This tutorial shows you how to connect Alexa Echo App so you can use your Amazon Echo / Echo Dot.  

Alexa smart home starter kit

Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Charcoal with Sengled Bluetooth Color bulb | Alexa smart home starter kit

To set up the Echo and Echo Dot with the Alexa app, we basically use a smartphone to connect to a private WiFi network that’s temporarily made visible by the Echo unit during this (initial) setup process.  

See the step-by-step details below:




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How to Connect Alexa Echo App

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  • Plug the power into the Echo or Echo device
  • After the light ring around the Echo turns orange, get out your smartphone.
  • On your phone, Install Alexa app (free) from the Google Play Store
  • Open the Alexa app
  • On your smartphone, switch the WiFi network your smartphone is currently using from your normal WiFi network to the new network that should be visible, called “Amazon-AUL“.  If you don’t know how to switch WiFi networks on your phone, do this by dragging down from the top of the screen to reveal the “WiFi” button on your phone.  Then press the Settings button (gear icon) in the top right of the screen after you drag it down from the top of the screen.  Once you’re in the Settings menu, select WiFi.  Then select “Amazon-AUL”
  • After your smartphone connects to the Amazon-AUL WiFi network (which is a private network created by the Echo / Echo Dot), return to the Alexa app on your smartphone.  You can do this by re-launching the Alexa app from your phone’s Apps menu.
  • Now that the Alexa app is open once again, you should see on your phone’s screen that the Echo Dot is now connected.
  • Test the Echo Dot by saying “Alexa, what time is it?”

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Wrap Up

Stay tuned for more Alexa voice control and home automation videos.  We’ll be doing a series on Philips Hue lights, Alexa Z-Wave Integration, motion detectors, Philips Hue lighting scenes, and other home automation technologies.

If you have issues setting up the Alexa Echo App, ask us on the KFire TV YouTube Channel. Also, you can use, an academic writing platform designed by former students to help current students with their writing assignments.