Here’s How to Find Amazing 3D Model Files for Free

If you do not wish to undergo the tiring process of designing a 3D model, don’t worry! You can still 3D print a model easily.

Thanks to the tons of websites that offer free as well as paid 3D models that can be downloaded.

Below mentioned are some of the most popular 3D printing model repositories for you to search for specific design files.

1) Cults3D

This website provides its users an ideal range of 3D printing models to search from. The range of 3D design files available on Cults3D starts from maker-inspired 3D files to professional high-quality designs. All the files present on Cults are checked for printability. 

The interface consists of well-organized sections such as fashion, art, jewelry, home, architecture, and gadgets that let users navigate very easily. Overall, the list consists of free as well as paid models.

2) Free3D

This platform can be accessed in 14 languages. It is yet another example of a marketplace that provides a huge range of 3D models in a variety of file formats like STL, OBJ, etc. Users can also find models that are suitable with software such as Blender, Cinema 4D, and 3DSMax.

The file categorization at Free3D is made based on their application. 

So, you find architecture, vehicles, aircraft, or electronics as four different classifications on it. Anyone can join the Free3D community to showcase his or her 3D printing skills by displaying their work.

3) GrabCad

Most users of this community are professional engineers, designers, manufacturers, and STEM students. GrabCad is considered to be one of the largest online repositories specifically for CAD models.

The platform claims how almost 6 million users utilize its service for sharing files, and getting tips on how to typically design 3D objects for various applications and improve the existing ones. 

Overall, there are about 4 million files accessible and downloadable from this website. The specialty of GrabCad is that it offers you only technical, engineering and scale models only.

Moreover, it allows you to filter the database as per the 3D modeling software from which they were created. This is something that no other website lets you do. 

4) MyMiniFactory

Primarily meant to increase collaboration between 3D designers by letting them share the work for free.

Unlike other websites that offer 3D files for other kinds of manufacturing techniques too, Myminifactory limits itself specifically to 3D printing. 

Before the file becomes accessible to you, it goes through a process of selection and testing by Myminifactory’s community members.

Apart from letting you access thousands of 3D design files; the website also permits you to request files from a professional designer.

That is specifically in cases wherein you cannot find the file online. 

5) Pinshape

The website brings together 70,000+ manufacturers and designers who can publish their 3D printing models on Pinshape every day.

It offers free as well as premium 3D printing files which users can download for creating an object. Designers can earn money by uploading their work online and selling it to the needful. 

Apart from design files, after getting acquired by Formlabs, Pinshape also provides numerous types of 3D printing guides as well as articles that spread awareness about 3D printing technology and its applications.

The platform is known for being intuitive. It directly showcases the most trending 3D models by famous designers.

6) Thingiverse

This platform is perhaps one of the biggest as well as most popular 3D printing models databases available online.

Not only does it hold an active design maker community, but also it provides free-to-use STL files only. So, there are no paid versions on this website to download. 

Another specialty of Thingiverse is that it’s not necessary to open an account on this website.

Although the website is a little unorganized compared to others in terms of categorization and other stuff, it lets you access and downloads directly. 

The Conclusion

Because of the growth in 3D printing technology, the number of websites on which you can get 3D printing models has also increased at a great speed.

With so much in amount, it becomes necessary to differentiate between which one is more reliable than the other!

But, don’t worry! This list gets you covered completely. The above-mentioned websites are the preferred choice of professional designers looking to deal in 3D printing, constantly. 

By accessing them, you can get the most amazing 3D model files for free. So, what are you waiting for? Search for the model that you wished to 3D print, but could not create because of the design file!

Whether it was from architecture, home décor, art, fashion, jewelry, automobile, or any other thing.

These websites have got it all! All you have to do is simply download the design file, feed it to your 3D printer and click on Print.  


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