This guide shows you how to get Alexa YouTube working on your Echo or Echo Dot.  The Echo and Echo Dot don’t directly support playing YouTube videos, so the way we get around it is by using another device (a YouTube-capable device) to connect to the Echo via Bluetooth.

Alexa YouTube

  1. Connect a YouTube-capable device (such as an Android phone or tablet, iPod, iPhone, iPad) to your Echo Dot via Bluetooth
  2. Then control the YouTube-capable device via voice using Google on Android devices (say “Ok, Google – search for Gwar on YouTube”) or Siri for iOS devices (say “Siri – search for Gwar on YouTube”)
  3. You can pause and play the YouTube device using Alexa (“Alexa, pause“), as well as turn the volume up and down using Alexa (“Alexa, volume up/down”)

How to Search YouTube with Alexa

After you connect an Android or iOS device to your Echo or Echo Dot via Bluetooth, use Google or Siri to search YouTube by saying “Ok Google/Siri, search for <Video> on YouTube“.  When I did this with my Alexa setup, it worked great.  The one thing I recommend you do is to install the YT Music app.  Then after you search for a video, select YT Music as the default app.




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What Device Support Alexa YouTube Integration?

  • Android phones, tablets and TV Boxes all support YouTube Alexa integration
  • iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad also integrate with Alexa on Echo and Echo Dot

Alexa Pandora Setup

  • Use the Alexa app to sign in to your Pandora account and link Alexa up with Pandora.  Then you can say “Alexa, play my <Station Name> station on Pandora” for easy Pandora-access.

Wrap Up

The Echo and Echo Dot have unlimited possibilities – so with a little creativity, you can get Alexa to play YouTube videos and music.  If you have questions, ask on the KFire TV YouTube Channel.