This article shows you how to have Alexa dial 911 and how to have Alexa notify your family & loved ones of an emergency, which some might refer to as Alexa 911 services.  Alexa devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot currently don’t have the capability to directly dial 911, although we can use Alexa + Google or Siri to solve our Alexa Emergency situations, since Google and Siri devices can dial 911.  Using an Android tablet with Bluetooth, an Echo Dot, and two Android apps we can get our system to the point where we can say “Alexa, dial 911” and it’ll do just that.  We can also set up Alexa to directly notify our loved ones in case of emergency by using a messaging app.  Read on to see how:

Alexa 911

  • See the section below this section for a total Alexa 911 solution that leverages the power of Alexa with the power of Google or Siri by using a tablet to connect to Echo Dot via Bluetooth.  The tablet acts as a “bridge” between Alexa and 911.  Read more in the section below.
  • At this time, Alexa can’t make a call directly to 911 in case of emergency.  Although, you can set up at least a few different apps to notify your loved ones in case of an emergency.  One of these apps is GroupMe, which can be utilized by the online IFTTT service.
  • You can use the free online IFTTT service to set up the Alexa app on your phone to send a message to your loved ones using the GroupMe app.  See how to set this up.

Combine Alexa with Google or Siri for Alexa 911

You can combine the power of Alexa with Google or Siri’s voice control functions to have a 100% total Alexa 911 solution.




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  • For example, you can have an inexpensive ($50) Android tablet sitting near your Alex (“Echo Dot”) unit.
  • Then you would simply have the tablet constantly connected to the Echo Dot via Bluetooth
  • It would also be wise to add a pair of moderately loud speakers ($25), so that when 911 is dialed, the person who dialed 911 can clearly hear the operator on the other end (like speakerphone).
  • Then, in case of emergency, just say “Google, Dial 911“.  The Android tablet will dial 911 and use Alexa (Echo Dot) to channel the Android tablet’s audio from your voice to the tablet and from the tablet to your speakers.  This way, a person could be immobilized and still dial 911 by just using their voice.  Tip: The easiest way to dial 911 with an Android tablet would be to install Google Voice (free app) on the tablet.
  • It is also possible to change the Google Now trigger word (or “wake word”) to “Alexa”, so you could then say “Alexa, dial 911” and your Android tablet would dial 911.  To change the Google trigger word, use Autovoice Pro app, the Tasker app, and this guide on Reddit to set it up.

Possible Alexa Emergency App?

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Since Alexa Skills can be made be people just like Android apps, we hope that someone will make an Alexa skill that would solve this by utilizing the Twilio app/service to dial 911 using Alexa.

Wrap Up

If you have questions about using Alexa to dial 911, ask on the KFire YouTube Channel.