Alexa Thunderstorm: Philips Hue Lightning Synchronized with Thunder & Rain Sounds

This tutorial walks you through how to set up the Alexa Thunderstorm skill with Philips Hue lights.  The result is Thunderstorm sounds with Hue lights synchronized to flash just before you hear the thunder – just like real thunder & lightning (very, very frightening)!

Alexa Thunderstorm

  1. Set up Philips Hue hub to enable your smartphone to control Philips Hue lights, such as the Hue Go light we use in this tutorial to flash when lightning strikes in the Thunderstorm app’s audio track.
  2. Now add a Philips Hue Go light to your Philips Hue hub (the hub is also known as a “bridge” – because the Philips Hub is acting as a bridge between the Hue light and the app that we will use to control it)
  3. Then install the Thunderstorm for Hue app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  4. Launch the Thunderstorm for Hue app
  5. Use the Thunderstorm for Hue app to play rain & thunder audio through your Android device and have your Philips Hue light(s) flash to simulate lightning whenever there’s a thunder sound in the audio track (or just before the thunder sound is heard).
  6. Put the Philips Hue Go light in your window sill with your Android phone and close the blinds!  Fall asleep easily – to the soothing sounds of a thunderstorm.. or rainstorm.. or whatever.
  7. You can also plug an audio cable in to the headphone jack of your Android device and plug the other end into a speaker, which will re-route or increase the volume of the thunder.
  8. One more way you can re-route the Android’s audio is by pairing your Android with a Bluetooth speaker, which is a great wireless solution.
  9. The Echo Dot is a great way to wirelessly channel your Android’s audio through a speaker via Bluetooth.  Just pair your Android with your Echo Dot via Bluetooth and your Android’s audio will be sent to the Echo Dot instead of through the little itty bitty Android speaker.


Wrap Up

Have any other sleep-enhancement Skill recommendations?  Let us know or just say hi on the KFire YouTube Channel.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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