Alexa Stopwatch: How to Enable and Use the Alexa Skill

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This guide shows you how to Enable Alexa Stopwatch and how to use Stopwatch voice commands with your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot ($49 on Amazon).  Keep reading to see how to use and enable the Alexa Stopwatch skill’s functionality:

Alexa Stopwatch

  1. Say “Alexa, Enable Stopwatch Skill“.
  2. Alexa will reply with “OK, this may take a minute.  To start the skill, say ‘Alexa Start Stopwatch / Stop Stopwatch'”
  3. Now say “Alexa, start the stopwatch”.
  4. Say “Alexa, launch Stopwatch” to check the current time of the stopwatch, rounded to the nearest whole second.
  5. Now say “Alexa, ask stopwatch to stop” and Alexa will reply with “Stopwatch stopped at _ minutes, _ seconds.”

How to Use Alexa Stop Watch (Voice Commands)

  • To start the stopwatch, say “Alexa, start the stopwatch” or “”Alexa, open stopwatch and start”
  • Check the current stopwatch time by saying “Alexa, launch stopwatch” or “Alexa, ask stopwatch for my status”
  • Quit or stop the stopwatch by saying “Alexa, ask stopwatch to stop”

Related Alexa Commands

  • Start a simple timer by saying “Alexa, start a timer” (this skill is built-in to Alexa devices – no Enabling required!).  Or say “Alexa, start a timer for (Duration)” where the Duration is a number of seconds, minutes, or hours.  Alexa can only set a timer within the next 24 hours (I tried 10 years, but she didn’t like it).
  • Get the current time: “Alexa, what time is it?” (Optionally you can add “in ____” and say the name of a geographical location, such as a city)
  • What time zone is it?  Say “Alexa, what time zone is this?” and she will reply: “The time zone in your current location is (Time Zone) time.  Your current location in (Your city name) are both in (Time zone abbreviation) (UTC -X). “
  • What time zone is (City name)? Ex: “Alexa, what time zone is Honolulu?”.  “Hawaii is Hawaii Aleutian Standard Time.  Hawaii is X hours behind (Your city name).”
  • “Alexa, set a reminder

Count Time with Alexa

The Alexa Stopwatch skill is definitely a great addon to give you up-to-the-second time-keeping abilities.  This is great for all kinds of purposes, but especially when you’re around the house and don’t want to operate your smartphone stopwatch feature.  I personally use the Stopwatch function to time the steeping of a cup of tea (2 minutes).  Also I’ve used it to time a workout (6 minute abs anyone?).  One thing I haven’t used the stopwatch for – but I’ve been wanting to use it for – is to time the daily tasks I perform over-and-over to see how long they take to improve my time management.  Then I’ll see how I can minimize the amount of time it takes me to perform the task, saving me time every day!

Look Up Time Zones with Alexa

Time Zones are quite a mystery to many folks, but with Alexa you can ask her to tell you about any time zone and she’ll reply immediately with what you need to know.

Wrap Up

Have any suggestions for Alexa voice commands we missed?  Let us know or just say hi on the KFire YouTube channel!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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