This video tutorial & written guide shows you the AGK Fire App Install process so that you can use your Android phone to sideload apps to FireStick, Fire TV, and any other Android device.  We first install the AGK Fire app by installing the .APK file which adds the app to our Android phone, then we use the installed AGK Fire app to sideload apps onto our Fire TV:

AGK Fire App Install

  1. Go to your Android phone’s Apps menu
  2. Then go to Google Play Store
  3. From the Google Play Store, Search by pressing on the white box at the top of the screen.
  4. Enter “apps2fire” and press the Search icon to perform the app search, since the AGK Fire (ad free) app costs money and the AGK Fire ad-supported version is apparently no longer available in the Google Play Store.  You can get the APK file for that elsewhere, or use Apps2Fire (which is free).  One more sideloader app for Fire TV is CetusPlay.  Check out our Install CetusPlay guide if you choose to install CetusPlay to sideload Kodi.
  5. Select Apps2Fire
  6. Press INSTALL
  7. Select OPEN after Apps2Fire is installed
  8. Use Apps2Fire to Sideload Kodi to Fire TV (Video)

Alternative to AGK Fire App Install

  • Apps2Fire is an amazing little sideloader app for Android devices.  This is my go-to for when I want to sideload to Fire TV or FireStick.  On your FireStick / Fire TV, go to Search – then enter “apps2fire”.  Use Apps2Fire to transfer any app that’s installed on your Android phone over to your Fire TV!  Boom.
  • CetusPlay is a free app on the Google Play Store that lets you sideload apps to FireStick and gives you a built-in mouse app.

Best Apps to Sideload to FireStick & Fire TV




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Problem with Touch Screen Apps on Fire TV

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Many, many Android apps are compatible with the FireTV.  The most common issue people have, though, is that most apps are made for touch-screen devices, which the FireStick / Fire TV are not.  Therefore, we often need to emulate the “touch” of a touch-screen device by using a Bluetooth Mouse.  For example, if you sideload the Firefox app to Fire Stick using the AGK Fire App Install steps (above), Firefox is going to need a mouse (so you can click on the Address bar to enter an address, for example)!  So, get a nice $11 Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and enjoy your sideloaded apps!  Here are the solutions to the “Touch screen apps” issue on Fire Stick & Fire TV:

  • Use a Bluetooth Mouse
  • Install a mouse app on an Android device.  CetusPlay is a free app on the Google Play Store that not only lets you Sideload apps to Fire Stick, but also has a built-in mouse app.  As far as what kind of Android device to use as your “mouse”, any Android device should work – such as an Android smartphone or tablet.  A mouse app can “emulate” a real mouse, using your Android phone’s touch screen in the same way a laptop’s touchpad operates.  So just go to the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for “fire tv mouse”.  Then install a highly-rated Fire TV mouse app, connect it to your Fire Stick using the on-screen instructions, and control your Fire Stick or Fire TV using your Android phone as a touchpad.  It’s cool – try it.

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Wrap Up

Apps2Fire and AGK Fire are two of the easiest apps to install Kodi on FireStick & Fire TV.  In addition to that, we have the Install Kodi on FireStick 2017 method, which requires no sideloader at all.

If you have questions, ask on the KFire YouTube Channel.