scraped reddit to see what new features are being requested by Amazon Echo’s user base.

So here’s the Amazon Echo Wish List some users have spoken about on Reddit:




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Amazon Echo Wish List for New Features (+ Alexa):

  1. Use Alexa app as a voice remote for Echo.
    1. For this, try /u/sammachin’s web Alexa and the Alexa integration with Roger (for Android/iOS).   Supposedly Echo can’t play music itself, so you’ll have to use a third party app for that (mentioned in the previous sentence.)  (Submitted by AndreasBlixt)
  2. Ability to play podcasts – (Submitted by TokyoGuy)
  3. Ability to change your default time zone and weather location. – (Submitted by TokyoGuy)
  4. Movie/tv suggestions based on your Amazon prime viewing. – (Submitted by TokyoGuy)
  5. Reminders when someone’s birthday is coming up (you would have to set these up) – (Submitted by TokyoGuy)
  6. Initiate a phone call (via BT attached phone) (Submitted by wilecoyote7)
  7. Talk via Echo’s high quality microphones and terminate the call with voice commands (Submitted by wilecoyote7)
  8. The ability to chain multiple commands together (or “boolean commands”), such as saying “Alexa turn off the lights and turn on the TV” instead of saying “Alexa turn off the lights” – “OK” – “Alexa turn off the TV”. (Submitted by Sheiwn)
  9. Place a call with Skype (Submitted by qyiet)
  10. General Push Alerts (Submitted by LordPengwin)
    1. There are IFTTT recipes where Alexa can notify your phone if you get an email or a facebook message or a twitter post (Submitted by skbernard).
  11. Control my Chromecast/Netflix through Alexa. Like, just say “Alexa, play Netflix – Game of Thrones” (Submitted by TenshiS)
  12. Change it’s trigger name to whatever you want. It would be great to say “Computer” in a Cpt. Picard voice. (Submitted by RobDiarrhea)
    1. You can currently say “Alexa”, “Amazon”, or “Echo”.  This is helpful if you know someone actually named Alexa and you don’t want to trigger the Amazon Echo every time you say their name ;)
  13. Have the Reminder function voice remind me.  For example “Alexa remind me to fold laundry in 10 minutes” Instead of me checking the app I should say outload “Fold Laundry” and keep repeating till I terminate it. (Submitted by creamersrealm)
  14. Grandfather clock feature – a little chime and then the time is announced each hour. (Submitted by tawndy)
  15. several echos to work togeather on the same network. (Submitted by qyiet)
    1. To get better coverage of where you can give commands to alexa from (without yelling)
    2. And for playback to be fed to each of the echo speakers at the same time.
  16. Google Play Music integration (Submitted by PeterOHanra)
  17. Why can’t Echo address me by name? Shades of Hal9000 but it would be nice if it could say “here’s the weather for today {name of owner]” (Submitted by burymeintheuk)
  18. Recurring alarms:  This has been added and is now a feature!

Using FireTV app as an Alexa voice remote:

First, you need to have a FireTV.  Then download the Fire TV remote app. Then you can use it as a voice remote, even with the FireTV stick.

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Amazon Echo Wish List:  Summary

So it seems a few features are more commonly requested than other:

  • Change the trigger word to anything (“Joe”, or “Snoopy”)
  • More integration with other services (music services for example, like Google Play Music)

Keep this Amazon Echo wish list visible on the web so Amazon sees it and possibly implements these features!