Alexa Z-Wave: How to Set Up Alexa to Voice Control Z-Wave Devices

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This tutorial shows you how to set up Alexa Z-Wave devices.  I have some left-over Z-Wave switches from my first attempt at home automation about 3 years ago – when the Smart Home industry was still full of buggy equipment.  But nowadays we can retrofit old Z-Wave devices to work on our Alexa voice control system.

With an Alexa Z-Wave setup, you can control your Z-Wave Smart Home devices using Alexa voice commands like “Alexa, turn the fan on” (or you could get creative by naming a device “damn TV”, so you would say “Alexa, turn on the damn TV”).  The Amazon Echo Dot ($49) allows us the voice control capability to control our Z-Wave devices using Alexa.  I set my Z-Wave devices up to be voice controlled by Alexa by using a simple Z-Wave Switch, adding it to my Wink Hub / Alexa, and naming it “fan”.  This is how I did it:

How to Set Up Alexa Z-Wave Integration

  1. Connect the Wink Hub to power and place it somewhere that’s within range of your existing WiFi network
  2. Set up Wink Hub to connect to your WiFi network using the Wink app
  3. Add your Z-Wave devices to the Wink hub using the Wink app to discover them one-by-one.  For my Wink Hub, I had to add my GE Smart Home Switch as a “Generic” switch found under the “Lighting” section of the Wink app when I was adding the switch to my ZWave setup.
  4. Enable the Wink Alexa Skill on Alexa by saying “Alexa, Enable the Wink Skill“.
  5. Use Alexa voice commands to control the Z-Wave devices connected to your Wink hub by saying, for example “Alexa, turn off the Switch” if your Z-Wave device is named “switch”.
  6. (Optional) Add your Z-Wave device to a “Room” or a Scene within the Alexa app or from within the Wink app to enable you to control the Z-Wave device by turning an entire room On or Off.  For example, I added the Z-Wave device to my “bedroom” room, so I can now say “Alexa, turn off the bedroom” – and she turns off the Z-Wave switch, my Philips Hue white lights, and my Philips Hue Go light all at once.

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Wrap Up

Alexa is proving itself to be a reliable, useful, and entertaining voice control system.  With the ability to add or “retrofit” Z-Wave devices to your collection of voice-controlled Smart Home devices, Echo and Echo Dot will surely win the hearts of home automation early-adopters such as myself.

What Z-Wave devices do you have?  What’s your Alexa setup like?  Let us know on the KFire YouTube channel.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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