TV Ears: What You Need to Know About This Popular Product

Watching TV is something that generations of Americans have enjoyed. You probably love catching up on your favorite show via the channels your antenna brings in. Other Americans have cable or watch TV via one of the many streaming services that are on the market today.

No matter how you watch your TV in 2021, you will also find that many different accessories will help you do so. For instance, there is something called “TV ears” that’s on the market. Maybe you’ve never heard of it before, and if so, we’ll explain all about this product in the following article.

What Precisely Are TV Ears?

Before we get into how you can figure out the best TV ears product on the market, you should first know exactly what we mean when we use that term. TV ears is a privately-held American company that makes noise clarifying TV products for television watchers.

They are for the hearing impaired, and millions of Americans fall into that category.

Some Americans don’t hear as well because of genetic conditions, while others are older adults who have lost some of their hearing in their later years. Whatever the case, if you don’t hear as well, but you want to watch TV, these products are there for you.

There are multiple options on the market.

Is There Just One Company That Makes TV Ears?

TV ears is a single, privately-held company, but there are imitators, just as there are with every successful product. If you go on Amazon or another big online marketplace and type “TV ears” into the search engine, you should find several competing brands.

Maybe you don’t like the eCommerce business model so much, and you would prefer to buy your TV ears in person. If so, you don’t have to wait for them to come through the mail. You can also find them at brick-and-mortar store locations.

The first TV ears company is probably the one people still regard as the best since they originated this product. The first TV ears showed up in stores in 1998, so it has been a part of the American marketplace for well over 20 years now.

How Do TV Ears Work?

As for how they work, a TV ears product looks like a pair of headphones that attach to a small device that looks a little like a Roku. You put the headphones in your ears, and, once you set them up, you can hear the TV’s sounds a lot better than you otherwise would.

This works a lot better for many people than just turning the TV up.

Part of the reason why many people like using TV ears is because it’s a way for them to hear what’s happening in the TV show or movie they’re watching loudly and clearly, but without having to crank the volume up all the way on the TV itself.

This helps if you live in an apartment with thin walls or in a house that’s right next door to a neighbor, so they can easily hear everything happening in your den, bedroom, or living room.

Are There Models That Don’t Go In Your Ears?

You also should know that there are some TV ears models that don’t go in your ears at all. Instead, you can attach them to your speaker.

When you do so, you get much clearer TV sound with none of the hissing or feedback about which some people with traditional hearing aids complain. You get the crisp, clear sound that does not come with the screeching that’s sometimes a side effect if you turn your TV’s volume up all the way.

Why Are TV Ears So Popular?

As we mentioned, there are so many people out there who have hearing problems. You might not start out in life having them, but very few individuals have a perfect hearing as they get older. It can start to gradually fail, just as your eyesight might.

Some people feel embarrassed about their hearing not being the same as it once was. You don’t need to feel that way, but it can help if you have a small, unobtrusive device like TV ears.


They can help you hear your TV shows when you’re binge-watching a new season that just came out or you’re checking out a show with your family that you all enjoy.

TV ears are a product that’s worth looking into if you have some hearing loss.


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